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Vivo V5 Battery Explodes; But Money is More Important

Last updated on May 11th, 2017 at 01:43 pm EST

Smartphones catching fire is nothing new; it happens to the best out there (sorry Samsung). Reporting such incidents is a moral responsibility for any new website because people using such devices can get seriously hurt.

The latest smartphone to catch fire is the Vivo V5. Pictures of a Vivo V5 which supposedly self destructed while charging have been doing rounds of social media.

Vivo V5 Explode

The phone is question exploded inside a shop and we have no information whether anyone was hurt or not. As you can see by the picture it would have been a pretty scary moment.  We have some more pictures below.


The Vivo V5 exploding is not what we are reporting here, instead we want to talk about social responsibility. Most Indian blogs covered this news, how ever one of India’s major news website reported the article and then edited the content of the page to be specifications of Vivo V5.

India today tech reported the incident as can be seen by the tweet below, however if you check the article now the contents are Vivo V5 Specifications.

We have also posted a picture of the tweet below just in case they decide to delete the tweet.


Another thing which gives away the change of content is the url of the page. It still says “User reports Vivo V5 battery fire”. Surely, the article was not about specs at one point.

The question we have for India Today is how much were you paid by Vivo to change the content of your article.