Make a Phone Recording Sound Professional

make phone recording sound like a professional

Make a Phone Recording Sound Professional: Do you like your voice, sing, record, and listen to your voice.
You may wonder how this is a question because most people do not seem to have a good voice, so they never even sing, and recording it is a far-off thing.

Make a Phone Recording Sound Professional

But friends, if you want to do a voiceover or you want to record your song, then it is possible for free.
Yes, friends, people often give up the dream of recording a song because a good mic is needed to record, which is expensive.
And people don’t have enough budget to buy a good mic.
But friendship no longer requires you to buy a mic because you have a Mic.
Your smartphone is your music. I tell you, the smartphone also has a perfect quality microphone. So, friends, you can use the microphone to record.
And when you record the voice, you can give it even better quality.

In “How to Make a Phone Recording Sound Professional” I will tell you about an app through which you can record voice and make a lot of adjustments so that the voice will sound exactly like it is recorded with a microphone.
Friends, the name of that app is lexis audio recorder

Make Phone Recording Sound Professional

this app is available on PlayStore

You have to click on open, from where you can open pre-record audio or discard it.
From here, you can record a voice-over.

There are various features in this app to create a good voice.

1. you can record audio with frequency.

2. you can cut the audio, trim, copy and paste.

3. various effects can you add in audio.
Normalize audio Reverse, change pitch, change tempo, fade in, fade out, noise reduction.
you can add these effects by the click on three dots –

4. 10 band equalizer.

5. change the speed of the audio.

6. you can compress the audio.

7. in it, more formats to save audio like –
mp3 (-320kb/s), WAV, FLAC, m4a, aac and WMA.

So you can download this app to record better audio without any expensive microphones.
in begging this is the best way to record audio.
With this app, you can voiceover on Youtube videos.

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