MX Player Custom Codec [AC3, DTS, MLP, TrueHD, and more]

MX Player Custom Codec: MX Player is, without a doubt, the top video player for Android. With background playback and an HD decoder, it supports many file formats. It plays the majority of videos with the best high-quality video. The MX player’s flexibility isn’t available in other media players.

There are some limitations, such as the fact that you cannot use AC3, DTS, MLP, TrueHD, and others. In this case, you could use Custom Codecs in MX Player, thanks to XDA developers creating these scripts.

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It is possible to download the zip file of the Custom Codec as the device’s architecture (like Neon, Tegra, ARM Tegra, Neon, etc.)

MX Player Custom Codec [AC3, DTS, MLP, TrueHD, and more]
MX Player Custom Codec [AC3, DTS, MLP, TrueHD, and more]

MX Player Custom Codec

MX Player’s Codec Pack includes the FFmpeg library and a variety of other libraries that are needed to ensure that the player functions effectively. If you download MX Player APK from the Play Store, it will include only the necessary libraries according to the device’s architecture. Sometimes, you will need to download Codec packs available from Google Play Store (if MX Player asks to do this). However, Custom Codec is an additional option that is a modified version of the FFmpeg library, which MX Player utilizes.

It is compatible with Dolby/DTS (ac3) audio tracks. Therefore, Codec packs from Play Store must be installed if MX Player asks the user to install it. A custom codec is not required if you wish to play videos with DTS and Dolby (AC3) audio tracks.

MX Player Latest Versions

The MX Player Download Custom Codec

You can download the Custom Codec ZIP files for MX Player and MX Player Pro from the following links. Ensure you download the correct version of ZIP that is compatible with your device’s architecture.

If you’re unsure about the device’s architecture, download the file. It’s an all-in-one codec that can be used on any device.

V1.41.2 Custom Codec (Current stable)

If you are using the latest version of MX Player, if you have the latest version of MX Player, older links might not function. There is a possibility of getting the following error message:

Can’t find custom codec. Please use version. Please use version 1.35.0 Codec!

Install MX Player 1.35.0 by given link:


MX Player Custom Codec (file name)Download[Download Link][Download Link][Download Link][Download Link][Download Link][Download Link][Download Link]

How do I Install MX Player Create a Custom Codec

1. Open the MX Player app.

2. Click on the three dots (located in the upper right corner)

3. The following settings are available:

MX Player Custom Codec download

4. Tab on Decoder option. There are many options like SW Audio, Limit of CPU Limit, and Color Format. Simply scroll towards general Settings. There is a Custom Codec option there.

5. Find out what kind of Custom Codec is required. In my instance, it’s an ARMv7 Neon-type custom codec.

how to install MX Player Custom Codec

6. Click on the Custom Codec option and select the ZIP file that you downloaded.

Custom Codec

In my situation, I downloaded the AIO (All-in-one) package.

7. When you’ve selected the option, it will prompt you to tap Ok to start the App again.

MX Player Custom Codec

8. Just do that and you’re done!

To install the AIO Codec pack, MX Player will install the necessary Codec instantly from ZIP. MX Player will restart with the necessary Codec and, after that, you will be able to enjoy DTS audio with MX Player without any issue. It is now possible to play all video and audio tracks with MX Player.

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