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[Free] How to Play Youtube in Background on Android and iOS

Play Youtube in Background on Android and iOS: Youtube is a popular video platform where you can enjoy videos of various categories, including movies, TV shows, comedy, technical videos, tutorials, gaming, news, kids, and more. Youtube Gives you a background playback option in premium and youtube music.

But here, you will find the process to Play youtube in the background for free. We have tried and made this guide it is short and straightforward.

how to play youtube in background on android or iOS
How to Play Youtube in background on iPhone or android

Use Desktop Version To Play Youtube in Background

A simple way to allow YouTube to play in the background using the YouTube desktop version. Here’s how to do it.

1. Launch Chrome, and type to search the mobile version of YouTube.

Note: Typing m in front of the YouTube URL,, ensures you will stay within the browser to access YouTube. It’s essential to remain within the browser and not switch to YouTube’s app.


2. Find the video you’d like to watch. After you’ve found the video, click three vertical dots on your screen. Three vertical dots are in the screen’s upper-right to choose the desktop mode.

3. After the website refreshes, hit the start button to play the video. Switch between apps, or put the screen in silent mode. The video will end.

4. Scroll down until you reach your controls, where you can find the video under the settings. Hit to play.

How to Play Youtube in Background on Android and iOS

5. Switch off your screen, switch to a different app, or switch to another, and YouTube can continue playing.

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Use Brave Browser to Play Youtube in Background on Android and iOS

Brave Browser is a fast and secure web browser. The brave browser offers you to play youtube in background on android. Also, you can watch youtube without ads.

Download Brave Browser on Android or iOS:

Note: You can follow the given steps for both android and iOS

Before using youtube on the brave browser, you have to enable a background setting that allows you to watch youtube in the background. Here is how to do it:

1. Click on the Three dots in the bottom-right corner.

how to play youtube in background

2. Now, click on the Settings option.

how to play youtube in background 1

3. Scroll down under the General section. You can see an option called Background Video Playback. Could you enable it?

how to play youtube in background 2

4. It will ask you to relaunch. Restart the app.

5. Now, you can open youtube and search for videos you want to play. You can minimize the brave browser, open any app, or turn off the screen of your android device. You can notice youtube is playing music or video that you selected.

If you want to watch youtube without ads. here is How to Download YouTube Vanced iOS APK

Make use of an alternative browser on iOS Devices.

Although PiP isn’t accessible for streaming on YouTube to iOS devices that do not have a subscription. You can still stream YouTube videos as background for the iPhone or tablet using an alternative browser like Dolphin or Opera.

1. Install Opera on iOS and Dolphin to iOS.

2. After downloading, you can open the browser. Type into the search bar.

3. Find the video you’d like to watch on YouTube using the browser.

Note: You must remain within the mobile version of YouTube in the browser and don’t click any YouTube link that takes users to the YouTube application installed on the device.

4. Watch the video. When the video begins, you can switch to another application or turn your screen into sleep mode. The video will end.

5. Click to open the music player, then verify whether it shows the video’s title. Appearss there.Sometimes iOS will default its media player for the music library within your music player instead of the video. If this happens, return to your YouTube video using Opera or Dolphin, and then press play again to clear the music player so that the default is to YouTube.

6. After the video title appears on the screen, click play to watch the video.

How to Play Youtube in Background on Android and iOS

7. You can put your phone back in sleeping mode or change applications to play video, and it continues to stream.

So this is how you can watch youtube videos in background on Android or iPhone. I hope you have found this guide helpful. Please share with your friends.

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