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Google Pixel 2 Torryka TPU Case Review

Google Pixel 2 Torryka TPU Case Review

Are you looking for a cheap case for your Google Pixel 2? A case which is well worth the price and you can have it in 2 days (as long as you have Amazon Prime)? Well, then you have come to the right place. Today we are doing Google Pixel 2 Torryka TPU Case Review, so let’s get down to it.


Google Pixel 2 Torryka TPU Case Review

Google Pixel 2 Torryka TPU Case Review

Torryka TPU case is a pretty simple case, and you get what you pay for. No soft cloth on the inside, and looks like they misspelled Pixel PIXIE 2. At the bottom we have the cutout for usb type c port, and the mic. These cutouts line up pretty good. The volume rockers, and power button are covered but the buttons still feel clicky. On top we have the cutout for the noise canceling mic, which lines up as well.

The back has a leather texture finish which does make it easy to grip the phone, and it’s not a fingerprint magnet at all. The fingerprint scanner looks centered within the cutout. Next we have the cutouts for the camera, the flash and the laser auto focus. The camera cutout has a  has a lip around the camera module in shiny black, but it’s very subtle and blends with the matte finish around the cutout. The camera and flash are not perfectly centered in their cutouts, but at least they are not obstructed. Not sure, why they have the auto focus ultimate experience text when they have no branding of their own anywhere on the case.

Coming to the front, we have a little lip to prevent those scratches if you place your phone screen down on a table. The front is where I have the most complaints, the lip i think should have had some more wrap around the edges. You can see the chrome on all sides. The good part here is that, the visibility of chrome is consistent on all sides and I am not sure it was intentional.

Do i recommend this case? Heck yes, I do ..for the $5 I spent on this case I am more than happy. Yes, I could have got this case for less from China but I would have had to wait for a month. With Amazon Prime I got it in 2 days, so it’s well worth the investment.

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