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How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If you wondering how to take screenshot on Samsung galaxy s7 edge? Like all Android smartphones, it is possible to capture screenshots on Galaxy S7 and the edge. Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to capture any visible content on the screen. We’re here to show you how to take advantage of the whole procedure.

There are two ways of making regular screenshots. In addition, you can also capture a scrolling image, which allows you to take many pages of content into one long image.

How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Here are 2 ways to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, follow:

Method 1:

  1. The first step is to access the screen you’d like to take a picture of displayed on your screen. It could be an application or game and any screen you wish to capture. Make sure that the display is turned on.
  2. Hold the power button and the home button simultaneously till you can hear the shutter sound and see an animation. There is an audio and visual signal after a picture is taken, and it’s hard to overlook that the image is taken.

Method 2:

  1. Samsung phones also have an option to take an image. This gesture lets you move the screen with the tip of your finger from left to right.
  2. Go to Settings >> Motions and gestures menu to activate this gesture. Settings > motions and gestures menu and switch on the “Palm swipe to capture” option to”On. Then, you will see an example of how it operates in the upper right.
  3. Go to the app or the screen you wish to capture, and then swipe the screen from left to right using your fingers (the hands should rest positioned on the screen in a manner reminiscent of a karate chop), and voila! Your screen will be taken.

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Scrolling screenshot:

If the information on your phone’s display is scrollable to show more details (for instance, when it’s in the menu for settings, reading an extensive document, or surfing on a site), You can capture an image that scrolls. Here’s how.

  1. Use one of the two options above to capture a screenshot.
  2. After the screenshot has been taken, when the image is captured, you’ll see the option to “Capture more” on the screen. Click “Capture more” to scroll the screen to capture additional content. Once you’re done with it, return or tap anywhere beyond the options for screenshots shown on the screen to stop and save the entire image.
How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

After you have taken the picture, you can view the screenshot you took by dragging the status bar, then clicking on the notification of the screenshot. You can also erase the screenshot by clicking here or entering edit mode by clicking the appropriate button on the information. 

To view all your screenshots, open your Gallery app and then into the folder for Screenshots. When your gallery has been set up to display pictures based on time (this can be changed by pressing the arrow to the left corner of the gallery), You will see your screenshots alongside your other images, ordered according to when the photos were captured.

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