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How to Make Private Snapchat Story 2022

How to Make Private Snapchat Story: Snapchat stories can be a fantastic way of showing your friends a short glimpse of the day. But what happens if you wish to share your story only with a few friends? This can be done by creating Private Stories. In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps you must follow to create Snapchat Stories that are private. Snapchat Stories. We will teach you how to configure Snapchat’s Private Story feature and make Snaps to your friends’ friends who are close on Snapchat.

How to Make Private Snapchat Story 2022
Private story on snapchat

Snapchat Story Vs Private Snapchat Story

Before we move on to the steps required to create a Private Story, it is crucial to know the distinction between Private Stories and regular Snapchat Stories. As the name suggests, Private Stories are intended to be watched by your friends or anyone else you want to view in contrast to regular Stories that are shared with all your contacts. can see your Stories as a default.

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Additionally, Private Stories on Snapchat will feature an icon of a lock in the lower right corner of the purple rings as well, while regular Stories will only have the purple ring surrounding it. In addition to these basic differences, these two features are identical when it comes to the way they function behind the scenes.

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How to Create Private Snapchat Story

Here are some steps to make private story on snapchat:

1. Start Snapchat and then tap on your profile icon located in the top-left edge of your screen. On the page for your profile that appears, press the “+ Private Story” button just to the left side of the “My Stories” section.

my story

2. Select the contacts you’d want to include in Your Private Story group and tap the “Create Story” button. Then, you will have to choose the name for your Story. Choose the name you would like to use and then tap “Save” to start with your brand new Private Story.

create story button

3. After you’ve created and named the details of your Private Story, you will be able to add Snaps to it in”My Story” in the “My Stories” section. Click on “Add to “ to add Snaps to your private Story.

add to

4. After clicking on the photo or video, click “Send” to include it in your private Story. You can view Your Private Stories later from your profile page, as seen in the following image:


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How do I delete a private Snapchat Story?

1. To remove the Snap from your private Story Tap on the Snap you want to delete in the middle of your screen and the 3 dot icon located in the upper-right edge of your screen.

2. Then, tap “Delete” from the pop-up menu. You can confirm the action by pressing “Delete” once more in the prompt which appears on the screen.

3. If you’re no longer keen on posting your Private Story, you can decide to remove the post. This is how you can do it: Tap the horizontal three-dots menu beside the name of your Private Story, and choose “Delete Story” from the menu.

4. After the prompt for confirmation appears when the confirmation prompt appears, press “Delete” to erase your private Story. According to the company that you cannot post to a Private Story after you delete it unless you make an entirely new Private Story again. In addition, any Snaps you have already posted will be deleted when you execute this step.

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