How to Create a Free Blog and Earn Money in 2022

How to Create a Free Blog and Earn Money: Hello Folks, Meet with me on this Blog. I will explain how to create your Website for money without having to pay anything, which is a FREE Website. Most people in India want to generate passive income from blogging and some of them generate very well from it.

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Create a Free Blog
how to make a blog for free and earn money

Along with the times, the internet has become commonplace among people because, with the internet,  you can search for what you want, communicate, listen to music or watch videos, and many other advanced features. But, you can also provide whatever information you want.

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However, to provide this information you need a container to contain it, that is what is called a Website that can store unlimited things. To have a website, you have to subscribe to a website that requires you to subscribe per month.

But, now several sites provide free Website creation for you. The free website is called a blog.

How to Create a Free Blog and Earn Money

You can make free blog and earn money, but

Collection of the Best Free Blog Service Provider Sites.


Here are the top 10 Free Platform For Blogging

Easy Ways to Make a Free Blog Quickly in Under 10 Minutes on Blogger which is also known as Blogspot. Creating a Blog is relatively easy and can be made even with time under 10 minutes. This is one of the great advantages of BlogSpot over other free Blog service providers, so I will explain how to create it at BlogSpot only. BlogSpot is also the best free Blog service provider at the moment.

Well, to make a blog, I suggest you use a Personal Computer (PC) to make it easier and faster to make it.

Steps to Follow-
1.  First of all, you visit the site address, which is Blogger after that, click on Create Your Blog 

how to create a blog for free on google and earn money

You must enter your email address in the field, I suggest you use If so, press next. Then you will be taken to the next page to enter your email password. And if it’s already entered, press next.

2.  After logging in with your Gmail account, then you already have a Blogger account to create your blog using your Gmail that you entered when you signed up, then you will be taken to a page like:

The display is a page to arrange everything about your blog, the Blog Dashboard. Because my friend still doesn’t have a blog, create a new blog by pressing the New Blog button located on the top left of the screen, I have given the arrow and blue box.

3.  Then you will be asked to write the title and URL address of the blog that you will make. Please write the title and address of your blog in the fields provided as shown below:

create free blog and earn money

How to Create a Free Blog, Blogger, Blogspot, Easy, Fast

The blog title should be related to the article that will be created, and for the address, it must also be related because it will help Seo blog your friend in the future. When writing a blog address, the Blog Movements looks for the availability of the address, if a red exclamation point appears on the right, then the sign the friend you wrote is not available or has been used, try writing a different address until the red exclamation point turns into a blue checklist.

And before continuing,  you must choose the template/appearance of your blog first. Please just choose an available template, because my friend can replace it later both with other Blogger templates and download the template.

Tip: The title and URL address of the blog must be related to the content, content, and articles. Use a Visitor Friendly template, which is convenient for visitors, do not use complicated templates that are full of animations, other than not Visitor Friendly, also damages the view and will slow down the loading of the blog. Other template tips will be published in a future article.

After you write the title, address, and specify your blog template, if so, please click the Create Blog!

4.  Congratulations! S Drug has successfully passed a step towards the great potential to become an Internet Marketer. And the following is the dashboard display.

how to create a blog for free and make money

However, you still have to go through the next more difficult step. By creating a new blog like the way above, your blog still cannot appear in the Search Engine Index. “Then, how to make my Blog appear on Search Engines? “. If you are in a hurry to make your blog seen by people and perched on the Search Engine, then that is a big mistake, it’s not time for you to do that. Why? Because everything requires a process, at this stage, you should do some of the following before going further.

1.  Configure all the blog settings according to taste in the available Settings menu.
2.   Maximize the description of your blog in the settings menu too.
3.   Adjust the layout of the blog friend.
4.  Add important widgets, such as Blog Archives, About Me, Most Popular Articles, etc. However, don’t add too many widgets, this will have a bad effect on blog loading speed friend.
5.  Try writing several articles if all settings settings are set correctly. make a free blog and earn money make a free blog and earn money

By following the 5 simple steps above, can create a blog buddy to be neat and well impressed. I am sure after you read this Tutorial “How to Create a Free Blog and Make Money” to Making a Free Blog, you have realized that it is easy to create a blog. Good luck with your Blog.

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