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How to See Facebook Followers on Web/Mobile

This article will explain how to view your Facebook followers both on the web and on the mobile app. If you don’t have any followers, we’ll show you how you can check your settings.

how to see facebook followers on mobile and web
how to see facebook followers on mobile and web

About Facebook Followers

You automatically follow someone who becomes friends with you when you make friends on Facebook. You’ll also follow them.

If you don’t reply to, ignore or delete a friend request from Facebook, they will automatically follow you. You can unfollow a person on Facebook.

You can allow others to follow you and your friends and pending friends. Let’s look at how you can see who follows you and adjust your settings so that public followers are allowed.

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How to see your Facebook followers on the web

You can check who follows you on Facebook in just a few clicks if you are using Facebook online. Sign in to

  1.  Access the Home tab at the top.
  2. Go to the profile from the left.
  3. Select Friends from the drop-down menu below your profile photo.
  4. Select Followers from the Friends section.

How to See Your Facebook Followers in the Mobile App

You can check your Facebook followers on android and iPhone.

Method One on Mobile

follow these steps to see followers on Facebook:

1. Choose the Menu tab.

2. Tap on Profile at the top.

3. In the profile, fin Followed by as you can see middle image.

how to see followers on facebook

Now you can see your followers on Facebook.

How can I see who is Following Me on Facebook?

If you don’t find any followers following the steps above, it could be that you don’t have any followers on Facebook.

In addition, your Facebook follower privacy settings might are not set correctly to public. You can check and alter it via the web and mobile apps.

Check Follower settings on the Web

1. On, Click on the My Profile icon on the right-hand side and then choose Settings and Privacy.

2. Select the settings.

3. On the left-hand side of the next screen, select the Privacy option >> Public Posts.

4. On the right side, you can check your settings in the Who can Follow Me section. If you have it changed as Friends, You can alter it into public if you’d like to allow anyone to be able to follow you.

how to see facebook followers on mobile and website

View Follower Settings within the Mobile App

1. On Facebook’s mobile app, click the Menu tab.

2. Expand Settings and Privacy and select the Settings.

3. Navigate to the Audience and Visibility section and select Followers and public content.

On Android, go to Profile Settings >> Private Posts.

4. If you are in the Who can Follow Me area on the top, verify whether you’ve got Public or Friends marked. If you would like someone to have the ability to follow you, select the Public.

So this is how you can see your Facebook followers and remove them. I hope this guide was helpful. If you get any problems, you can feel free to comment.

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