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How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21

How to Take a Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S21: If you’ve just purchased your new smartphone, one of which is the Galaxy S21 (or S21+ and S21 Ultra), and want to know how you can communicate something to someone. The best way to accomplish this is by taking a Screenshot of anything on Samsung’s Galaxy S21. This is incredibly simple to edit and then send to anyone. It is possible to share it with anyone using an app.

In seconds, you can snap an image, modify the image, then share it with an individual via Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any other. This article will demonstrate how to take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21.

How to Take a Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S21
How to Take a Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S21

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21 by pressing buttons

Samsung supports the standard Android method of taking a Screenshot on Samsung S21 with the help of button presses:

  1. Check that the content you wish to capture appears clearly on screen.
  2. Press the volume button and the standby/power button on your right-hand side simultaneously, but only briefly and not too long.
  3. Screens will get recorded, flashed, and stored in the “screenshots” album/folder.

If you’re using much older hardware, such as Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy S7 or earlier, these devices will instead have the standby button and the “home” button.

It is important to ensure that it’s a short pressing of two buttons on your device since a more prolonged hold will trigger your power-control screen.

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Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21 using the smart capture/screenshot toolbar

Another thing you should be aware of when you are using a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S series is that smart capture – now referred to as screenshot toolbar can do a lot greater for you. It is a feature exclusive to Samsung and allows you to instantly alter your screenshot instead of having to browse through your gallery.

  1. Check that the toolbar has been enabled in settings under advanced options > screen recorder and screenshots. It’s in default, and the setting is called ‘Show the toolbar after recording.’
  2. If you take a screenshot (using buttons or a palm swipe, as described below), you’ll be presented with additional options down the side of the page in the form of a banner (as illustrated above). The options include drawing, cropping, or sharing, but scroll capture is the most efficient option. The arrows mark is pointed downwards.
  3. Scroll capture is a way to add portions of the display that you view, such as browsing a long page. It’s beneficial.
  4. Do you want the original screenshot deleted after sharing it from the toolbar? It can be set in the settings menu Advanced Features > screen recording and screenshots > ‘Delete the following sharing from the toolbar.’

Galaxy S21 screenshot using the palm swipe gesture

Another option that Samsung provides has been offered for a couple of generations of the S series: gesture control. This is also a way to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy s21.

  1. Enter Settings > Advanced Features > gestures and motions > “Palm swipe for capture”.
  2. If this option is toggled off, you can swipe the left side of your hand across the screen. You can swipe right or left either way, and both are effective.
  3. Screens will get taken by flashing and saving them to the “screenshots” album/folder within the gallery.

It is important to note that if you’ve learned the art of pressing buttons and don’t wish to swipe to capture the image, you can disable palm swipes so that it doesn’t happen – even accidentally.

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Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21 using the smart selection

This isn’t a full screenshot on samasung, but it’s an efficient way to capture details displayed on the screen with a smart select feature. If you’ve ever been a Note user, some of the information may be familiar to you.

Smart Select has an edge screen which you can access through the edged screen (when enabled).

  1. Navigate to the settings menu, display, and Edge panels and ensure that this setting is switched on.
  2. In this menu, you will be able to activate the edge panel with smart select – select “Panels” and then scroll to the right until you select. You can also enable different panel types, like Apps, too.
  3. Go to the page you’d like to record from.
  4. The edge panel can be opened by a swipe from the sides of the display. This could require multiple swipes if you have multiple panels activated.
  5. Select the shape or kind of choice you wish to create – oval, rectangle, or pin to screen (best option). Create a gif using “Animation”.
  6. Then you’ll be returned to the page for capture with frames to make your choice. Resize or move the frame, then press done. If you’re making a GIF, you can record it and then end the recording when you’re finished.
  7. You’ll be able to see what you’ve taken, along with the option of drawing and sharing, save and when it comes to text, save it to ensure you can copy it to another location.
  8. If you pin a selection, the captured selection will hover over the entire area until you shut it down. It’s beneficial for any details you need to reference, such as an address or reference code.

So this is how you can take a screenshot on Samsung galaxy s21. I hope you have learned it.

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