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How to Reset Chromebook – A Quick Powerwash for Speed

In this guide, We will tell you how to Reset Chromebook.

Chromebooks offer a variety of features that increase productivity and assist with accessibility. My favorite feature is the ease and speed of a factory reset. It may seem odd, but it is a quick and easy way to ensure your Chromebook runs smoothly. The feature is called Powerwash by Google and takes less than a minute. 

This feature is also what makes Chromebooks great for sharing. Before you pass it on, verify the Chromebook’s AutoUpdate Expiration date. You only need to Powerwash your Chromebook so that someone else can use it. They won’t have access to your data.

You can still install an insecure extension or web app on Chromebooks, even though they are intrinsically secure. The problem can usually be fixed by uninstalling the app or extension causing it. If that fails, a reset will do the trick. You may also experience other strange behavior.

It’s easy to perform a Powerwash. Below are the steps. Although I have included instructions on navigating menus to locate most settings, it is generally faster to use the Launcher search feature to find what you are looking for quickly. You can open the Launcher by clicking on the radial button to the left of the shelf at your screen’s bottom, swiping two fingers from the frame, or pressing the Search key.

How to Reset Chromebook - how to powerwash chromebook

Use the Chrome browser to start a powerwash (Reset)

You can restore your Chromebook to the factory default state.

Note: Do not enter account credentials after the Powerwash is completed if you plan to hand your Chromebook over. If you do not want your account to be re-added to the device after it is completed, this is something you should avoid.

1. Start the Chrome browser.

2. The menu button represents three vertically aligned dots in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Note: Chrome can also be accessed through the Chromebook Taskbar menu in the lower right-hand corner.

4. Chrome’s Settings interface will now be visible. Scroll down to the bottom, and click Advanced.

How to Reset Chromebook - A Quick Powerwash for Speed

5. Chrome’s Advanced Settings are available. Scroll down until you find the Reset Settings section. Choose the Powerwash option.

How to Reset Chromebook

6. The Settings interface should be displayed by a dialog called Restart your device. Hit the Restart.

How to powerwash Chromebook

7. The Powerwash process will be completed, and your Chromebook will be restarted. Sign in using your Google Account credentials. Follow the prompts on the screen to set up your newly restored Chromebook.

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How to reset Chromebook from the Login Screen

You don’t have to use Chrome’s Settings interface to initiate the Powerwash process. Instead, you can reset Chromebook using the login screen.

  • Before you log in to Chrome OS, make sure to use the following keyboard shortcuts. Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R
  • The window with the title Reset this Chrome Device will open. To begin, click Restart.
  • The Chromebook will then be restarted. A new version of the login screen should appear after you return to the login screen. Hit Powerwash.
  • Before you start the Powerwash process, please make sure to check the updated firmware. This will give your device better protection.
  • Now, the Confirm Powerwash dialog should appear. Click Continue.
  • After completing the sign-in process, you can follow the prompts on the screen to set up your newly restored Chromebook.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you Powerwash Chromebooks without entering a password?

You can reset your Chromebook’s password from the login screen without logging in. Hold Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R, and then click Restart > Powerwash > Continue.

2. How can you do a hard reset with a Chromebook?

Turn off your Chromebook. Continue pressing and holding Refresh while tapping Power to restart the Chromebook. To complete the hard reset.

3. How do you Powerwash manage Chromebooks?

You must ask permission to Powerwash Chromebooks that schools or other organizations manage. Chromebooks that are school-owned or owned by businesses will typically be able to reconnect to Wi-Fi after being powerwashed.

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