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What is a FireStick TV Device? – How to Use, Jailbreak, VPN, Reset, Install apps, Remote Pair in 2021

FireStick TV Device: People Use Television/TV to enjoy their free time. but what if you can access the internet on your normal TV and you could install your favorite streaming apps on your TV. It would be wondering but this can become true with just a USB device. Amazon launched such as product in the previous few years. Now it is a very popular streaming device called Amazon FireStick TV device or Fire TV Stick.

This article going to be very precious for you. If you use the Amazon Firestick TV Device. Then till the end, because in this article I will tell you all about Firestick including, how to use, jailbreaking firestick, Reset firestick, Install apps on Firestick, Kodi, how to use VPN and If your Remote not working then I will tell you to process. So Let’s start.

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What is FireStick TV Device? - How to Use, Jailbreak, VPN, Reset, Install apps, Remote Pair in 2021

What is FireStick?

Amazon Firestick TV device is a USB device that converts normal TV into Smart TV. When you plugged in firestick TV device in normal. Your TV has become Smart TV which means you can connect your TV with Wifi and you can access web browsing, install apps, and more.

In other words, the Fire TV stick is a media streaming device that allows you to stream videos, install applications, play music, pics, and more on your Normal TV. It is built on the Android platform. It has an HDMI stick that is connected with the HDMI port of your Normal TV. You can install thousands of app on it like Netflix, youtube, Hulu, amazon prime, and more.

Types of FireStick TV Devices

There are 5 types of FireStick TV Devices. These are significantly different but fundamentally the same. you can choose based on your differences.

Amazon Firestick TV DevicePrice
FireStick 2nd Gen$39.99
FireStick 4K$49.99
Fire TV Cube$119.99
FireStick 3rd Gen$39.99
Fire TV Stick Lite$29.99

If you want to buy any amazon firestick TV device, I will suggest Firestick 4K because it is cheap and the best. You can evaluate these devices by their reviews on the internet.

What are Use of Fire TV Stick?

Firestick makes your free time enjoyable. because you can:

  • Stream Videos (Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Award shows, Sports, Anime, WWE, News and more.)
  • Play Music
  • Play Games
  • Web Browsing
  • Use Alexa to get answers

How to Set Up Fire Stick TV Device?

If you want to know how to set up a firestick, just follow these given steps:

  1. Plug firestick into the HDMI port of your Normal TV.
  2. Now, Turn ON your TV and select the HDMI port in which you plugged in your firestick TV device.
  3. Connect firestick to the power source.
  4. Wait for power up the firestick.
  5. Connect to a wifi.
  6. Now log in with you Amazon Account. If you don’t have amazon account then create an account from the Amazon web portal.

Now you will see the homepage of firestick. Now you can install apps on firestick.

firestick homepage

You can Install apps on firestick in 2 easy ways. Click on the given link to know how to install apps on firestick. You can use a similar process to install other apps.

What is Jailbreak FireStick?

If you want to expand the content on firestick, jailbreaking is the way to explore the true potential. If you jailbreak firestick you will be able to access more content.


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Hope you guys, this article “What is FireStick TV Device? – How to Use, Jailbreak, VPN, Reset, Install apps, Remote Pair in 2021” was helpful to you.