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MacAssistant : Google Assistant for macOS

Ever wondered how cool would it be to have Google Assistant on your Mac? Well, today is your lucky day. Vansh Gandhi, a student of University of California has developed an open source app called MacAssistant which is nothing but Google Assistant for macOS.

Google Assistant for macOS

MacAssistant : Google Assistant for macOS

Where to Download

MacAssistant is built using Swift 3.1 and Xcode 8 and using the recently released Google Assistant SDK. The software is it’s beta stage and you can download it from here.

How to Run

Once downloaded, all you need to do is unzip the file, and run the app. It will show up in the status bar of your macOS (marked in red in the below picture).

Click on the icon, and a window will popup asking for your Google credentials. Enter your credentials, once done click on the mic and you are all set. To exit, click the Gear Icon on bottom right of window, and Quit option will appear.

Google Assistant for macOS

Why does it ask for my Google Credentials

MacAssistant asks for your Google credentials because it uses the Google Assistant SDK, we checked and it only had permission to use Google Assistant. Nothing shady here peeps.

What features we would like to be added

If we can also get text results like Siri that would be awesome.

Bugs we found

Once permissions for the app are revoked from connected apps, the app stops working and does not ask for Google credentials again.

Give it a spin peeps, it’s a fun little app. Let us know how you like it via comments below.

You can find the source code here.