10 Best Online CPU Stress Test Software For PC

Best Online CPU Stress Test Software For PC: If you’ve built an entirely new computer, testing the CPU should be the initial step you must take. It can help you identify malfunctioning hardware, and lets you assess the capabilities of your PC before putting it through an array of demanding tasks. A lot of people refer to it as a test of torture and they are right since it challenges every hardware component to the maximum. 

If you’re new to the world and want to know more, I’ve provided a complete list of tools that can be used to test your CPU. In addition, I’ve also provided several benchmarking tools if you want to test the performance of your computer with other PCs. Without further delay, we will go through the article and find out more about the stress test for CPUs in greater detail.

Best Online CPU Stress Test Software For PC
Best Online CPU Stress Test Software For PC

Best Online CPU Stress Test Software For PC/Laptop

Here are some best online CPU Stress Test Software for Laptop and PC:

1. Prime95 (CPU Stress Test Software)

Prime95 is a different great program to test CPUs for stress under extreme load. Indeed, many professionals depend on Prime95 because of its comprehensive method of testing the hardware component. If you’re an expert in system design or of those who love to boost the speed of their CPU, then Prime95 lets you check the reliability of your computer perfectly. For more information about the method used, Prime95 heavily tests the CPU by using floating-point and integer instructions. It supplies a steady workload to the CPU and can even exceed its limit after the machine achieves some stability.

The greatest benefit of Prime95 is the fact that it’s free and accessible across major platforms like macOS as well as Linux. If you’re looking to test the limits of your processor to the point where it can terrify the CPU’s components and more, then Prime95 is the software that you must use.

Check Out Prime95 (Free)

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2. BaseMark 3.0 Web ( Preferred CPU Stress Test Software)

BaseMark can be described as an internet-based processor Stress Test tool with all the bells and whistles typical of a software application developed by RockSolid, the graphics rendering firm based in Helsinki. It can perform 20 computer tests to bring the processor to its limits Bitwise test, built-in tests for objects, WebGL Test, Shader Pipeline Test, and more.

The duration of the test will take between 3 and 20 minutes dependent on the processor you use. To ensure fair results, you should not perform any other tasks during the time the test is running. It is possible to test the tool using the demo mode but this will not deliver accurate results.

Make sure the charger is connected to ensure the best performance when performing the computer test on the laptop. The online software is only compatible with Windows therefore, you must download an offline launcher if you’re running Mac or Linux.

Get from BaseMark 3.0 Here

3. PCMark 10 (CPU Stress Test Software)

PCMark 10 is the most robust benchmarking tool that offers many different workloads and simulation tests. It performs a variety of tests of performance that represent the needs of both professionals and ordinary users. The most appealing thing about PCMark 10 is that unlike OCCT and similar programs, there is no need to configure everything. All you need to do is install the program, and then click the link to perform a myriad of tests for the CPU.

The tests are created so that they utilize all CPU cores and provide the most efficient performance possible from the hardware. Additionally, you can get your entire score and evaluate it against other computers. Simply put, if aren’t an expert on hardware and CPU components, then PCMark 10 can help you assess the performance of your computer quickly.

Check Out PCMark 10 (Free for Basic Edition, $29.99 for Advanced Edition)

4. Novabench (CPU Stress Test Software)

Novabench is an infrequently used program to test CPU stress However, it has many great features that can be beneficial to all users. In addition to testing the CPU’s performance, it detects errors- both software and hardware- and lets you fix the issue immediately. Like PassMark, it recommends certain hardware modifications according to their performance during the test of stress. 

As for the simulations, Novabench deploys hyper-threading and OpenCL compute tests. OpenCL is a common test used by Windows computers and is quite reliable to measure the performance of your PC. Therefore, if you’d like to play around with new tasks on your processor, then Novabench could be a suitable alternative.

Check Out Novabench (Free for personal use, Starts at $19)

5. UserBenchmark

If you’re a gamer and would like to test your skills, UserBenchmark is the best tool to test your performance. It gives a score on the speed that is effective for desktop applications such as high-resolution video rendering processing images, and many others. Additionally, UserBenchmark uses massive cryptographic processes to force the CPU to utilize all of its processors. It also has the capability of executing a series of hyper-threaded tasks that ensures that the CPU is working to obtain the highest benchmark score. In simple terms, UserBenchmark is a reliable program that can test your CPU, and you must consider the program since it’s free.

Check Out UserBenchmark (Free)

6. AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 Extreme is more of an application for hardware information rather and not a tool for stress testing. It does however come with an engine for hardware detection which offers a variety of load tests and diagnostics. In the beginning, you’ll be able to boost your CPU’s performance and perform intensive tasks to check the hardware. It uses an advanced multi-threaded testing system that runs 64 bits to push your computer to its limits.

In addition, you can accurately measure the voltage, power consumption of various components, the speed of fan readings, and many other variables. In addition, it lets you compare with other CPUs to evaluate your PC’s performance with its database online. As I said, AIDA64 Extreme is more focused on providing data which is why it’s an excellent stress test tool for consumers of all ages. You should take an interest in AIDA64 Extreme if OCCT and Prime95 are too complicated for you.

Check Out AIDA64 Extreme (30-days free trial, $39.95 for 3 PCs)


OCCT is among the most effective tools to test the stress of CPUs and other hardware components. It’s specifically designed for professionals, however, you can also utilize it with a deep knowledge of the workings of PC components. OCCT lets you conduct a variety of testing on your processor, making sure that all cores are working to their maximum capacity. Additionally, it detects hardware malfunctions when components aren’t performing in the way they should. 

The best part of OCCT is that you also have an engine for monitoring that can display the temperatures of the CPU’s the voltages as well as fan speed, frequencies, and many more. The information is presented with clear graphs that allow you to be able to comprehend the details. In the end, if you’re looking to check your CPU to detect the hardware for errors, OCCT is the perfect answer for you. If you’re running the program on your PC, the software is free.

Check Out OCCT 

8. HeavyLoad (CPU Stress Test Software)

HeavyLoad is among the most well-known instruments for stress testing CPU for stress testing on Windows machines. It’s a simple application that’s not as technical as OCCT or similar but it certainly offers the most extreme tests, but with a restricted range of options. It utilizes simulation tasks that put the CPU under extreme pressure and test its performance. You can also select your tasks. assign only a small amount of memory, select certain cores and see how your system performs in various scenarios.

Additionally, you can also limit the disk’s capacity and write speed to determine what happens to your computer when the hard disk hits its capacity. To make it easier to understand the performance indicators the program provides a straightforward graph of CPU utilization displayed on the display. If you’re seeking a straightforward application to test your CPU’s performance, then HeavyLoad is a good choice.

Check Out HeavyLoad (Free)

9. PassMark Performance Test

PassMark offers a performance testing application that allows you to benchmark PCs using the standard PassMark rating. It utilizes an array of tests for CPU stress, including hyper-threading, complicated mathematical calculations as well as 3D simulation encryption, and the modeling of physics. These are all jobs that demand enormous resources and put the CPU’s cores to a crawl.

PassMark affirms that it can accurately evaluate the hardware of your PC and lets you evaluate it against other similar devices using its database. In addition, it provides suggestions for upgrading your hardware that can greatly improve your performance low cost. If you’re looking to know where your PC is about other computer systems, PassMark can be a good replacement in place of PCMark 10.

Check Out PassMark (Free Trial for 30-days, One-time purchase of $29)

10. Geekbench

Geekbench is a renowned benchmarking tool that puts stress on your CPU. It provides multi-core and single-core scores to allow you to evaluate your computer’s capabilities. It simulates a variety of demanding activities that we do every day using a mix of Augmented Reality applications as well as Machine Learning operations to find the CPU’s best performance. AR and Machine Learning are the latest features of Geekbench 5. to determine how futuristic your device is. Beyond that, it also tests your CPU through intensive games, image processing, and video editing using higher-resolution footage. 

All of these activities can push the CPU to the limit and that’s how you get the Geekbench score is calculated. Therefore, if you’re looking to get an accurate performance score of your processor that can be compared to other computers, regardless of whether it’s running Windows, macOS or Linux then Geekbench is an excellent option.

Check Out Geekbench (Free, Starts at $9.99)

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