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Kodi Addons Shutting Down After Lawsuit from Dish Network

The Kodi addon community is in a bit of a turmoil right now with Kodi addons are shutting down left and right. This after Dish Network sued ZemTV and tvaddons.ag for copyright infringement.

Kodi Addons Shutting Down

Kodi itself is just a platform which does not promote piracy, but addons like ZemTV, Phoenix etc offer on-demand channel and live stream content for free which is a big problem for cable companies. Dish Network filed a law suit in Texas late last week, accusing ZemTV of direct copyright infringement of various TV channels, and TVAddons as liable for distributing the addons in question.

The result, a lot of Kodi streaming addons have since shut down or moved to other hosts. The big names which have since shut down include Phoenix, ZemTV, One128. Exodus has reportedly moved to another host.

Phoenix developer Cosmix announced closure of the addon by posting below message on tvaddons community :-

In light of current events we have decided to close down Phoenix, This is not something that was easy for us to do; we have all formed a bond that cannot be broken as a team and have a HUGE support base that we are thankful of.

Most Kodi addon developers do this in their free time, and cannot afford to pay the high amount demanded by companies like Dish TV for copyright infringement, hence shutting down addons is the only option left.

Below is the list of popular Kodi addons which have either shut down, planning to do so after the lau suit.

  • Phoenix (closed)
  • F.t.f.a (closed)
  • Bamf (closed)
  • Zem (closed live tv) (VOD available)
  • Silent hunter (content moved to streamarmy)
  • Deliverence (closed)
  • Ccloud (speculation)
  • Salts (speculation)
  • One128 (closed)
  • Reaper (closed)
  • Cerburus (closed)
  • BOB (issues with NAN site it’s not closed)
  • Zen (issues with NAN site it’s not closed)
  • Just for him (closed)
  • Les be friends (closed)
  • Skynet ( being phased out)
  • Evolve (live tv and sport gone. Rest working)
  • SRTVHUB (being taken over)
  • Vortex (closed)
  • UK Turks (Live Streams taken down)