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OnePlus One Exploded While Charging

Smartphones exploding while charging is getting common day by day, and we think manufacturers need to pay more attention to the batteries. This because a lot of people leave their smartphones on charging overnight, which is not the way to do it, but people do it none the less. The other day we reported about Vivo smartphone exploding, and today we have a user on OnePlus forums reporting that his OnePlus One exploded while charging.

OnePlus One Exploded

In this case the owner of the device was not so lucky, he suffered second degree burns as well. Other than that the dude’s home was almost set on fire as well.

Well, my one plus one exploded while charging this morning. Almost set my house on fire. The explosion set pillow and blanket on fire as well as carpet……. I got second degree burn on my left arm and lucky no injury on my face….. I’m still in shock… u see the news but it’s a totally different experience in real life. Support ticket submitted. I was told by online CS that a specialist will contact me soon. What should I do? Does this happen before?

OnePlus has gotten in touch with the user, but it is scary to see pictures of devices exploding while charging. In case you are interested in seeing more pictures head over to the source link below. Please note some pictures might be disturbing.

Would you trust OnePlus if your OnePlus One Exploded while you were sleeping? Let us know via comments below.