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How to: Huawei P20 Bootloader Unlock (P20/P20 Pro/P20 Lite)

Huawei P20 Bootloader Unlock: Huawei just launched the Huawei P20, Huawei P20 Pro, and Huawei P20 Lite a few days back. If you have already got your hands on one of these devices and want to unlock the bootloader, you have come to the right place. In this post, we are going to outline the process of Huawei P20 bootloader unlocks. Please note, the process is the same for Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei P20 Lite.

Huawei P20 Bootloader Unlock

How To : Huawei P20 Bootloader Unlock

(P20/P20 Pro/P20 Lite)


We are not responsible for any bricked devices. You are doing this at your own risk.

Unlocking the bootloader will wipe your data so make sure you backup your data.


Make sure your Huawei P20 is charged 70-80 percent.

Step 1 – Enable USB debugging and OEM Unlock

Make sure your device is connected to the internet.

On your Huawei P20, go to Settings -> About Phone or Settings -> System -> About Phone and tap on build number 7-8 times. You will see a message “You are now a developer”. At this point head back to Settings and you will see an option called Developer Options.

Once in developer options, enable USB Debugging and OEM unlock.

Step 2 – Setup ADB & Fastboot

Setup ADB and fastboot on your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) by following the steps listed in the link below.

How to Setup ADB and Fastboot

Step 3 – Get bootloader unlock code from Huawei

Click the link below and sign in to your Huawei account. You may need to create one if you do not already have an account.

Huawei Bootloader Unlock

Once logged in click on Unlock, and Accept the terms and conditions.

Once the next page below information:-

Select since EMUI 5.0

On your phone, go to Settings -> About Phone and enter the serial number in the field. If you do not see About Phone under Settings, then it might be under Settings -> System.

On your phone, go to the dialer and enter code *#06# and IMEI should pop up. Enter the IMEI in the IMEI number field.

On your phone, go to the dialer and enter code *#*#1357946#*#* and the product id will show up. Enter product id in the product id field.

Enter the verification code from the image in the corresponding field and click on Commit. You will get a message saying your unlocking password is 123456789. We are using 123456789 as an example, each device has its unique code. You need to note down this code. Also, remember the code is case-sensitive.

honor view 10 bootloader unlock 1

Step 4 – Boot Huawei P20 into fastboot mode

Boot Huawei P20 into fastboot aka bootloader mode.

  1. Make sure Huawei P20 is turned on and connect to computer using usb cable.
  2. Open command prompt (for Windows) or Terminal (for Mac and Linux).
  3. Navigate to platform-tools folder and issue below command.


adb reboot bootloader

Mac or Linux

./adb reboot bootloader

Step 5 – Huawei P20 lite Bootloader Unlock

If you want to Huawei p20 live unlock bootloader, Once in fastboot mode make sure Huawei P20 is connected to a computer using a USB cable. Open command prompt (for Windows) or Terminal (for Mac and Linux). Navigate to the platform-tools folder.

Enter the below command to check if the device was connected successfully.


fastboot devices

Mac or Linux
./fastboot devices

You will see your device’s serial number show up if the device was connected successfully. If not then something is wrong with drivers.

Next, enter the below command to unlock the bootloader.


fastboot oem unlock unlockpassword

The unlock password will be the password obtained in Step 3. For our example, the complete command will be

fastboot oem unlock 123456789

Mac or Linux

./fastboot oem unlock 123456789

You will see a warning message about Unlock Bootloader Huawei P20 lite, use Volume buttons to navigate to Yes (highlighted in red), and Power button to select Yes.

Your device will now reboot, wipe all data and then boot into Android.

That’s it, folks! Huawei P20 Bootloader Unlock is successful. I hope you have gotten it, If you get Huawei P20 Bootloader Unlock successfully with the help of this guide, please do share.

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