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iSpoofer IPA for PoGo and Pokemon Go: Features, Download Link and Installation

In this guide, we will discuss about iSpoofer IPA for POGO and pokemone. including features, download link and process to install it. Let’s jump to our main topic without wasting any time.

iSpoofer IPA for PoGo and Pokemon Go: Features, Download Link and Installation
iSpoofer IPA for Pokmon go

Download iSpoofer Pokemon GO/ POGO/ iSpoofer iOS

If you’re an iOS player and play Pokemon go, you might have considered using location Spoofer at some point. In July of 2016, when the game first came out, it was the topic of conversation everywhere. I was playing since it was the very first game of its kind. It used an augmented reality feature to play the game, which was pretty different from other currently available games.

If people claim that they must leave their homes to play the game and it is risky to recreate the issue, various spoofing applications came on the market. Spoofing apps can disguise your location and include an interactive joystick to your screen that allows you to move around without leaving your home. Initially, Fly GPS was very popular, but later it became apparent that the Account Ban rate was way too high. Many other apps were in use, and the issue was the same. Accounts were being blocked.

The searchers were searching for the most secure option with the lowest ban rate on accounts. iSpoofer is one of the best. ISpoofer is the best fake-spy app currently available on the market, which is why we decided to share how to download it to iOS to use it with Pokemon Go.

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iSpoofer PoGo Version Details:

Every spoofing app offers advantages in the past. Pokemon Go++ was extremely popular among iOS users. However, the app’s creator has stopped releasing updates for the most recent versions of iOS. However, iSpoofer supports all the current editions of iOS. It’s possible to install and download it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The best part is that installing iSpoofer is easy, and we have provided the download link below, along with the installation process.

NOTE:iSpoofer doesn’t need to jailbreak your device to install it.

Version2.2.8 (1.189.0 / 0.223.0)
File TypeIPA
Size106 MB
UpdatedNov 2021

iSpoofer for Pokemon Go (PoGo) Advantages

We’ve discussed the advantages of iSpoofer In addition. There are two different versions of iSpoofer the first is iSpoofer free, while the second option is iSpoofer pro, which comes with additional features.

We’ve listed the features accessible for free and which feature is paid for.

  • You will receive a joystick that allows you to move around.
  • Teleporting is a possibility to any place.
  • IV List is available.
  • You can also try an IV Checker 10 times in the free version.
  • There is an auto walking feature, but it only works in the professional version.
  • Also, the near Gym slot scanner is available in the pro version only.
  • Nearby Radar, but only in the pro version.
  • Feed your coordination is only available in the professional version.
  • Feed Radar, pro version.
  • An enhanced throw for catching pokemon is included in the free version.
  • The quick catch trick is only available for the professional version.
  • Auto GPX is also available in both free and professional versions.

Download iSpoofer IPA

Get the iSpoofer Pokemon GO (PoGo) iOS IPA file from the below link. It is available on the jailbroken-free phone. If the link isn’t working, let us know by leaving a comment below, and we’ll make the update as soon as we can.

ispoofer download link:

How To Install iSpoofer Pokemon Go on iOS 15

Step 1: Download the iSpoofer using the link above.

Step 2: Install AltStore onto your phone to install PoGO on your device.

Use the following link to download and install ispoofer ipa Altstore. (ispoofer download link ios)

After you have installed the Altstore, Follow these instructions:

  1. After downloading your iSpoofer file onto your device. You can open Altstore from your iDevice.
  2. In the Altstore, navigate towards the My Apps section and press the “+” icon in the upper left corner.
  3. The download iSpoofer IPA file will then be displayed. Select any iSpoofer IPA file you wish to install on an iOS device.
  4. Enter the details of your Apple ID and password. The ISpoofer IPA file will start to be installed on the phone.
  5. After the app has been installed entirely, it is possible to start it from the My Apps section of your phone’s home screen.
  6. Be aware that apps downloaded using Altstore will expire after seven days.
  7. If you want to take one step within seven days, visit your Altstore My App sections, refresh the list of apps, and press the button next to an app to sign it off for the remainder of seven days.

Last Words – iSpoofer ipa download

So in this guide, we have told you ispoofer pokemon go ios. I hope you have found it helpful. Please do share with your friends.

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