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How to Hack WhatsApp – 6 Ways to hack WhatsApp

How to Hack WhatsApp Without Encryption Code: Sometimes you want to read Whatsapp chats of your friends or relatives. But don’t know how to see WhatsApp chats of your friends or How to hack WhatsApp. Don’t worry I will be here to tell you how to hack WhatsApp online Accounts or Chats.

How to Hack WhatsApp - Access Chats, Videos, Photos in 2 Minutes

How to hack WhatsApp

1. Hack WhatsApp by syncing the device via the QR code.

The main WhatsApp vulnerability is that the web version of the service is referred to as WhatsApp Web. To access the victim’s account, all you would like to try to do accurately configure WhatsApp analog within the browser and, further, use the gained data for your purpose. this hacking method may be a requirement of physical access to the target smartphone.

WhatsApp QR Code Scan

To hack WhatsApp, follow steps:

1. Decide, how do you want to read chats from your PC or smartphone.

2. If you would like to access the messages from your desktop, simply open the online version of the website and enable the “keep me logged in” option.

3. If you would like to look at WhatsApp chats on your smartphone: install a specific app on your smartphone enabling you to launch the online version. Visit the Play Market, search the WhatsWeb and install it.

4. Now, Access the target device.

5. Once you access the victim’s smartphone, navigate to WhatsApp > Menu > WhatsApp Web. Open the QR code on your device and scan it from the victim’s device.

Now you can read chats because the victim’s WhatsApp hacked.

If you don’t want to be hacked, or If your device has breached, then click on the given link to know: How to Remove Hackers From Android Phone – New Tricks and Code in 2021

2. Spy on WhatsApp by exporting a Chats to your email.

If you want to know how to hack WhatsApp chats through email Id then follow this method.

This method is also like the first method, you have to access the victim’s device.

To WhatsApp hack online, follow the given steps:

1. Run WhatsApp on the victim’s device and open the chat you would like to read.

2. You’ll find the Menu in the upper right corner of the chat. Navigate to More > Export chat.

3. If you want to access also pictures, videos, and voice in chat, click on chat with media. otherwise, click on Without media.

4. Click on Gmail, enter your Email ID, and click on Export.

3. Hack WhatsApp with POCWAPP

PullOutCorrWhatsApp (short form- POCWAPP or POC WhatsApp) was developed by Chinese hacker liuhong01. with this app you can hack WhatsApp, this app is paid and you can find it on DarkNet.

POCWAPP identifies the Victim’s phone number and finds the ID in the server, bypassing the phone and cloud storage. It analyzes the chat history with all media files but not voice calls.

App uploads the chats on its server. now you can access the chats.

Try these Ways to keep Safe your parents: 3 Ways A Hacking App for Android Can Keep Your Elderly Parents Safe

4. Monitor the target’s WhatsApp chats with WSP 3.0 – WhatsApp Scan Pro

If you have a question, can we hack WhatsApp without victim mobile?

Hacking WhatsApp remotely without access to the device is also possible with WhatsApp Scan Pro. The WSP builder creates a file virus hidden in a photo with a link. It’s desirable to use the target’s photo so that they get interested and open the file.

Whatsapp Scan Pro lets you hack a victim’s device without physical access. It creates a virus hidden in a photo with a link. When the victim clicks on Photo, WSP blocks the go-back system in the background and receives the QR code. Once you scan the QR code, you easily can see the chats.

5. How to hack WhatsApp with Bluetooth

Thanks to the BlueMesCrack 2.0 you can easily access the other WhatsApp while you’re near the victim’s device (5-50 meters). the pricing is $300-400 per year but the app is worth it. If you have a question that, how to hack WhatsApp location, it will solve it.

It hacks WhatsApp in 5 steps: Detection, Scanning, Vulnerability testing, Hacking, and data transmission.

6. Spy App for WhatsApp (WhatsApp hack app)

You can install Spy App to hack WhatsApp. it is an easy method to hack others’ chats because Spy App is available for Android and iOS. You can access others’ messages, videos, photos, voices.


So How did you like this article, “How to hack WhatsApp“. I hope this was very helpful to you. These all method works for hack others’ WhatsApp. Hence you can access Chats with media. You can try these methods for study purposes and only with friends with permission. because Hacking is illegal, so don’t hack other’s devices otherwise you can get legal punishment.

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