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Wannacry Ransomware : Why You Shouldn’t Pay (5 Reasons)

Last updated on May 19th, 2017 at 08:49 am EST

Wannacry ransomware was first detected on Friday May 12 2017, and it spread like wild fire across the world. We are looking at over 200,000 computer infected across 150 countries, the numbers keep on increasing by the minute. In this post we will try to explain why you shouldn’t pay.

WannaCry Ransomware

Wannacry Ransomware : Why You Shouldn’t Pay (5 Reasons)

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Reason 1 – No One has got their files back

The bitcoin addresses mentioned have received more than 140 payments (around USD 50,000) at the time of writing this article, however we have not anyone saying that their system was dis-infected. Not even a one of the thousands infected have been decrypted by the hackers.

You can track the payments made here.

Reason 2 – No Customer Support

No customer support from the hackers. You may laugh but in most ransomware cases hackers behind ransomware attacks respond when you contact them but not in this case. A lot of security researches have tried to contact the hackers using the Contact Us option on the screen, but to no avail.

Reason 3 – No way to uniquely identify payments

Security researchers who have analyzed the worm have confirmed the fact that hackers do not have a way of determining who paid. This is because they just provide you with the bitcoin address where payment needs to be sent to, they do not have a way of finding out which computer made the payment. Below is a screenshot of what happens after you have paid and click on Check Payment.

WannaCry Paid


Reason 4 – Decryption by Hackers is Doubtful

Wannacry ransomware encrypts all the files on your computer. Each file has a unique encryption, the decryption key is a private RSA key which the hackers need to send you. The tool has a demo mode, wherein it can decrypt 10 files to trick you into believing that they will decrypt all your files once you pay. The catch here is, those 10 files are chose at random when all the files are encrypted, and the decryption key for them is stored locally on your computer. The decryption key for the remaining files is what the hackers need to send you, but will they? None of the security researchers believe they will.

Reason 5 – Manhunt is On

Security agencies all over the world are looking for the hackers behind this massive ransomware attack. Any communication from the hackers might lead to their arrest.

That’s it peeps. Our advice to you is don’t pay up because as of now you are not getting your files back.

WannaCry Ransomware Demo

In case you are interested in a demo of WannaCry ransomware check out the video below.