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How to Show Battery Percentage on macOS Monterey

Show Battery Percentage on macOS: Do you want to show Battery Percentage in the Menu Bar of macOS? If you are a Macbook user and want to know how much battery is left then you can see the battery percentage in the menu bar of macOS with Monterey or Big Sur. Follow this article, to show the battery percentage indicator on macOS.

How to Show Battery Percentage on macOS Monterey

How do I show Battery Percentage on macOS?

It is easy to change the battery percent on your Mac by using a hidden setting inside the System Preferences. Follow the steps below to start with Big Sur and Monterey:

Navigate the “System Settings” in your Mac via the Dock.

macbook settings

This will open a brand new open window in your Mac. Select “Dock and menu bar” it is the second option on the menu that is located between Desktop and Screen Saver settings.

dock and menu bar

You’ll see Control Center. You’ll find Control Center items on the left side. Click down until you reach the “Other Modules” section.

In the Other Modules section, you’ll be able to find under Other Modules, you’ll find the Battery setting. Select it and then check for the option below “Show percentage”. Make sure to check you check the “Show in the Menu Bar” option is selected too.

battery show percentage

Now, your indicator for the percentage of your battery is back within the bar menu in macOS Monterey or Big Sur.

Show Battery Percentage on macOS

It’s an easy method to show battery percentage on macOS Monterey (and Big Sur). In the ideal scenario, it could have been more effective had Apple would have added it as a default choice as it’s an important feature. Like iOS 15, macOS Monterey has come with some important features, like Privacy Protection for Mail, SharePlay, Shortcuts, and many more. However, the most recent desktop OS upgrade isn’t as smooth because numerous macOS Monterey problems, like sudden problems with overheating and Wi-Fi issues, have slowed down the excitement.

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