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iPhone 8 aka iPhone X Leaks from foxconninsider

A thread popped up on reddit this morning from someone calling themselves “foxconninsider” claiming to have information of Apple products in the pipeline as they had seen prototypes pass through the factory. It is difficult to trust people claiming to have information to unreleased Apple products which is why reddit mods verified the posters id and they came through.

iPhone X Leaks

Let us take a look at all the iPhone 8 aka iPhone X leaks from foxconninsider.

Pictured above is what the iPhone X will look like. Touch id will be underneath the screen on the front of the device, dummies and pictures with Touch id on the back are Chinese clones. iPhone X will look like the current iPhone 7 with less bezels on the top and bottom of the display. Bezels will be uniform across the border except for the top, where we have the front camera protruding into the top of the screen.  The front camera will also support face detection and retina scanning for increased biometric security. On the back we are looking at a vertical dual camera setup.

iPhone X leaks

Feature wise, iPhone X is expected to support wireless charging, and fast charging via the lightning port. Do not expect the iPhone X to have a USB type C port as Apple wants it’s own proprietary ports. Other than that expect increased water resistance and 3GB of RAM.

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Image courtesy – Benjamin Geskin