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How to Root Android Phone without PC in 2022

If you want to root Android Device. Then you are in the right place. Here you will know the process to Root an Android phone in easy steps. But before you root an android phone, let me tell you what rooting an android phone is, its advantages, and its disadvantages. So first, know these things, then we will root the android smartphone. Without wasting your time, let’s start.

How to Root Android Phone without PC
How to Root Android Phone without PC

What is Rooting Android Phone?

Rooting means unlocking a set of permissions on your android that an average user cannot access through his unrooted phone. When you root the phone, it can perform specific tasks, like installing custom ROMs, improving your phone’s performance, prolonging the battery’s lifespan, removing the notifications bar, and so on.

It’s just like connecting to the root directory of the phone. The phone can be rooted with either a computer or without. Specific devices require a computer to root, but others don’t need the use of a computer.

Benefits of Root Android Phone

Rooting on an Android device can provide you with several modifications, along with a variety of options that include:

1. Flash Custom Roms

The ability to root an Android device. It is among the most efficient options for installing the Custom ROM for your device. When you do this, you can explore and gain access to the latest Android versions, even before they’re released to your device.

2. More CPU Clocking

Rooting an Android device will allow us to enhance the performance of our CPU. This can increase the battery backup.

3. Improved Battery Backup and Speed

The process of rooting an Android phone could open many possibilities to customize your phone. You’ll be able to disable background apps and increase the power backup of your battery.

4. Special Apps Installation Compatibility

There is a myriad of great apps on the web that require a rooted device to install. The rooting process will allow you to install this super software on your phone.

5. Ads Blocking

Advertising is one of the significant issues that we encounter when we browse online. Rooting your device can allow you to stop these advertisements.

6. Regular Backups

A device with a root operating system allows you to make an all-encompassing backup of all the data on your Android phone.

Advantages of Root an Android Device

There are a few disadvantages to rooting, too. Before deciding to root on the Android device, you need to be aware of these things. Let’s take a look at these negatives:

1. Rooting Voids Warranty

Most Android devices come with a warranty which lets the user claim compensation if the device gets damaged. However, rooting your device could end your warranty, and you’ll no longer be able to take advantage of any warranty.

2. Security Limits

Rooted devices are like an open gate to hackers, and you’ll need to be highly vigilant when making payments online as hackers could gain access to your bank account details.

3. The risk of a device becoming Dead

Rooting could turn your device into a useless one and stop working after rooting.

4. Malware and viruses Malware

Many top applications contain dangerous malware and viruses that can harm your device. In some instances, the data of your device could be taken.

Things to Consider Before Rooting Your Device

  • Make sure how to unlock your bootloader.
  • Make sure you backup your device’s information before rooting it.
  • Make sure you enable the USB Debugging feature on your Android Phone.
  • This device needs to be fully charged before you can root it.
  • This is only for educational purposes. We aren’t responsible if you got any damage.

The benefits of using Rooting applications to root your device

  • It is unnecessary to have a laptop or PC to root Your Phone.
  • One-click rooting Apps are entirely risk-free.
  • There is less chance of our devices being locked and then unlocked.
  • There’s no need to pay a cent to gain root access to the device you own. Android devise.
  • Reduced risk of losing data.
  • It lets you root virtually all Android versions.
  • The fastest and easy method of rooting an Android device is to root via root apps.

Here is the complete list of Best Root Apps for Android Devices.

How to Root Android Phone Without A Computer?

A few one-click apps can be used to unlock the Android smartphone without needing computers. These include:

1. Baidu Root (Best App for Root Android Phone)

Baidu is a well-known software for rooting Android smartphones without the requirement of a computer. It is compatible with over 6000 Android models and is compatible with anything that’s above Android 2. It is among the most trustworthy Android Rooting APKs.

It was developed and developed by Baidu Inc, a Chinese company. Because Baidu isn’t available on the Google Play Store, it is necessary to download Baidu Root APK from other sources. It is essential to ensure that you’ve turned on the installation of apps downloaded from unknown sources. Follow the following steps:

To Android 8.8 and Up:

  •  Go to Settings on Your Android Phone.  
  • Hit Security and Privacy and then click More Settings.
  • Select install apps from external sources and then click on the browser application you’re using to install the APK.
  • Switch to turn “Allow Application Installs” on to complete the installation process.

For Samsung devices:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Click on Biometrics and Security and follow the link to install any unknown app.
  • Select the web browser that you’re installing APKs. APKs from the available options.
  • To continue the process, toggle allows app installation

Now it’s time to root your android phone.

For rooting Android without a PC, use Baidu Root:

  • The device must be fully charged a minimum of 50 percent.
  • Make sure you have a fast and robust internet connection. Wifi is a more excellent choice than mobile data.
  • Install the Baidu Root App on an android phone.
  • Open the Baidu Root app and accept the terms and conditions that appear on the screen.
  • Choose the Get root button in the middle. You can then allow the process of rooting to begin.
  • When the process is completed, You will receive a notification. Now you can restart your device to begin making the most of it.

2. KingRoot (Top Root App to Root Android Phone)

KingRoot is yet another popular Android rooting application that runs swiftly and with no hiccups. It was developed by the KingRoot studs and has been in use for quite a while. KingRoot has been designed to work with all known Android models and is highly rated by users.

KingRoot is compatible with any Android device running 2.2 and up. It’s free too and operates with just a single click. Be sure to have a good internet connection. You’ll have to contend with irritating advertisements occasionally. However, it gets the task accomplished.

Root Android phone without a computer, with King Root:

  • Install the KingRoot APK. You need to grant permission to install applications from unknown sources.
  • Start the KingRoot application. You will get information about how your smartphone’s root is being handled.
  • You can click Try to Root at the bottom of your next screen.
  • This will initiate this process of rooting. The progress will be seeable on the screen.
  • After that, you’ll get a Green tick to mark the end of the procedure. It will indicate you’ve successfully rooted your Android device was successfully rooted.

After rebooting the phone, it will be granted root access, and you can make any changes you want to your newly-rooted device.

3. FramaRoot

FramaRoot App is an easy-to-use APK you can root Android devices, with a low possibility of damaging your device.

FramaRoot APK is compatible with a wide range of the most popular Android models and has an inbuilt root feature similar to the older methods, which means it’s straightforward to use. FramaRoot is free and lets you gain root access with only a few taps.

For rooting Android without a PC, using FramaRoot

  • Install FramaRoot.
  • Start your root APK, then install SuperSu.
  • Two options could use. You can either go with Aragorn as well as Boromir.
  • The rooting process will take a while to be completed. You will get an announcement on your screen indicating the rooting success of your phone.

Now you can reboot your device and begin working as a rooted phone.

4. One-Click Root

The one-Click root is another trusted rooting app that can be operated without a computer. It’s simple and has easy instructions to install the source on your gadget.

One Click Root comes with one of the most reflexive user interfaces available and includes live chat support to communicate with the support team should you encounter any issues.

Other characteristics that make it an excellent rooting choice include the ability to root nearly every Android phone, the simplicity of use, so even beginners can hack it at no fee, and that you don’t require an operating system to run it.

To root android phone without a PC, use One Click Root.

  • Install One Click Root and then enable permissions for installing apps for an unknown source.
  • Start your root APK and select the Root Device option.
  • Some ads ask for you to install different applications. Go to the next section after skipping them.
  • Click on “Scan now” to inspect if your phone is rooted or not. Give the process enough time to finish this test.
  • If it is resolved that your device can be rooted If it is, tap the root button and allow the process to begin. Once done, the device will reboot, and you’ll have full permission to root your phone.

5. KingoRoot

Please don’t mix it up to be mistaken for KingRoot. Kingo Root is another popular application for rooting. Kingo Root is lightweight, user-friendly, and can get the job done in just a couple of taps, similar to the other methods.

A few advantages that come with the use of Kingo Root include a speedy rooting process, the alternative to using the PC in case it fails with support for most Android versions, models with a meager chance of damaging the device, and the ease of usage.

6. iROOT App (Root Android Phone)

IROOT App has an interface that is comfortable to navigate. It also comes with numerous options that will ensure a successful rooting of phones without damage.

A team developed IROOT in China, and the application is Chinese; however, the procedure is still relatively easy. It works alongside HTC, Samsung, Google, Sony, and a large number of other branded models.

7. CF AutoRoot (Root Your Android Phone in a Few Clicks)

The CF Auto root is more unique than the others we’ve looked at in the past. It unlocks your bootloader. This can be a bit risky if you’ve encrypted your device. The CF AutoRoot utility will erase your files if the bootloader isn’t locked.

You can also unlock the bootloader on your Android device before using this tool or create a backup of everything to safeguard yourself. It would help if you considered that not all phones allow owners to unlock their bootloaders. In the case of Nexus, HTC, or Motorola, It’s safe.

8. RootMaster (Root Android Phone)

RootMaster is a different quick rooting program that completes the job in just a few minutes without needing a computer. It is compatible with a wide range of Android models and is used for rooting Android devices that run Cupcake 1.5 up to Lollipop. It allows you to root the eldest Android devices.

Rootmaster is an app that can be downloaded in one click and comes with a pleasant user interface. It’s an excellent choice for any beginner who hasn’t rooted the device.

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