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How to see Old notifications on iPhone in just a swipe 2022

If you are using iPhone and want to see Old Notifications on iPhone in Just Swipe. So in this guide, we will discuss the process to see Old Notifications on iPhones.

How to see Old notifications on iPhone in just a swipe
How to see Old notifications on iPhone in just a swipe

How do I see Old notifications on my iPhone?

You should not remove notifications that appear on your iPhone’s screen. They will eventually disappear or be replaced with newer ones. It is easy to recall notifications that you have missed.

  1. Turn on your iPhone’s screen if it is off by tapping on it or pressing the Power or Home buttons depending on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the lock screen of your iPhone to open a list of all notifications. If you don’t see any notifications, Older Notifications will appear.
  3. Depending on how many notifications are pending, you might see them all or some of them may be organized by app.
How to see cleared notifications on iPhone

4. Tap to open the Open menu.

5. To open the connected app, tap Open. To continue, you’ll need to unlock your iPhone with TouchID, Face ID, or your password.

6. Swipe Left to open the Options or Clear/Clear all buttons.

7. To change the notification origin settings, tap Options. The menu can be used to disable notifications or muffle them.

view cleared notification on iPhone

8. To delete notifications from an organized group, tap Clear and Clear all. It will erase all messages from your lock screen and display new ones. However, it will not affect any content within the app. Notification badges displayed on the icon of the app will not be affected.

9. To delete all notifications, tap X (next Notification Center), and then tap Clear ALL Notifications. This will delete all existing messages from the lock screen of your iPhone, just like Clear All.

How to see Old notifications on iPhone

10. Swipe down to view notifications even if your phone isn’t on the lock screen. This will display the lock screen of your iPhone, but it won’t lock your phone.

11. Any available notifications will be displayed on the (unlocked) lock screen. These notifications will be organized by app.

12. In the absence of new notifications, the screen will show Older Notifications.

 see cleared notifications on iPhone

13. Any notifications you receive can be accessed in the same manner as above.

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How do I see deleted notifications?

Once you have deleted notifications, it is impossible to see them again. You can’t retrieve a notification that you have deleted, cleared, or opened by clearing it from your iPhone’s lock screen. However, if the notifications are not deleted but instead cannot be seen when your iPhone is turned on, you can view them using the same steps as before.

FAQ – How to See Old Notifications on iPhone?

How can I disable notifications on my iPhone?

To turn off notifications, open the Settings app and tap Notifications and turn Off. 

 Why can’t I receive text notifications on my iPhone?

You may not be receiving notifications about text messages on your iPhone if you open Settings and tap Notifications. Scroll down to Messages and toggle Allow Notifications on (green).

How can I enable Instagram notifications on my iPhone?

Settings will enable Instagram notifications. Tap Notifications, then tap Instagram.

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