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XData Ransomware Could Be Bigger Than WannaCry Ransomware

Last Friday the world was hit by WannaCry Ransomware, and we have another ransomware brewing in Ukraine today. Going by the name of Xdata ransomware, it has already infected 94 computers in Ukraine (as of Friday mid-day). You may think that’s a small number, but it’s three times the number of infections by WannaCry ransomware in Ukraine. Yups, strange but Ukraine had only 30 out of the 200,000 WannaCry ransomware infections worldwide.

XData ransomware

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XData Ransomware vs WannaCry Ransomware

Xdata ransomware is different from WannaCry ransomware in below ways:-

  • Xdata fully encrypts your files, and you have no way of decrypting them. Infected WannaCry users can try Wanawiki to decrypt their files.
  • Xdata does not have it’s ransom note as a popup window, it’s in a text file
  • Xdata does not ask for a specific amount of ransom, we are guessing the amount asked will differ from user to user. Single user would be charged less and big companies would be charged more
  • Xdata does not have the hunter module of WannaCry, but the rate at which it’s spreading is alarming.


Why Xdata ransomware could be bigger than WannaCry Ransomware

Xdata is more sophisticated than Wannacry. As mentioned above, you have no way of decrypting your files. Also, it’s not spreading as a worm, but as is using some other method (which is yet to be determined). Considering that fact in mind the number of infections achieved is pretty high.

“too many victims in too short a time, you simply won’t get this number with spam” said security researchers at Malware Hunter Team.

As of now, Xdata ransomware is limited to Ukraine, but if it goes worldwide it will cause more damage than WannaCry ransomware.