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Origin Overlay – How to disable origin in Game overlay

Origin is one of the most famous video-game distribution platforms. it is developed by the popular publisher, Electronic Arts (EA). Origin distributes almost all the games that are published by Electronic Arts (EA) and many others.

Many users have been complaining about high CPU usage of origin while playing some latest games such as Titanfall, Mass Effect, and more on their mid-end systems. When they play games experienced FPS drops and crashes.

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But We have a solution to this problem. If you play games that are distributed by Origin like Titanfall 2, you must disable Origin Overlay. because it causes problems.

So in this article, We will tell you about How to turn off Origin in Game Overlay.

How to Disable Origin Overlay?

Origin in-game overlay comes enabled by default. but if you want to check origin overlay is enabled or not. Just press Shift+F1 while playing a game. If you see the Origin’s menu prompted, it is enabled. then you would disable the origin overlay in-game. To turn of origin in-game overlay, follow the given steps:

Step 1: First, you have to log in to the Origin desktop client available for both Windows and Mac, with your Electronic Arts (EA) account.

log in to the Origin desktop client

Step 2: When you logged in successfully, click on the Origin option from the top menu. Now navigate to Application Settings.

application settings under origin option

Step 3: Now click on More and click on the Origin In-Game option. (You can see in the image given below)

origin in game

Step 4: Now, you will be able to enable or disable Origin Overlay, turn OFF to disable.

disable origin in-game

Now if you want to check that you have successfully Origin in-game Overlay Disabled. Press Shift+F1 on your keyboard while playing a game. If a pop-up appears on the screen that means still Origin Overlay Enabled. if you can’t see, that means the origin overlay is turned OFF successfully.

If you have a problem, origin overlay disabled Titanfall 2 or origin overlay not working Titanfall 2, you can also follow this article because of the same solution for this problem. I hope, now you don’t have a question like this how to turn off origin overlay.

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