8 Tips You Must Know Before Using iPhone for the First Time

Tips You Must Know Before Using iPhone for the First Time: Joined the iPhone club finally? You’ve landed at the right place. This is a quick guide for iPhone users to make the most of their new devices. 

On the surface, an Apple iPhone is just another smartphone like hundreds of them in the market, but with advanced features. Anyone using an iPhone for the first time can get confused, especially if you have used another smartphone for a long time. 

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8 Tips You Must Know Before Using iPhone

Let’s get started with the tips right away.

Set Up Apple ID

This is the first step to setting up your iPhone. You will be prompted to create an Apple ID as soon as you boot your iPhone. This account on iCloud lets you log in to various Apple apps and buy content from the App Store or any other paid programs. This account is also used for apps like iMessage, Facetime, Apple Music, or FindMyiPhone. 

It is, however, not mandatory for you to set up an Apple ID account. It adds ease and convenience to your overall iPhone experience. Without one, you might not be able to use a majority of applications. 

Explore AirDrop Feature

AirDrop features let you transfer photos, videos, and other data across the Apple ecosystem at a tap of your finger. This is a wireless feature that lets you transfer photos, documents, videos, and much more to other Apple devices as well, like Macbooks, iPads, and others that are connected on the same WiFi network.  

You can use this feature from the Control Center and select AirDrop. You will see a number of different names on the screen. You can select the desired device and select share. Once the recipient accepts or declines the Airdrop, you can send the files.

Activate FindMyDevice

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The Apple iPhone usually costs higher than other smartphones available in the market. Therefore, it becomes highly important for you to safeguard your device first and foremost. This feature tracks your device’s location and wipes it off virtually if it gets stolen. 

The feature is known as Find My, and it’s a part of Apple’s standard set-up process, post-creating your Apple ID.

Personalize Control Center

The Control Center is a quick, handy tool to customize your widgets and other settings. To open the control center, swipe down from the top-right corner on your iPhone by unlocking it using Face ID or Touch ID, depending on your device. 

You can perform a set of specific actions with a tap, and that too you can personalize it to suit your needs. For instance, you can turn the WiFi on or switch to a data network, use a flashlight, adjust the brightness level using the Control Center.

Set Up Voice Assistant – Siri

Siri is one of the most popular features of the Apple iPhone. It acts as a personal virtual assistant who will help you in answering your questions and assisting you with any information you might need. You will be prompted to set up Siri once you boot your iPhone, and also do it later by going to Settings and then clicking Siri & Search.

The Speak Selection feature is great as well. It makes the voice assistant feature read out the highlighted text from a webpage, PDF file, message, or app. 

Scroll Less 

It is a common problem when we scroll too much; it takes ages to come to the top of the page, particularly on smartphones. It is very smart of Apple to take this up as a pain point and develop a feature around it known as Scroll Less. 

With this feature, all you need to do is tap on the screen’s top to return to the top of the page no matter how much you’ve scrolled.

Search Within a Webpage

If you want to save yourself time, use the find or search options wherever possible. You can do the same in the Safari browser on your device. To search for a specific webpage, you can type the word in the address bar and click on search and scroll down to the On This Page option.

Mute Your Device While Clicking Pictures

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Are you one of those who take pictures everywhere? Then you need to know about this feature of muting the shutter sound of your camera. Unfortunately, there is no separate feature to mute the sound of the camera, but there is a workaround–the switch to mute your iPhone entirely from the side of your device. 

When you mute your iPhone, the camera sound is muted as well. This might not be a perfect solution, but it still works fine when you most need it. 

Use Spotlight Search

Spotlight makes it super easy for you to search for anything you want on your iPhone. It can be addictive once you get familiar with it. You can use this feature to quickly find calendars, files, apps, and basically anything that has ever been stored on your device. You can also find ways to troubleshoot your iPhone if something goes wrong.

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