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How to Archive Amazon Orders and Find Archived Orders

If you have a question like how to archive amazon orders history or how to hide orders on amazon. Then you are in the right place. Because here, we will discuss the procedure to archive amazon orders and how to see archived orders.

The purchase is recorded in your account’s history when you make an order through Amazon. This makes it easy to look up previous orders and order items you’ve previously purchased. While you aren’t able to erase your order history, however, you can archive your order history. Archiving orders conceals orders from the past, but they’re associated with your account.

If you’ve archived one or more of your orders, it’s beneficial to know how to look up these orders should you need to order any item from them. But, Amazon can make it quite challenging to find archives of orders.

It’s pretty straightforward; you must follow a few steps to locate these. Let’s look at how you can access your archive of Amazon orders.

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How to Archive Amazon Orders and Find Archived Orders
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What are Archived Orders?

The orders that have been archived are those you don’t want to be seen in the account of your Amazon account. Orders on Amazon aren’t automatically archived, so you must transfer them manually. Moving your order is straightforward.

If you’ve purchased an unintentional gift for someone who utilizes the Amazon Account, you can archive the purchase to conceal it. If you’re running your own business and want to delete the orders you’ve already recorded the data for, there’s a solution for you.

Suppose you’ve bought something you prefer not to let anyone else know about. Use this method to cover information. Deleting any search histories on Amazon is essential to protect your personal information.

Archiving orders on Amazon doesn’t erase the information; It simply shifts them to the backup folder. Archiving doesn’t last forever. There is the option of moving orders into and out of the archive folder whenever you’d like.

How to Archive Amazon Orders on PC

It isn’t possible to archive orders on amazon using your Amazon mobile app. You can make archive orders through Amazon’s website.

1. Visit and Log in through your Amazon account.

2. Shift the cursor to the Account and Lists tab.

archive amazon orders
how to delete amazon order history

3. Then click on Your Order.

how to archive amazon orders
hide amazon order

4. Now, find the order you wish to archive. Then, click “Archive Order” in the lower-left corner of your order.

how to delete amazon order history

5. A prompt will open, and click Archive order again.

hide amazon order

The confirmation text will be displayed at the top.

How to Find Archived Orders on Amazon

After you’ve archived the orders, you’ll be able to view them on both the mobile and desktop versions of the site.

On a computer:

1. Visit and log in using your Amazon account.

2. Shift the mouse cursor to the Account and Lists tab on the top right.

how to find archived orders on amazon

3. Click Your Orders.

how to hide orders on amazon app

4. Now, open the X order Placed in tab and go to the Archived orders.

how to view archived orders on amazon

Note: X is the number of orders.

You’ll also have the option to delete your orders from the archived orders page. 

In the mobile app:

You aren’t able to archive orders using the mobile app. You can, however, see orders that have been archived.

Here’s how:

1. Start Amazon’s app and sign in with your account. 

2. Tap the three-line icon from the bottom-right side.

delete amazon order history
how to hide orders on amazon app

3. Select Orders from the lower side.

can you hide orders on amazon

4. Select the filter option from the top right, and then choose Archived Orders.

Last Words

So Folks, Here we have discussed how to archive amazon orders and find archived orders. I hope this guide was helpful. If you are getting any problems, you can feel free to comment.

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