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How to Use Anime App Icons on Android and iOS (Updated 2022)

How to Use Anime App Icons: The world of animation has always been an integral part of pop culture. One Piece, Fairy Tale as well as Hunter X Hunter are just some of the most popular shows that have taken the world by storm. There is no reason why certain fans turn their enthusiasm to the next level and make their favorite characters anime icons.

Yeah, you can change the default app icon into an anime app icon. If you are an enthusiast of anime and want to change the app icon of your Android or iOS phone. just read this article this guide will tell you, how to create Anime app icons on Android or iOS phones.

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How to Use Anime App Icons on Android and iOS
anime app icons iPhone and android

How to Use Anime App Icons on Android and iOS

Here are the simple steps to create and use Anime App icons Android and iOS devices:

Anime App Icons for Android Phone

Most of the icons changer apps for Android we’ve listed in this list function similarly. To make it easier we’re using Ume Icon Changer. Ume Icon Changer to show you how to change your Android phone’s appearance. This is how you can do it.

How to Use Anime App Icons on Android
anime icons for apps android
  1. Start Ume Icon Changer.
  2. When you open the app’s home screen You will be asked to select which app you want to alter the icon.
  3. When you have selected an application, the first list of options will prompt you to select the shape the icon should take. Select the one that is most suitable for you.
  4. The second option is to prompt users to select the icon of a brand new app in the library of your app, or the library on your phone. Select the one that best fits your needs.
  5. After the anime icon has been selected After that, click OK.
  6. Confirm that you have added an app shortcut using the anime icon that is on the screen that is home.
  7. Repeat the procedure for all other applications that are on your Home screen.

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Anime App Icons for iOS

Alongside the launch of iOS 14 is the introduction of the Shortcuts app. The app lets you extend the functions of the app, and helps it easier to complete tasks. Additionally, it is fun because you can customize how the icon of the app would appear to be. Here’s how.

1. Start the Shortcuts app.
2. The + symbol is used to create an entirely new shortcut. Tap the select for apps button and address bar.
3. In the search bar you can type Open App and select the results that match it.
4. Next, choose an application to launch for this shortcut option.
5. Select the options for Details.
6. Enter a shortcut’s name and then tap”Add Home Screen to.
7. Then, type in the shortcut’s name. Shortcut and then type it again.
8. Click the icon next to the title of your shortcut. The prompt will ask you to select the icon for the app to go alongside your shortcut’s command.

Repeat the process for all of your applications. It is also recommended to prepare an inventory of apps you would like to have on your main screen to increase efficacy.

So here was how can you change Anime App Icons on your Android or iPhone. I hope you have successfully changed Anime App Icons. Changing Icons on Android or iOS phone looks great.

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