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Remote Fingerprint Unlock Tool: Unlock Windows with Android App using Fingerprint’s Scanner in 2022

Remote Fingerprint Unlock: Do you want to open your Computer or Laptop with a smartphone’s fingerprint? Then you are in the right place. Today we have brought the by which you can open your windows with the mobile’s fingerprint.

As you all know that Windows 10 support fingerprint but If you don’t have a fingerprint on your PC and laptop then you should follow this guide. The remote Fingerprint Unlock PC is also working with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 as well.

Let me suppose, You are an Android user and If connect your device with a PC via Data Cable then you should Install ADB and Fastboot utility because it provides you with many features like backing up, transferring quickly, unlocking your device, etc know more and install: How to Install ADB and Fastboot Android Device

Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Remote Fingerprint Unlock PC

Remote Fingerprint Unlock App is created by a reputed XDA developer and It’s safe to Unlock Windows 10 with a phone fingerprint. Now follow each step to get it done.


  • A PC with Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7
  • An Android phone with a fingerprint sensor.
  • A mobile phone must be connected with the PC Wirelessly.
  • Windows fingerprint credential module (Fingerprint Unlock Module), Download from here.
  • Remote Fingerprint Unlock app ( Download from play store click here )

How to Setup the Remote Fingerprint Unlock

  • First, download the Windows Fingerprint Credentials module and install in your PC.
  • Now install the Remote Fingerprint Unlock App from the play store.
  • Now you have Installed the App, Open it and click on the upper left three lines and click on the Scan. Now it will scan the PC where the Windows fingerprint unlock module is installed.
Remote Fingerprint Unlock
How to Setup the Remote Fingerprint Unlock
Remote Fingerprint Unlock3
  • Please be sure that the Android phone is connected with the same network.
  • Now click on the the your PC name which is showing on the scanning screen and setup the it.
  • Give the same account name and passwords which is being used in your PC.
  • Now you are good to go.
  • Lock the PC and Open the App then app will ask you to use Finger print as you touch the Sensor your PC will unlocked.

The response rate is very fast you can unlock you within a second.

If the app is not working and the Windows PC is not getting unlocked follow the below process.

Remote Fingerprint Unlock Not Working

In some cases, this app and software are not working perfectly. This happens because the Windows Firewall stops this access. Now you can give the Firewall access manually please check it below guide.

  • In your windows search “Firewall and Network Protection” and open the Firewall.
  • Then click “Allow an app through Windows Firewall“.
  • Click on the “Change setting
  • Then click on the “Allow Another App” and then click on the Browse.
  • Now navigate to the “C://Windows/system32/” and select the LogonUI.exe
  • Then click OK.
  • That’s It Now It will work Perfectly.

Note: This App is working only for Android users Not IOS or Mac.

Last Words

If you have locked your PC and don’t know how to unlock it. You just need to remote fingerprint scanner but don’t worry, follow this article, unlock windows PC from android fingerprint. You will get a solution. Also, you can PC’s windows fingerprint credential module download to solve your problem.

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