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Hacker Trolled Mark Zuckerberg on The Harvard Crimson

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was at his alma mater (Harvard University) yesterday to give a commencement speech and also receive an honorary degree. This, twelve years after dropping out to continue working on Facebook. Things however did not go as expected as a hacker trolled Mark Zuckerberg on the Harvard Crimson.

Hacker Trolled Mark Zuckerberg

The Harvard Crimson is Harvard’s student newspaper, and a hacker somehow got access to the website. Hours before Mark Zuckerberg’s speech the website was defaced and had photoshopped images of Mark Zuckerberg and weird headlines.

A headline read,

BREAKING: Mork Zinkletink Zonks all over the Internet!

and the content was even more funny

The day is here for Mink Zuckerzuck to go speeching for the Harvard! Every year we beg him to come PLEASE but only now will he come here to this place, here now, he is here to prove that he is stronger president material than Joel BidenBoy. Nice Try Joe Man, but you can’t Zonk the Zucker-Duck. This guy can Zoink anything.

Another headline read,

OP-ED: How Come Everyone Talks About How I Stole Facebook But Nobody Talks About How I Murdered Eduardo Saverin

The website has since been fixed, but you can see the hacked version here.