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Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers : Episode 6

Last updated on August 21st, 2017 at 08:52 am EST

Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers : Episode 6

Games of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 will air on August 20th 2017 in the United States, however Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 spoilers are already out. If you are like one of my friends who doesn’t like spoilers please do not read further as we have Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers ahead. #winteriscoming #prepareforwinter


We are not the original source of the spoilers. These are available freely on the internet. We have just compiled them into one place from various sources. These could be real leaks or just fan theories.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers

Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers : Episode 6

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers : Episode 6


North of the Wall

Jon Snow, The Hound, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros, Tormund Giantsbane, Jorah, Gendry are North of the Wall, White Walker hunting. Ser Davos stays at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea as he not much of a fighter.

Jon offers to return Long claw back to Jorah since it’s his house’s sword but Jorah turns him down saying his father gave it to Jon for a reason.

no you keep it I’m not worthy of carrying this sword, my father gave it to you for a reason

I brought shame to my house.

it will serve you well.

Tormund and The Hound have a conversation about Brienne, The Hound is amazed as to how much Tormund admires and likes Brienne. Hound tells Tormund to


Brienne of Fucking Tarth

Jon Snow and Beric talk about how both of them were brought back from death by the Lord of Light, and what their purpose might be in the upcoming war. Beric says Lord of Light wants Jon Snow alive.

But we all die.

The enemy always wins, but we still need to fight it.

They keep going North, trying to follow The Hound’s vision and finally they see the mountain shaped like an arrowhead. A large blizzard starts and they hear a weird growl, when one of the soldiers is attacked and killed by a White Walker Polar Bear.

They then make a circle and get ready for the incoming hoard which doesn’t come.

The Polar bear then attacks Thoros who has a flaming sword, they have a fight and give each other some cuts and bruises. They all kill the beast but Thoros is badly wounded and Beric has to cauterize his wounds with his flaming sword to try to save his life.

Jorah wants to take Thoros to Eastwatch, but Thoros refuses.

I just got bit by a dead bear.

They realize that White Walkers must be near so decide to keep going on. They run into a group of White Walkers and Jon has a battles with a White Walker  The others try to capture another White Walker and finally manage to capture one. This is when the White Walker army attacks them.

They know it’s best for them to run, so they decide to split and raise their chances of survival. Jon Snow asks Gendry to go back to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea and send a raven to Daenerys and tell her what has happened.

After being split up for a wile, the group comes together in the middle of a frozen lake and all the movement and fighting eventually breaks up parts of the ice and they are stuck in the middle of the lake on a large piece of ice.  The White Walkers have to wait for the night so the lake can freeze again and they can attack again.

Gendry is running towards Eastwatch by the Sea while all this is happening. It’s also too late for Thoros who dies. Beric knows that there is no one left to resurrect him if he dies again. Beric burns Thoros with his burning sword, so that he does not come back as a White Walker.


Dany is worried about Jon Snow and Sr Jorah, but more so about Jon Snow.

Even this Jon Snow

He’s too little for me. #rofl she really said that

If all goes well I will finally get to meet your sister.

Aegon got a long way with fear.

You have been known to loose your temper.

Perhaps the father needed to die, and not the son.

Tyrion is surprised to see this (love is in the air :P). This sis when Dany gets the raven and decides to go help Jon Snow and his group. Tyrion tells Dany not to go because if she dies, all will be lost. She ignores him, jumps onto Drogon and flies away. After receiving the letter Daenerys gets worried and leaves to find them. Viserion and Rhaegal follow her.

North of the Wall

The lake freezes again, and the White Walker army attacks the group. Things do not look good for them, and Tormund kicks some serious ass. This is when we hear the dragon roars of Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal. Dany has come to save the day but she must first she has to find a good landing spot, so that she doesn’t break the ice which would cause everyone to drown.

Everyone starts getting on Drogon, and  Rhaegal as Viserion provides aerial coverage with Fire. Jon Snow stays back fighting the Army of the Dead on his own to let the others board the dragons. The Night King does not like Jons attitude and throws a ice spear at Viserion. The spear hits Viserion in the neck, and he crashes into the ice, breaking it and sinking under the water.


Jon tries get on top of Drogon but falls when Drogon takes off and sinks under the lake as well. Dany and others (along with the captured White Walker) leave the scene. While Dany and the rest are flying, the Night King throws a spear at Drogon too but misses. This causes Jorah to fall off the dragon, but he is saved and pulled back up.

Jon Snows swims back to the surface, bruised, battered and surrounded by the Night King’s Army.  Jon Snow is almost killed but Benjen “Coldhands” Stark comes to his rescue. Uncle Benji sends Jon Snow off on his horse and continues to fight the White Walkers. Jon Snow watches Uncle Benji surrounded by White Walkers as he rides away on the horse.



Sansa and Arya talk about arrows, and Arya hitting the bulls eye. Arya shows Sansa the letter, and reads it out to her. Sansa doesnt want her to read it, but she does. Sansa says she was forced. Arya doesn’t buy it. They have an argument. Arya says Sansa is all about being fancy, and saw her father die. Arya says she didn’t betray her family for Joffery. Sansa says Arya should thank her for standing in Winterfell. It was she who won the Battle of Bastards.

Sansa asks where she found the letter. She says Cersei would be happy to see them fighting.

Sansa and Arya have an argument about the letter Arya found. Sansa tells Arya that is something she had to do to survive.

LittleFinger tries to tell Sansa that Jon Snow has abandoned them and that he doesn’t care about the North any more. Sansa gets pissed at him and tells him that Jon is the King of the North, and that he should stop trying to create a misunderstanding between Jon and her.

Sansa gets a raven from Kings Landing, to join a meeting requested by Jon and Dany. Sansa tells Brienne that she needs to go to the dragon pit to represent her since she’s the lady of Winterfell. Brienne doesn’t want to go as she swore an oath to protect her and that she might get killed in King’s Landing. She doesn’t want to leave Sansa with Littlefinger around. Sansa gets rude with her and tells her she is not a child any more, and she aint going to KL as long as Cersei is King. Sansa tells Brienne to leave as KL is far. Brienne wants to leave Podrick with her, but Sansa refuses.

Sansa also wonders what Arya has been doing the whole time she’s been gone, since all Arya has done since she arrived is question he. Sansa does some sneaking around and finds all the faces Arya owns and poison.

Arya tells Sansa about her game of faces in Bravos, also threatens her that she can kill her and take her face and be Lady Sansa. She walks with a dagger towards Sansa, and then flips the dagger so that Sansa can hold it and leaves.

Last Scene

Dany and the survivors are back to Eastwatch and Dany is traumatized and heartbroken for the loss of her child (Viserion).

Dany is standing on top the wall, and Jorah tells her it’s time to go. They hear horns, and see a lonely horse on the ground. It’s Jon Snow, he’s badly injured. Jon Snow arrives at Eastwatch badly wounded and is loaded onto a ship heading towards Kings Landing along with Dany and others. The Hound is entrusted with taking the Wight to the dragon pits. In the ship Dany goes to check up on Jon Snow, and tells him how she lost a son. Jon sees how hurt she is, and tries to console her which is when Dany tells him

“He was like a son to me, it’s like they have taken my son from me”

Dany then tells Jon that she wants to destroy the Night King, and Jon says he’s ready to bend the knee if she fights the Night King with him. He calls her Dany, and she is a bit surprised as no one has called her Dany since he brother. Jon Snow then says that he would bend the knee right then but he is not physically fit to do so at that very moment.

We are going to destroy this Night King and his Army. We are going to do it together. You have my word.

You should get some rest

The Night King orders Viserion to be pulled up from the lake, the Wights pull him out of the lake with chains. The Night King walks towards the dead dragon, places his hand on his head and brings Viserion back to life, and we see his eyes open and they are blue.

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