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Noobs vs Nerds – Independent Mobdro Article #forthelulz

Just finished watching a movie called Prisoners, and I am checking my Google Now feed. I see this article from the Independent.co.uk about Mobdro. The title of the article being “Mobdro : What is the ‘New Kodi’ that ;et’s you stream TV, Films and Sport for Free”. I decide to read it, and I die laughing. Let me explain.

Independent Mobdro Article

The first few paragraph’s are fine and correct. Mobdro has been around for long, Kodi itself is legal, but can be used for piracy etc etc etc. The real fun starts mid way through the article.

You can, however, also use it to watch things like TV shows, films and sports fixtures for free, through illegal add-ons created by developers.

Holy smokes, the addons are illegal? And illegal addons are being hosted on github? Why on Earth are you not reporting them to the cops? I mean, illegal addons causing millions of Pounds of losses, why is the MI5 not yet involved or we already have James Bond working on it?

Mobdro, on the other hand, is far less capable. It scans the web for free video streams, and lets you tune into them.

For the sake of God, install Kodi and install one of those illegal addons before you do a writeup on Kodi. What is said about Mobdro is what most of the Kodi addons do as well. They scan the web for free video streams. Mobdro is just the same coding logic implemented in an Android programming language. Add to that they go on to quote the Mirror’s article.

“Mobdro doesn’t have any control whatsoever on the streamings. If the streaming that you are looking for was on the list before and now has vanished, it means that it was online but right now it is offline.”

F**k yes! Bulls eye! That’s what Kodi addons do as well, noobs. If the source is down, the addon won’t be able to play the Movie, TV Show or the Live Stream. Did you even research stuff before you write it, or did corporate houses pay you to bash Kodi boxes.

But wait, that’s not it. This is what made my day folks.

It’s (Mobdro) also tougher to download than Kodi.

OMG! You didn’t say that.It’s tougher for a noob to install one of those illegal addons on his Kodi box than to install Mobdro. Anyone who knows how to install Kodi will know how to install Mobdro, and will prefer it to Kodi addons. What would you prefer to do, install Kodi and add addons or install Mobdro (the same way as you do Kodi) and get to watching movies and TV Shows.

Oh and by the way, the nerds over at Independent linked to Mobdro installation article in the end of their article. There you have a million more Android aka Kodi boxes installing Mobdro after reading that article.

Here are the links to the articles (Independent and Mirror).

Dear Independent.co.uk,

It is our humble request, please research your tech new before you write crap. 


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