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Nintendo Switch Shortage; Blame Apple But Karma Is a B**ch says NES Classic

Nintendo Switch is already a successful console for Nintendo, and it’s suffering from supply and demand issues (just like the NES Classic). Stocks are still scarce even after two months of release and scalpers are still making money on the Switch. The reason for Nintendo Switch shortage is being reported as Apple. Yeps, Apple is the reason why Nintendo cannot manufacture enough Nintendo Switch consoles to meet the demand.

Nintendo Switch Shortage

Nintendo sold 2.74 million units of Nintendo Switch in its debut month which was more than what Nintendo projected and Nintendo Switch shortage has been an ongoing issue. Nintendo wants to ramp up production and manufacture around 18 million (from 10 million) more units by March 2018 to meet the demand. Ramping up production means you need more parts from suppliers, and this is where Apple comes into the picture. A recent report from WSJ states that Nintendo will have to compete with Apple for parts like NAND flash memory, LCD screen, and the special motors that make HD rumble possible in the Joy-Con.

Apple needs the flash memory chips for it’s upcoming tenth anniversary edition iPhone, and same is the case with LCD screen. Japan Display, Inc is the sole supplier of screens which go into iPhones and also Nintendo Switch. Apple sold 215 million iPhones in the year 2016, so you can very well imagine who gets priority when it comes to ramping up production for LCD screens.

Now, we mean no ill fate to the Nintendo Switch but we do hate Nintendo for killing the NES Classic. People still want that $60 console and scalpers are selling it for four times the price. A console which brought back childhood memories for a lot of us, was actually a limited edition console and Nintendo never told anyone about it. They did nothing to ramp up production of NES Classic, instead just killed it. We also did a small write up on why Nintendo killed the NES Classic and it’s all about money.

Dear Nintendo,

What goes around comes around. People wanted to buy the NES Classic, but you didn’t want to manufacture more. People want to buy the Nintendo Switch, but you can’t manufacture more. #lol

Looks like Nintendo Switch shortage is here to stay for the next year at least.

Do we hear all of our readers who wanted a NES Classic say Karma is a B**ch? Let us know via comments below.