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How to See Your Spotify Stats in 2022

In this guide, you will see how to see your Spotify stats. You can view your most recent tracks in the Profile or see year-long trends with Spotify’s personalized playlists. You can also use the website Spotify or third-party apps.

How to See Your Spotify Stats

Spotify: What is it?

Spotify is a digital music and podcast service that allows you to access millions of songs worldwide. You can use essential functions like playing music for free. However, you can upgrade to Spotify Premium.

You can have Premium, regardless of whether you are a member.

  • Recommendations based on your tastes
  • Create music and podcast collections
  • Plus!

Spotify is available on various devices, including phones, tablets, and TVs. You can also use Spotify Connect to switch between them seamlessly.

You can get Spotify on iOS devices but how: [Premium/Free] How to Get Spotify on iPhone without Jailbreaking

How to see your Spotify stats on the Computer

Spotify can track your music over time and give insight into your listening habits, which is among the best Spotify features. This allows you to find your favorite tracks and shows how your tastes have changed.

You can view your Spotify history on Mac and PC using the Spotify app. The web interface gives you more information about your Spotify usage. These steps will allow you to view your top songs and playlists.

1. Tap your user profile’s name in the app’s upper right corner.

how to see your Spotify stats on pc

2. Choose Profile in the drop-down menu.

how to see your Spotify stats on computer

3. Browse your most played songs and playlists. To expand the list, tap See All in any category.

how to see your Spotify stats on mobile

How to see your Spotify stats on Smartphones

The mobile app also has the most current Spotify stats. However, the information is restricted to playlists and frequently played artists.

1. Press the Settings option (Gear icon).

how to see your Spotify stats on mac

 2. Now, find the user icon and choose View Profile.

how to see your Spotify stats on iphone

3. You can search your most played artists as well as your playlists. Select Your Library > select Artists and Albums.

how to see stats of Spotify on PC and mobile

Spotify Stats with the Stats for Spotify Website

You can link your Spotify account to a third-party statistics website to view more information. Stats for Spotify is one of the most used third-party stats websites. Here’s how it runs.

  1. You can visit the Statistics for Spotify site and hit Login With Spotify.
  2. To allow Spotify data to be accessed by the site, select agree.
  3. Choose Top Songs, Top Genres, or TOP Artists to view more details about these categories.

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