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How to Play Snake on Facebook Messenger (Android & iOS)

Ever felt nostalgic and felt like playing the legendary Snake game? You spent hours on your Nokia phone trying to beat your friend’s score. Well, you can still play the legendary Snake game, not as good as the original but pretty close, all you need is Facebook Messenger installed on your Android or iOS device. Let’s get to it and tell you how to play Snake on Facebook Messenger (Android & iOS).

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How to Play Snake on Facebook Messenger (Android & iOS)


You must have Facebook Messenger installed. In case you do not, hit the links below.

Facebook Messenger for Android

Facebook Messenger for iOS

Android and IOS Downloadable link is given above please download before furthure steps.

Step 1

Once You downloaded your Facebook Messenger app open it, and Login with your Facebook credentials.

Step 2

Click on the search bar on top.

Step 3

Type in Snake, and click on the Play button.

Step 4

You are all set. Enjoy.