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How To Root Galaxy S8 and S8+ (Exynos Only)

How To Root Galaxy S8 and S8+: In this small tutorial we are going to tell you how to root Galaxy S8 and S8+. This is a very short and simple tutorial. Please also install the TWRP using this Method Click Here.

This will void your warranty, and we are not responsible for any bricked devices. If you follow the guide word by word you will be able to root Galaxy S8 easily.

Below are the model numbers on which this process is applicable, to find the model number of your device go to Settings> About device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 (galaxy s8 exynos root)


Samsung Galaxy S8+ (root galaxy s8 exynos)


Pre-Requisites (root s8 exynos)

Download the latest Magisk zip file and place it in the root of Galaxy S8 or S8+.
Make sure you already have TWRP recovery installed on your Galaxy S8. If you do not have TWRP recovery installed on your Galaxy S8 or S8+ hit the link below.

How To Install Galaxy S8 TWRP Recovery

How To Root Galaxy S8 and S8+ (Exynos Only)

Boot into TWRP

Power off your device. Press and hold the Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons at the same time. Keep the three keys pressed until you get into TWRP Recovery.

Install Magisk (How To Root Galaxy s8+)

Go to the “Install” menu on TWRP and select the Magisk zip downloaded in the pre-requisites section. Once complete go to the “Reboot” menu and Press “System” to reboot.
That’s it peeps, you now have root on your Galaxy S8 or S8+.

How to check root on Galaxy S8 or S8+

In case you want to check if your Galaxy S8 or S8+ is rooted or not, download the Root Checker app, open it and click on Verify Root. If you are rooted you will get an appropriate message.

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