How to resolve poor 5GHz wireless signals on the Netgear router

How to troubleshoot the 5GHz wireless network issue

How to resolve poor 5GHz wireless signals on the Netgear router:

In this article, you will learn different ways to get proper speed from the 5GHz network on your Netgear Router. It is a very common issue with Netgear users. 

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Resolve poor 5GHz wireless signals

resolve poor 5GHz wireless signals

If you are getting slow speed continuously from the 5GHz wireless network, then the below instructions will help you solve your issue with Netgear router “http://routerlogin.net” Please follow the below instructions to troubleshoot the 5GHz wireless network issues.

NOTE: You can try below step one by one if your issue solved with step 1 then you need not proceed for the next steps. We try our best to cover most of the ways to fix this issue.

To troubleshoot the 5GHz wireless network issue.

  • Adjust the Antennas– The very first thing you can do is adjust the antennas of your router. Some Netgear routers have adjustable antennas, you can adjust them to get the best performance from the 5Ghz wireless network. Well, if your router’s antennas are not adjustable or if it doesn’t work, then try step 2. 
  • Change the location– This is one of the easiest tasks to improve the speed of the 5Ghz wireless network. Try to change the location of your router. You can try different locations to improve the speed of your router. It may improve the signal strength 5Ghz wireless network, if both steps are not making any difference in router performance, please go to step 3.
  • Change the wireless channel– Your Netgear router may interpret by multiple WiFi networks in your area. Sometimes excessive networks affect the signal strength of the wireless networks by “www.routerlogin.net”. You can get the best signal strength by selecting the channel with less active networks. You need to follow the below instructions to select the right wireless channel to get the best performance of the 5Ghz wireless network. This task can take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

To Change/Select Wireless channel.

  1. You need to analyze which wireless network needs to select. First, you need to identify the channels which are useful or less active in your surrounding area. 
  2. To identify the channel, you need a WiFi analytics tool, which is available on the android play store. 
  3. Download the NETGEAR WiFi Analytics on your Android device to find the best wireless network channel.
  4. Once the Netgear WiFi Analytics installed, open it and you will see the list of channels with their rating such as Great, poor, average or best. You can also see the list of a recommended channel.
  5. Select Channel- After analyzing the right channel for your network, you need to select it by using the Netgear Genie web interface of your router or “routerlogin.net”.
  6. Follow the steps below to select the recommended channel.

NOTE– Before starting the process, you need to connect your computer on your Netgear router through a wire.

  1. Open up any new browser such as Safari, Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer on the connected device.
  2. Type routerlogin.net into the web address bar to open the login page.
  3. If it doesn’t work, type or into the web address bar.
  4. Once the login window opens, enter username and password.
  5. Where you can use the default username and password.
  6. Both username and password are in lower case.
  7. A Netgear Genie homepage will display on your computer screen.
  8. On left-hand side Menu, click on the wireless. Wireless settings page displays.
  9. Under Wireless Network (5GHz), please select the desired Channel.
  10. Click can hit on Apply at the top of the page.

The new channel saves now, you need to reboot your router to reconnect your devices on the 5Ghz wireless network. If you have still had a speed issue with your 5GHz wireless network.

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