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How to Charge Apple Pencil (All Generation) – Check Battery Status 2022

Charge Apple Pencil: This guide will explain how to charge the 1st and 2nd-generation Apple Pencils. It also explains what to do if your Apple Pencil stops charging and how to check the time of charging and the status of the battery. Each model is different as the second-generation Apple Pencil supports Wireless Charging while the first-generation model does not.

how to charge apple pencil

How to Charge First-Generation Apple Pencil

Charging an Apple Pencil from the first generation is not an easy task. Compatible with all iPads with a Lightning port and a physical Home button, the first-generation Apple Pencil works with all iPads.

how to charge apple pencil of first generation
How to charge apple pencil of first generaton

Looking at the first-generation circular accessory, you can find the correct Apple Pencil.

You can pair it and charge it in the same way. Remove the cap of the Apple Pencil. The Lightning connector is now visible at the Apple Pencil’s end.

Insert this connector into the Lightning port at iPad bottom. The Apple Pencil will begin charging.

The Apple Pencil should be plugged in. A full charge takes around 15-30 minutes. In last, we will discuss how to check battery percentages.

The Lightning adapter, which came with your Apple Pencil, can be used if you don’t want to charge Apple Pencil via your iPad.

The adapter can be connected to your Apple Pencil. Next, connect the adapter with a Lightning cable to charge the stylus.

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How to Charge Apple Pencil of Second Generation

Apple made it easier to charge the second-generation Pencil. These iPads are flat with no Home buttons.

how to charge apple pencil of second generation
how to charge apple pencil of second generation

Magnetically, the second-generation Apple Pencil snaps onto the iPad’s side. The pencil has a flat edge and a button that can be programmed. Your Apple Pencil can be paired and charged.

When your iPad is set up in landscape mode, place your Apple Pencil on the top of your iPad. A banner will indicate that your accessory has been charged.

This is how to store and transport your Apple Pencil. It will almost always remain charged.

Attach the pencil to your iPad, and you will be notified when the battery of your Apple Pencil is low.

Apple Pencil Charge Time

The second-generation pen has many improvements. Apple Pencil charging time is one of them.

To fully charge the 1st Generation, it takes approximately 30 minutes. The charging of the second-gen Apple Pencil takes about 15 minutes.

You don’t need to charge Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil battery can be charged for approximately 2 hours by charging it for just 1 minute. You could finish your tasks in 5 minutes.

How to see Apple Pencil Battery percentage

Apple automatically adds a Battery widget to the Today View screen when you use a Pencil on your iPad. To bring up “Today View,” swipe left to right from your iPad’s Home screen. Here, swipe up for the “Batteries” widget.

Here you can see the battery level of an Apple Pencil connected.

Add the widget to your Home screen if you don’t see the Battery’s device. To enter Jiggle mode, tap and hold an empty area of your Home screen.

Tap the “+” button at the top-left corner.

Choose the “Batteries” option from the widgets popup menu.

The widget is available in three sizes. If you wish to see the battery percentage, select the Small or Large size and click the “Add Widget.”

The widget will be added at the end of the Today View. It can be moved to any place you like on the screen. To save the widget layout, swipe up from the Home bar.

The battery percentage of your Apple Pencil can be viewed at any time.

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