Fix: LG IMS Has Stopped Error on T-Mobile

Many people use LG phones. And If you are getting errors like LG IMS Has Stopped or LG IMS Keeps Stopping on T-Mobile. You are in the right place to fix this problem. Here you will find the process to fix it with ease.

Fix: LG IMS Has Stopped Error on T-Mobile

LG phone owners on T-Mobile’s cellular line have been affected by an unusual software glitch that triggers a pop-up message on their phones every second, rendering the phone inaccessible. The statement reads “LG IMS keeps stopping” or “LG IMS has stopped,” which affects thousands of LG phone owners with older models of the G and V series and recent models, like LG Velvet.

The complaints of users popping up on Twitter and Reddit suggest that rebooting or resetting a damaged phone will not resolve the issue. Removing the SIM can provide a temporary solution; however, re-plugging it is a new error message displayed in the loop. Customers who contacted T-Mobile and LG’s customer support handle on Twitter were informed that both firms were aware of this issue. They promised that an update regarding the situation would be released “later tonight.”

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For those who don’t know, IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is the fundamental technology that allows services like voice communications via an IP network. In certain situations, the IMS service is faulty and displays an error message that reads “IMS services has stopped” on phones. Setting the phone in airplane mode may prevent pop-ups from appearing in some situations, but this isn’t a solution for the long term. To date, it’s unclear if LG or T-Mobile has come up with solutions to the stuck issue.

What does the “LG IMS has stopped’ message mean?

how to fix LG IMS Has Stopped Error on T-Mobile
LG IMS Keeps Stopping 2022 How to fix

As reported via the T-Mo report via Reddit, the issue affects a range of LG phones on T-Mobile. This “LG IMS has stopped” message started appearing over the weekend for many people and continued to pop up even after people had dismissed the notification. This rendered LG phones that are on T-Mobile ineffective. Resetting or restarting the phone didn’t solve the issue, either.

If you’re not sure, IMS is a framework designed to efficiently connect phone calls and SMS messages through data networks, which allows you to make calls and send text messages using LTE or 5G. The networking function is essential for your phone to function as a phone and is among the crucial architectural components for modern phone services—android phones. In LG’s instance, there was a problem with the installation of IMS services for T-Mobile. The issue is not confined to this particular carrier’s network.

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How to Fix LG IMS has Stopped Error Message

If you want to fix this error, then follow this short process:

1. Turn ON your LG smart Phone. And Go to the Settings.

Now, Open the Apps option.

how to fix LG IMS Has Stopped Error on T-Mobile

2. Tap on the App Info.

How to solve LG IMS Has Stopped Error on T-Mobile

3. When you tap on the App info, you can see three vertical dots on the top-right side of the screen. Click on it.

Choose Show System.

lg ims keeps stopping 2022 how to fix

4. Scroll down, find the option Com.lge.ims.rcsprovider, and click on it.

lg ims keeps stopping how to fix

5. Now, click on the Storage below of com.lge.ims.rcsprovider.

unfortunately t-mobile has stopped

6. Now, Clear Cache and Clear Data.

how to fix lg error

7. Then Force Stop.

com.lge.ims.rcsprovider force stop

Warning: It’s possible to find your LG phone will continue showing you an error message even though it’s in flight mode; therefore, be ready to respond quickly. You must complete all the steps of step 5 at once and not have to ignore the error message as you go along it. If you receive an error message during the process, then repeat step 5.

After doing this, you have to restart your LG device.

After restarting, you will find the error has gone.

I hope this guide was helpful. Please do share with your friends who own LG phones, and getting LG IMS has Stopped issue.

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