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Paranoid Android 2017 – Features, Downloads and More

Around a month back Paranoid Android teased their return, and guess what they are back after being away for nine months. Paranoid Android 2017 brings you Android Nougat builds for a multitude of devices with new features, improvements and more. #stayparanoid

Paranoid Android 2017

Paranoid Android 2017 – What’s New

For starters, Paranoid Android 2017 builds are based on Android Nougat. We also have a new wallpaper courtesy Hampus Olsson, the artist behind official OnePlus wallpapers.

Under the hood, the codebase for Paranoid Android 2017 is fully CAF based. What this means is a better (read lag free and fluid) end user experience as Qualcomm based devices will mingle well with Paranoid Android additional optimizations. A new feature called Color Engine has also been added, we will talk about that later.

Paranoid Android 2017 – Features

Apart from a reworked Pie, new Color Engine, immersive mode, Paranoid Android 2017 also comes with a bunch of small but useful features like example Display Burn-in protection for OLED devices, Battery icon customization etc.

  • Pie Controls
  • Color engine
  • Immersive mode
  • Buttons customization (including navigation bar)
  • On the spot controls (OTS)
  • SafetyNet Compatibility
  • Battery/Notification LED control
  • Recent tasks locking
  • Battery icon customization
  • Google now page in default launcher
  • Substratum support (Color engine will be deactivated if you use Substratum)
  • Quick pulldown
  • Display Burn-in protection (for OLED screens)

Pie Control

Paranoid Android Pie control has been reworked to keep it in sync with Google’s Material design. To enable Pie Controls you need to switch to Immersive mode (which can be done from Quick Settings). The first time you switch to Immersive mode you will be asked to enable Pie Control as well.

Color Engine

Color Engine is a new feature in Paranoid Android 2017, it lets you seamlessly change the colors of your device to be in Light, Dark (Pixel) and Black modes with a variety of accent colors to choose from. You can access this option from Settings > Display > Theme. Once you select a theme you will be shown a preview, which you can then Apply or Reject.

Paranoid Android 2017 and OnePlus 3/3T

Paranoid Android 2017 has also added some features specific to the OnePlus 3/3T. For starters, they now use a custom camera binary which facilitates for better pictures then OEM with custom Android roms. Degraded picture quality is an issue most custom (AOSP based) Android roms suffer with, it is good to see Paranoid Android come up with a solution. Other features specific to OnePlus 3/3T are Offscreen gestures, sRGB support (OnePlus 3(T) specific), Alert slider customization, aptX and aptXHD support.

Paranoid Android 2017 Downloads

Hit the links below to download Paranoid Android 2017 builds for your devices.


Builds for OnePlus One, OnePlus X, Nexus 5, OnePlus 2 and Nextbit Robin are in final stages of testing, expect a release soon. You can always check on the official download page – http://get.aospa.co/official.