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How to TWRP Recovery & Root LG G6 (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

How to TWRP Recovery & Root LG G6: Looking to root your LG G6 and can’t find a website that has all the links, and a complete how-to? Well, you have come to the right place. In this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to LG G6 root. The first step to rooting your LG G6 would be to unlock the bootloader, followed by installing TWRP and then finally rooting using Magisk. We will show you all of these steps as we go on.

TWRP Recovery & Root LG G6
How to TWRP Recovery & Root LG G6

Warning (How to TWRP Recovery & Root LG G6)

We are not responsible for any bricked devices. You are doing this at your own risk.

Pre-Requisites (LG G6 TWRP and Root)

LG G6 with model number H870 (aka European variant)

Unlock the bootloader on your LG G6 if not already unlocked. Hit the link below to find out how to unlock the bootloader on your LG G6.

How to Unlock LG G6 Bootloader

Also, make sure you have enabled USB debugging and OEM unlock. You can find out how to do so in Step 1 of the above link.

Make sure ADB and fastboot are set up on your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux). Hit the link below to know how to set up ADB and fastboot.

How to Setup ADB and Fastboot

Download TWRP for LG G6 from the below link, rename it to recovery.img, and place it in the platform-tools folder.

Download TWRP for LG G6

Credit for recovery – nima0003

Download Magisk and no verity and place the zip files in the internal memory (root) of LG G6.

Download the latest version of Magisk

Download no verity

Make sure your LG G6 is charged 70-80 percent.

How to Install TWRP Recovery LG G6

Here are some instructions, to Install TWRP LG G6 (LG G6 Recovery Mode):

Step 1 – Boot into fastboot mode

Turn off your LG G6, then turn on LG G6 while keeping Volume Up pressed.  Make sure no USB cable is attached as you might boot into download mode.

You can also boot into fastboot mode while the device is on:-

  1. Connect LG G6 to a computer using a USB cable.
  2. Open command prompt (for Windows) or Terminal (for Mac and Linux).
  3. Navigate to the platform-tools folder and issue the below command.


adb reboot bootloader

Mac or Linux

./adb reboot bootloader

Step 2 – Flash TWRP recovery

  1. Open command prompt (for Windows) or Terminal (for Mac and Linux).
  2. Navigate to the platform-tools folder and issue the below command.


fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Mac or Linux

./fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

You just installed TWRP recovery on your LG G6. Now we will boot into TWRP and root LG G6.

How to Root LG G6

Once you have installed TWRP recovery, you need to reboot into TWRP recovery and root your LG G6. Follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Boot into TWRP

Unplug the USB cable, and reboot the device by holding the volume down + power button. As soon as you see the LG logo, let go of the power button and quickly press it down again (do not let go of the volume down button at any point).  Keep holding both buttons till you see the Factory Reset screen.

Use volume buttons to navigate to Yes, and the power button to select. You will need to do this twice and eventually, you will boot into TWRP recovery. Even though you will get a warning of data wipe, if the TWRP recovery install was successful it will not wipe your data.

Step 2 – Root using Magisk

Once in TWRP click on Install, then select Magisk zip file downloaded in pre-requisites, and swipe to confirm flashing zip file.

HTC U11 Root Magisk

Once the Magisk zip file is flashed successfully, repeat the same process to flash no verity zip file downloaded in the pre-requisites section.

Step 3 – Reboot into Android

Click on back, then on Reboot, and then on System and you will boot into Android.

How to Check Root on LG G6

In case you want to check if your LG G6 is rooted or not, download the Root Checker app, open it and click on Verify Root. If you are rooted you will get an appropriate message.


So this article was on How to TWRP Recovery & Root LG G6. I hope you have successfully TWRP Recovery and Root LG G6. If you find this article helpful, do share.

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