iPhone 14 Colors – All Variants and Colors of Apple iPhone 14

iPhone is a versatile device, you can use it for photo capture, gaming, video editing, and more. When it comes to buying an iPhone, there are so many options. There is the base model, which comes in a single color and different storage capacities, and then you have the other models that come in various colors. In this guide, we will discuss iPhone 14 Colors. Read on for more information about the different colors.

iPhone 14 Colors - All Variant and Colors of Apple iPhone 14

New iPhone 14 Colors

Here are iPhone 14 Plus Colors:


iPhone 14 Color purple

The Purple version is believed to be the most popular color of the year. Apple is well-known for introducing the latest color to each new version of its flagship devices. The purple on this phone is a bit different from the one on iPhone 12, but it’s still a striking color. It’s a little less saturated hue than we were expecting before, and it appears elegant and stylish.

Midnight colors

iPhone 14 Color midnight

The color might be familiar to some of you – the last iPhone 13 also came in the Midnight color. It’s a deep hue that looks a lot like the deep black hue. This color is perfect for those who want a more traditional, secure appearance. In essence, it’s iconic.

The camera bump as well as the aluminum frames of the device are painted in the same hue to give an aesthetically seamless appearance. A note to make is that the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus come with glossy backs. So, the dark Midnight shade is likely to draw fingerprints, so be aware of that.


iphone 14 startlight color

Starlight is a vibrant white iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus color. It’s yet another color that we are familiar with and was available on an iPhone 13 as well. It appears polished and fresh and stylish, with a sleek silver frame and an uncolored back glass panel which is slightly off in the tone. In essence, if you’re looking for something classy and elegant, but with a bit of personality, this Starlight option is perfect for you.

It’s worth noting If this is the first time you’ve decided to purchase your iPhone that’s in Starlight. It’s not your typical, snowy white. It’s a warmer shade and is not the exact shade as say AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro.


iphone 14 blue color

It is also available in blue. iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus are also available in the Blue version. iPhones have had the blue color option for some time and Apple has not abandoned the custom of using blue. The new Blue version is significantly different from the previous year’s model and features a design that is more similar to that associated with this year’s Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro. It’s a subtle blue hue that looks chic sleek, elegant, and stylish. The back of the case is shiny, but since the color isn’t so dark it’s not necessary to worry about fingerprint marks.

Product Red

iphone 14 red color

Most likely, you have heard of this color since it’s been available on non-Pro iPhones for a time. Apple didn’t leave out it this year, either, with iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max. Product RED is also an option to donate purchasing the Product RED version contributes to the fight against AIDS.

However, that’s not the only aspect that the Red iPhone 14 has going for it. We would like Apple would release a Pro Product RED variant as well. Red is a bold color with a distinct character and does draw the attention of. It’s the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus in red is the one to pick If you’re a daredevil and a fan of the spotlight.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max colors

Given the new iPhone 14 Colors:

Deep Purple

iphone 14 deep purple color

Another color option that is available on the iPhone 14 Pro max is the Deep Purple color option. This is a darker shade of purple compared to the other purple iPhone 11 colors. It is almost more of a royal purple, but that purple is still very pretty.

Space Black

iphone 14 space black color

If you like the look of the Black color options, then you will be happy to know that there is also a Space Black color option available. It is a very dark color option, so it is not for those who like a very light color.


iphone 14 silver color

Finally, there is the Silver color option that is available for both the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro max. It is a very light silver color.


iphone 14 gold color

And lastly, we have the Gold color option that is available on the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro. This is a very light gold color and looks rick color.


So, If you are going to purchase iPhone 14 and don’t know what colors are available for iPhone 14, here we have discussed all new iPhone 14 colors. After reading this guide about iPhone 14 Colors – All Variants and Colors of Apple iPhone 14, you can go for your preferred colors with the help of this article. If you liked this guide, please share it.

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