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How To Unlock Locked Games On PS4

How To Unlock Locked Games On PS4: Many people love playing games no matter what age. In addition, PlayStation 4 is one of the video game consoles at home that is the best. PlayStation 4 is an Xbox game console that belongs to part of the Sony group. A variety of games are accessible to users who enjoy PlayStation 4

The models are all identical, except the PlayStation 4 Slim was stopped in 2021. We’ll get to our review. If you’re someone who thinks PS4 games locked, resolve this problem, this article can greatly assist you. This article will explain the reasons behind this and how to unlock locked games on PlayStation 4 ( PS4) or how to play locked games on ps4.

How To Unlock Locked Games On PS4
how to unlock ps4 games

What’s the reason my Games Are Locked on PS4?

There are many reasons behind the padlocks found on PS4. The primary reason is that the padlocks are an anti-piracy system. The padlock system was put in place to block players who share their PS4 games with PS4. If you want for you to be able to use the PS4 console, you need an active license.

The sharing games feature can lead to an issue where anyone can log in to another account then download the game and play it for the rest of their lives. Sony intends to stop it by making sure that justice is served to players who bought the game.

A lot of people aren’t aware of this issue with their consoles. In an unplanned moment, you might see an encrypted padlock appear in the lower-right corner. It’s not necessarily a sign that you’re using someone else’s account. It can also be due to a variety of reasons, which we’ll explore in the following portion of the article.

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Methods to unlock locked Games on PS4

Here, I’ve listed some methods by which you can get rid of the padlock on your PS4.

  • Restore Game License
  • Set As Primary PS4

These are a few methods we will take the padlock off your PS4. Keep reading for more information.

1. Restoring License for Game (Unlock Locked Games on PS4)

If you are unable to play games, but the game is running wait for a couple of minutes. Let the PS4 connect with PSN servers to verify that you have a valid license to play the game. If it persists for a long period, follow the steps below to fix the problem.

STEP 1: Initially, sign in to your PSN accounts with which you are facing problems with padlocks.

STEP 2: Go to Settings > Account Administration.

STEP 3: Select “Restore Licenses”.

You now have an official license to use games with PS4. Following the steps, it is possible to download the games onto the PS4 console. PS4 console.

STEP 4: Go to the PS4 library and click on the purchased option.

STEP 5: Select the game, then click the Download button.

STEP 6: When the download has finished the game you installed will show at the top of the console’s screen.

The padlock symbol will disappear and you can play the games you want without hassle.

Method 2: Activate as Primary PS4 (Unlock Locked Games on PS4)

In case the first method you tried hasn’t been successful, you can try this alternative method. I’m hoping you’re familiar with the primary as well as secondary PS4. Primary PS4 the lock will not be displayed because it stores licenses on the device and it is not necessary to restore it continuously.

If you’re using a different PS4 and you are using a secondary PS4, you must have an internet connection to restore PS4 licenses. Any issue with your connectivity while restoring licenses could cause the lock to appear again. Don’t worry. It is easy to fix your issue by following the steps below cautiously.

STEP 1: Navigate to Settingsaccount management.

STEP 2: Choose Active as the primary option and turn it off. Yes, you must disable it first.

STEP 3: Then, you can enable the option, without leaving the window.

STEP 4: Try to play the game that has a padlock.

I hope you have successfully Unlock Locked Games on PS4.

Check to see if your account is Been Banned!!

You should also verify if your PSN account is banned. Since if your account is banned, you aren’t able to connect to PSN. PSN server. If your account is blocked, you won’t be able to renew your account’s license. Verify that your games are running well by logging into your account.

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