How to Refresh Old Blog Posts for SEO

Re-use blog Post

How Can Your Repurpose Your Blog Post? You’ll likely already know the importance of having a blog post on your website. It will help to establish your branding, and the old post is having more Page Authority than newly published blog content. But while it’s all helpful, it can be a little frustrating to spend time in Repurpose Your Blog Post, but I swear it worth it. Instead, look at making it work a little harder, which you can do by repurposing the blog posts into other forms of content. We take a look at a few methods on how to do it below. 

How Can Your Repurpose Your Blog Post

How to Refresh Old Blog Posts for SEO  ?

SEO of Old Post

Use Different Format

Take your old content which you have posted before, and change all the format of the content add images, videos, podcast. by doing this there will be no negative impact on your SEO and your website ranking will be improve.

Modify Old Content

Refreshing old content or we can also say the updating the old content is the biggest role in SEO. You a an old content in your website which was ranking in google on no 1, but after time to time it’s getting lower ranking. It’s the time to update the old content and add some more information into it. You can add new images, Extra and updated content, infographic extra recover the ranking.


Your blog post will be on your website, and you should be advertising the blog on your Facebook and Twitter channels, but you can also pick out some of the more interesting aspects and use them as standalone posts. If there’s an interesting fact buried in your post, then dig it out, and use it to create a social media conversation. It’s also worth considering the mediums that work best on social media. Infographics, for example, are terrific. They are easily scannable (great for scrolling viewers) and are frequently shared. Look at taking the data from the blog and putting it into infographic form. 


A lot of companies shy away from making videos, but they shouldn’t. For starters, it’s a lot easier than many people realize, and second, it’s insanely popular. Somewhere in the region of 80% of internet traffic will be due to video streaming by 2021, which shows you at least one thing: people love video. Of course, you’ll have to dress up your blog post a little (you can’t just read it out), but if you can find an engaging way to present the information, you’ll find that you can reach a whole new audience. 


One issue with blog posts is that they have to be short. People just don’t have the patience to sit through a blog that is several thousand words long. So while you might end up with a near-perfect, 500-word blog post, there will likely have been some things that you had to leave out. In this case, take a look ad podcasting, which is easier than you might think: the best podcast hosting platforms make it easy to upload and manage your podcast. They’ll allow you to go into more detail, and also attract those people who prefer to listen rather than read. 


Once you’re no longer getting any hits on your blog posts, you can look at offering them to other websites. It can’t be the exact same thing, but the content can stay the same. Offer them as a guest blog that’ll include a link to your website, and you’ll reach an entirely new audience.


Finally, once you’ve got a bunch of blog posts, you can look at packaging them together and releasing an ebook free on your website. You can also use snippets in your email newsletters, too. 

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