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How to Install iOS 14/15 Emojis on Android

Install iOS emojis on Android: Google and Apple will almost certainly release new emojis for each Android and iOS version. The evidence was clear as both companies announced their unique versions of Android 11 and iOS 14 in 2020.

Over 100 brand new Emojis were included in Android 11 and iOS 14 after a decision was made to add them from the Unicode Consortium. The latter decides which characters to be included in the Unicode standard to ensure consistency.

To give you a heads-up for a quick overview, the more than 100 emoji changes include new gender variants that include Groom, Bride, Feeding Baby Transgender flag, and LGBTQ icons.

The new standard includes bubble tea, tamale, other fresh drinks, food items, some brand new animals, etc.

As expected, there will be some variations between the ways Google and Apple render Emojis for Android or iOS devices, as well as specific options that can be customized, such as facial masks.

While many iOS users are already taking advantage of the new Emojis, most Android users are still in the dark due to the reality that the Android 11 update isn’t yet available for users.

The situation is expected to change following the upgrade to Android 12 because Google is said to be looking at decoupling Emojis and fonts from the system updates.

On the bright side, there’s a way to transfer some of the best iOS 14 emojis to your Android device, even with no root permission.

As with all unofficial methods, you can expect to run into some issues at times; however, overall, you’ll have the chance to use the brand new iOS 14 emojis that you can use on any Android device.

How to Install iOS 14/15 Emojis on Android

How do I download iOS 14 emojis on Android?

Several publications state that Android users can use iOS 14 emojis on their devices without root. The claim is said to be done through third-party applications, but, in reality, you won’t get anything like the original.

The only method proven to work for getting iOS 14 emojis on an Android device is to root the device before beginning a journey with the well-known Magisk.

How to Get iOS 14 & iOS 15 Emojis on Android(No Root)

Follow these steps to unlock iOS 14 and 15 Emojis on Android devices.

  1. Download and install “zFont3 – Emoji & Custom Font Changer” from the Google Play Store

Developer: Unknown

Price: Free

  1. Start the app and grant the permissions.
  2. Then scroll to the bottom, and under Emoji, select iOS Emojis.
  3. Click on Download
  1. Once you have downloaded the file, click Apply
  2. If your device is compatible with Changing Emojis’, you’ll be able to select different options for applying the iOS Emojis on your Android device.
  3. Follow the steps, and you’re ready to start.

You can also download Green Apple Keyboard.

How to get iOS 14 & iOS 15 Emojis for Android by using Magisk(Rooting method)

The apps mentioned above are working fine, but they aren’t without their limitations, as not all iOS Emojis are compatible with Android devices. For instance, to access iOS 14 and 15 Emojis to Android, you can try this Root method.

If you don’t know how to root your device read this article: How to Root Android Phone

  1. Check that your device is root. 
  2. Download the most up-to-date Magisk Manager
  3. Get this iOS Emoji Magisk module from this URL.
  4. Now you can open Magisk Manager and go to the Module section.
  5. Choose “Install from Storage” and choose the file you downloaded iOS Emoji file.
  6. Flash the module and Reboot

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