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6 Ways to Fix – Last Line No Longer Available error on iPhone

Last Line No Longer Available error on iPhone: It is known as the Last Line no Longer Available Most notably, it affects iOS 15 and iPhone 13 users. The error message appears every time you call someone from the Recent list. Here’s how you can eliminate the error. Before we begin, let’s figure out what the problem is.

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6 Ways to Fix - Last Line No Longer Available error on iPhone 13 and 15

What exactly is the “Last Line No Longer Available’ iPhone issue?

The error is only visible when you attempt to make a phone call. Most likely, the issue is due to eSIM on iPhones. The latest iPhones, beginning with iPhone XR, offer dual SIM capability. Additionally, iPhone throws an error only when you call using the default line.

It appears that Apple isn’t in a hurry to address the issue, because it’s been making rounds for a long time. Usually, the issue comes up in the wake of an update to the iOS release. But don’t worry! There are many options to address the issue.

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1. Restart your iPhone

Most of the time, a simple restart will resolve minor problems on iPhone. Behind the scenes, a restart cleanses the RAM along with other temporary data files. Press the Power button and turn up the volume to access the menu for restart. 

After that, you can try calling someone on your Recent list. If the problem is still there continue to the next step.

2. Clear Call logs from the last few days

This is the most efficient method to correct the issue. A lot of iPhone owners (including me) were able to resolve the issue after clearing their recent call logs on the Phone. Phone app.

To erase the recent call log, go to the Recents – EditClear. Click the option to clear all Recents from the pop-up.

Before you delete, make sure you’ve saved important numbers from the recent call log. After the log is deleted, there’s no way to restore this call log. In my instance, I took screenshots prior to taking screenshots before deleting the log.

3. Allow and disable Airplane mode.

When your iPhone is switched into Airplane mode, the communication modules are reset. Your iPhone becomes disconnected from the mobile network.

Turn on AirPlane mode, then switch it off after a couple of minutes. You can enable AirPlane mode by navigating to the Control Center. Select to activate the Airplane button. Repeat the steps above to turn off the Airplane mode.

If this doesn’t work If it doesn’t work, go ahead!

4. Remove and reinsert SIM

The procedure only works when you have a physical SIM instead of an electronic SIM.

Make use of an ejector device and take your SIM tray from its slot. Insert the SIM card and then wait an amount of time. Before inserting the SIM card back, be sure it is the SIM card isn’t damaged. After inserting it, contact someone from the Recent Log and verify whether the issue has been resolved.

5. The iPhone Network Settings can be reset.

Like we said earlier, the Last Line No Longer Available could be due to a problem with the e-SIM. Try resetting your Network Settings to see if it helps.

To Reset Network Settings, open Settings – General – Transfer or Reset iPhone – Reset. Choose to reset Network Settings from the pop-up.

6. Make sure you update Your iPhone to the most recent iOS

As an option last resort, you can update to update your iPhone to the most recent iOS version. Apple typically releases bug fixes within the next software update. This should, therefore, fix the problem. You can also try the update by hand.

If you’re still receiving the last line is no longer available error, the best choice is to call Apple assistance.


So If you have Apple Phone (iPhone) then you are safe with your privacy. but some time iPhone also gets problems. and you can’t understand what is going on with your iPhone. You try to solve problems but you can’t. So Search Here you will find various technology-related and solution articles that help very much. However, you have learned about How to fix the Last Line No Longer Available error on iPhone. i hope you have successfully removed it.

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