10 Best Websites for Free Unlimited Spoof Calling (Latest)

Websites for Free Unlimited Spoof Calling: Are you looking to have fun with your family or friends on the Phone? You should be aware of free unlimited spoof calling. It is possible to make Prank calls to your relatives. It would help if you now thought about what you can do as they’re mindful of your phone number. To your delight, it is possible to do this. Here are some Prank Call Apps you can use to prank your friends and relatives.

Best Websites for Free Unlimited Spoof Calling
Best Websites for Free Unlimited Spoof Calling

Best Websites for Free Unlimited Spoof Calling

Here are Best Websites for free unlimited prank call:

1. BluffMyCall

BluffMyCall lets you make calls for two minutes for free and charges you if the limit is exceeded. Many customers complain about annoying advertisements and pop-ups the website displays regularly. However, you can opt for the Premium version to rid yourself of these irritating advertisements.

It’s compatible with Android and iOS platforms. You can alter your Phone caller ID and create an identity that is fake before making calls. Furthermore, using the “voice change” option, you can make Prank calls “voice switch” choice. You can alter your vocal tone and also make phone calls.

Visit: https://bluffmycall.com/

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2. SpoofTel

It’s among the most popular websites for unlimited and free spoof calls. It allows “change the voice” to change your normal voice and make fun of your friends. It also lets users send messages via SMS and record calls, and make calls that resemble spoofs.

Enter the Captcha code then SpoofTel will take care of the rest. The app will link you with the person you’d like to speak with without displaying your name. So what are you wasting time on? Check out this website today and poke fun at your peers.

Visit: SpoofTel

3. Covert Calling

This is among the top websites you could recommend to assist you in your jokes. The interface of this site is easy to use and excellent. It is possible to call any location without revealing your identity. Try the trial for free right now, and upgrade to a premium account to access additional options.

Similar to SpoofTel, This website also has features like the “voice change” and the “call recording” features. Follow the button below, get the most of this website, and fool your friends today!

Visit Site: Covert Calling

4. EasyPrank

EsayPrank provides you with a wide variety of hilarious calls. It is possible to make a no-cost fake call. You can’t impersonate the caller’s ID. However, you can use your unidentified number to make a phone call. With this method, you can make your prank call to anyone.

Enter the number you’d like to use to make a free fake call. Enter the number you wish to display. Enter the country in which you want to make the prank call. After that, press the Send the Prank button.

5. SpoofCard

This is one of the top websites to get unlimited internet spoofing. It boasts of having a variety of impressive features for spoofing calls. It can even send calls instantly to the receiver’s voicemail and group calls. Spoof calls for free are unlimitable here.

Click here to test the free version right now. To discover more aspects and features of the site, you can sign up for either a premium or paid account. Similar to BluffMyCall, it is accessible for each of the Android as well as iOS platforms.

Visit: SpoofCard

6. iEvaphone.com

If you’re searching for a site that won’t constantly bombard you with irritating ads, If so, then Kudos, you’re in the right spot. It stands apart from the sites. It’s easy and completely free.

This site is trustworthy and offers a hidden service. Like other websites, this one lets you alter your voice and take notes of calls. Furthermore, the website does not keep any personal information or information. It allows you to make free fake calls from wherever you are until the end.

Visit: iEvaphone.com

7. Crazy Call

It’s the most well-known site for free unlimited spoof calling. It is also possible to make pranks or spoof calls in criminal activities. That’s the reason the site is not accessible in several countries. It is possible to use HTML1 to call any phone number using this site. The site also allows users to change their voices during the call.

To make a phone call from this website, you must follow these steps:

  • First, you must navigate to CrazyCall within your search engine.
  • You must then choose your country.
  • Enter the number you would like to display on your friend’s mobile in the option to enter the Caller ID that you wish to show.
  • Then, type in the number you wish to call into the field. Enter the number you want to reach.
  • You can then alter your voice by choosing low, normal, or high pitches.
  • Then, you need to select the Give me a coupon.
  • It will show your unique code along with the phone numbers. You can make a phone call after entering the code.
  • Then you’re done. You are connected with the person who was harmed.

Visit: CrazyCall

8. Comedy Calls

It allows you to create a spoof phone call without cost to your friends. It has a wide selection of hilarious rings, from which you can choose what you like.

To make a phone call from this website, follow the steps below:

  • Then, go first to ComedyCalls using your search engine.
  • Select an option for a comedy call by selecting the dropdown menu.
  • You will then need to enter the number of your friend.
  • Then, at the bottom, press the”Send Now.

Check out: ComedyCalls

9. Wacky Prank Calls

It also lets you select the call you wish to make out of several fake calls.

This lets you do free unlimited spoof Calling via your mobile. You need to mention your friend’s name and number to call, pretending to be them. Wacky Prank will take care of the rest of Themselves. You don’t need to download any software to make this practical.

10. Foxycall

Foxycall lets you perform free unlimited Spoof calling to your friends via your personal computer. Additionally, you can send SMS using an unknown number. This allows you to make use of any Caller ID and Sender ID. The user can alter the voice too. It is also possible to record calls on this site.

As the site is still in the beta phase, you will be able to access these features only upon being invited. Each time you are invited, you receive a free spoof telephone call.

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