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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Leak (Scripts)

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Leak (Scripts) – GOT S07E07 Leak

The Dragon and The Wolf

Game of Thrones Season 7 will come to an end this coming Sunday. It has been plagued with leaks, and today we bring to you Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 leak scripts courtesy of Mr Smith via /r/freefolk. Do note these leaked scripts are from 2016, so a lot might have changed since then.

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Leak (Scripts) –

GOT S07E07 Leak

Also Read : Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Spoilers

The Dragon and The Wolf


The Lannister armies are deployed in force around and on the City walls.
Bronn finishes overseeing their placement from the 0 battlements. He looks out upon several thousand Unsullied troops, commanded by Grey Worm, arrayed in perfect formation a few hundred yards away.

He moves along the battlements to join Jaime. When it comes to siege preparations, Bronn prefers being on the offensive side of things. Jaime hopes it won’t come to an actual siege, for all their sakes.
Together, they watch from the walls as the Dothraki horde breaks the horizon and converges upon the City, 10,000 screamers strong. The Dothraki pour through the gaps in the Unsullied formations; their passage does not cause a single Unsullied flinch. The Dothraki present their customary show of strength before the city walls, a cyclone of horse and steel and screaming warriors, swirling before the immobile Unsullied. Bronn decides he really doesn’t want a siege, either.


Dany’s flagship sails into Blackwater Bay with her fleet.

Dany is not on her flagship, but her allies are: Jon, Tyrion, Jorah, Varys, Davos, Theon, Missandei. Under oar power, they approach the flagship Silence, resting at the head of Euron Greyjoy’s fleet. Euron has cordoned off the mouth of the Blackwater using a heavy, thick chain. Dany’s ships cannot pass unless Euron lets them.
Theon looks nervously at his uncle’s fleet. He wonders out loud when Dany is coming. Jorah promises him she’ll be there. She said she’d be here, and Dany does what she says.

Jon and Tyrion watch the approaching city. One is a returning exile. The other has never been to the capital in his life.
Or any large city, for that matter. How many people live here? Tyrion tells him a million, give or take. Jon tries to get his head around the notion of a million people in one place, and why anyone would want to live that way. “The food,” Tyrion offers. “And the brothels. Both far superior. But I doubt we’ll be here for long enough to taste much of the former, and I would guess you’re not interested in tasting the latter. So your experience of the capital will largely be limited to my family. By the time we’re done, you’ll be very happy to get back to the White Walkers.”


In a corridor below decks, the Hound approaches a closed door. He stands in front of it and listens to the silence.
He taps on the door once, quietly. A barrage of thumping and snarling explodes from behind the door. Satisfied that their precious cargo is undead and well, the Hound walks away.


The Hound reemerges on deck, joining the others. Dany’s flagship stops as it approaches Silence. Euron steps onto the deck of his ship, and looks at them for a tense moment. Then he gives word to his captain, who relays it to the rest of the fleet. The chain drops, allowing Dany’s ship to pass through.
As they pass, the ships come within spitting distance of each other. Euron’s polite “right this way” gesture gives Jon and company pause. The special smile Euron gives Theon reminds Theon what it feels like to want to cut out someone’s throat.


Cersei prepares for the Summit with Qyburn. Ser Gregor stands at the door in mute vigilance. The sun is nearing its peak, the appointed time has almost arrived. Has anyone seen the silver-haired bitch yet? No, Qyburn tells her. Not yet. But Jon Snow, Cersei’s Own treasonous little brother, all of Dany’s trusted allies and advisors, they’re all on their way to the dragon pit. They discuss the scenario of Mutually Assured Destruction. If Cersei were to harm Dany or her advisors in any way, her dragons can lay waste to all of them. And once they’re all in the dragon pit, if Dany tries to inflict Death from Above, Ser Gregor has his Orders: he will immediately execute the Dragon Queen’s entire command structure, beginning with Dany herself.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Leak (Scripts) –

GOT S07E07 Leak

Qyburn is duty—bound to point out that a third, outlier
option remains for the Dragon Queen: do not go to the dragon pit at all. Fly in with her dragons and kill everyone inside the dragon pit, allies and enemies alike. Lay waste to King’s Landing. Leave Dany the Only power left in the game. It can be an effective move. See episode 610. മ
But Cersei is confident this will not happen. Dany is the Breaker of Chains, the Queen of Meereen who liberated Slavers Bay. She may rule three huge beasts, and hordes of foreign savages and eunuchs — but she is a slave to the titles she has bestowed upon herself, and the legend they perpetuate. Without them, she is nothing but an invader. And faced with invaders, people always fall back on the rulers they know. People don’t remember those rulers were invaders themselves, not so long ago. Because people are sheep with tiny sheep

With the Mountain and the Queens guard in tow, Cersei and Qyburn head off to the dragon pit.


Atop Rhaenys’s Hill, the Dragonpit sits, a once-magnificent structure built to house once-magnificent beasts. It is no longer magnificent. Its dome has entirely collapsed, leaving the pit itself open to the air. Look upon my works ye mighty. Its bronze main doors with dragon reliefs look like they were designed by a giant Ghiberti. They have been sealed for hundreds of years. Now Lannister troops are opening them again, for Tyrion, Jon and company, who approach on the main road. Dany is still not here. The Hound brings up the rear of the procession, walking alongside a covered wagon.
BrOnn at the door.


On the way through the covered, back stage colonnade area to the main floor, Bronn and Tyrion speak. They made this happen. Maybe it’ll even work. Bronn sincerely hopes so : “By my reckoning, between you and your brother, I’m Owed a castle and wife for every day of the week. Don’t think I’m likely to collect if you two murder each other.” Tyrion asks if Cersei is here; she is. Bronn asks after Dany; she’s coming. Bronn recounts seeing Dany on the Kingsroad. Quite a woman. Almost turned Jaime into charcoal. Tyrion tries to tell Bronn that Dany is the best chance they have to make the next hundred years different from the last hundred. Bronn is surprised to find Tyrion buying into her cult of personality. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

“She was nice to look at, though, from what I could make out while she was roasting us alive. Have any luck with her?”
says. “I know what you like.” Bronn looks Over his shoulder at Jon Snow. “Handsome brooder. Dragon Queen fucking him yet No? Bet she will be soon. He’s what they go for. Him and your brother. Not us. We’re never the one they go for. We’re the other one.” 4 ) .
Tyrion’s expression protests. “Don’t pretend with me,” ?
It’s sure shitty to be the other one. Bronn catches sight of Jorah. Tyrion tells Bronn who he is, reminding him that Jorah started out informing on Dany for Robert. “And now he’s just like you. Soon she’ll have a whole string of you, following her around like baby ducks.”


They emerge into the center of the Dragonpit: a burnt-out ruin of what used to be an architectural marvel, dragon bones still scattered around the edges along with a few human bones. Cersei has not made any fancy preparations. Just the appropriate number of chairs, grouped according to allegiances, arrayed in a Circle in the Center of the pit.
Cersei is already waiting, sitting with Jaime, Oyburn, Euron and the Mountain, and the entirety of her Queens guard. Jon and Davos find their way to their own space. A semicircle of chairs awaits Dany’s loyalists, but Dany herself is still nowhere to be seen. When Cersei realizes this, she is not happy. She does not like to wait. She did not come here to speak to underlings.
Queen Cersei is preparing to leave when Queen Daenerys arrives on Drogon, with Rhaegal in tow. The crumbled edge of the pit crumbles further where the dragon sets down. Dany climbs down his wing and makes her way toward the main floor. Drogon takes to the air again to join his brother, the two of them rising in gyres to the sky overhead, always remaining in
Most are cowed by the sight of these beasts, including Dany’s allies. Not Cersei. All she displays is disdain for the theatricality of the gesture. As Dany takes her seat opposite Cersei in the circle, Bronn gives Tyrion a parting piece of advice: “You’re better off not wanting a girl like that. A girl like that is not manageable . ”
“Shall we begin?” Cersei says. “Some of us have been here for some time.”
On Dany’s prompting, Tyrion is about to begin, but before he can make it to the center of the circle to kick things off, Euron stands up: “I’ll start.” He calls out Theon publicly. He has Theon’s sister, and he threatens to kill Yara if Theon
doesn’t submit to him here and now. Tyrion looks to Jaime: who the fuck is this guy? He can tell from Jaime’s expression that Jaime is not a fan.

“I think we ought to begin with larger concerns, ” Tyrion
Says. ”Then why are you talking?” Euron says. ,
Euron makes a casual threat to Tyrion. Jaime, nominally on Euron’s side, takes Controlled but angry exception to Euron’s tone. From the edge of the room, Bronn inches closer to the circle, ready to kill the Ironborn if he has to.
Cersei shuts them all up.
Tyrion picks up the reins of the meeting again. As this recent display has shown, this is a group of people who do not like each other. They have suffered tragedies at each others’ hands. They have lost people at each others’ hands. If all each party wanted was more of the same, there would be no need for this summit. They’re more than capable of waging war against each other without meeting face to face.
“So instead, we’re going to settle our differences once and for all, and live together in harmony for the rest of our days, ” Cersei says.
Jon takes the floor. “We all know that will never happen,” he says. “This isn’t about that. This is about what’s coming, for all of us. A general you can’t talk to and can’t reason with. An army you can’t kill, because they’re already dead. And when they fight men, they don’t leave corpses on the battlefield. Lord Tyrion tells me a million people live in this city. They’re about to become a million more soldiers in the Army of the Dead.”
“For most of them, I imagine it would be an improvement,” says Cersei.
“I’ve seen them. This is serious. I wouldn’t be here speaking to you if it weren’t.”
“I don’t think it’s serious at all,” says Cersei. “I think it’s a joke. If my brother has informed me correctly, you’re asking me to send the Lannister armies all the way north? (to Dany) How convenient that would be for you: if I went on a big grumpkin hunt, and left the Capital, my capital, unprotected. All on the word of a would-be usurper.”


Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Leak (Scripts) –

GOT S07E07 Leak

The use of that word nearly sets Dany off, but Tyrion stays her hand. Clearly, the time for talking has ended. He signals for the Hound to be brought into the dragonpit.
The Hound steps into their midst hauling a squirming sack over his shoulder. He sees his brother behind the Queen, clocks him for a silent moment. Unlatching the sack, the Hound rolls the captive Wight onto the ground. Its arms have been bound behind its back. He removes the sack from the wight’s head, revealing its skeletal visage. The wight sees Cersei first and makes a beeline for her. Feeling no undead camaraderie with the creature whatever, the Mountain steps in front of her and draws his sword, ready to slice the thing in two – but the Hound has it on a collar and chain, and he pulls it to the ground with a sharp yankThe wight comes for the Hound. The Hound hits it in the face, hard enough to smash a living man’s face to pieces. And he smashes the wight’s face to pieces as well — but the wight comes back for him again.
The Hound draws his sword and cuts the wight neatly in half, right through the waist. Its legs continue kicking. Its torso keeps coming for the Hound, crawling over the ground, shattered teeth gnashing.
The Hound chops an arm off. The arm keeps flexing and grasping. He chops the hand off the arm. Same thing happens.
The demonstration has the desired effect on Cersei, shaking her in a way few things can. Everyone else who has never seen One of these things is shocked as well – except for Qyburn, who picks up the still-moving hand and beholds it with fascination.
“We can destroy them by burning them,” Jon says, and uses a torch to burn the disembodied pieces of the wight, including the hand he takes from Qyburn.
“And we can destroy them with dragonglass. ” He draws a dragonglass dagger. “If we don’t win this fight, that” — he points to the Wight’s torso as it crawls toward him with its single arm – “is the fate of every person in the world.” When
the wight torso reaches him, he stabs it with the dragonglass, ending the demonstration.

Cersei and Jaime start asking real questions. How many of them are there? They’ve seen White Walkers as well? Jon and Dany answer. Tyrion seems hopeful as Cersei weighs what she hears. Finally, amazingly, Cersei agrees with them. We can feel Jon’s relief as a version of the speech Jon has been giving for a long time comes from Cersei’s own lips: this threat trumps every other threat in the world.

They need to deal with it, or all their struggles and sufferings have been for nothing. The Lannisters will fight in the Great War, on the side of men.
There’s just one thing she’ll need in return: when all this is over, she wants the King in the North to pledge his neutrality in whatever comes afterwards. He will never take up arms against the Lannisters. He will not choose sides. She doesn’t ask this of Daenerys – she knows Dany would never promise her this, and Cersei wouldn’t trust her if she did. But she asks it of Jon. Jon is Ned Stark’s son, and she knows Ned Stark’s son is true to his word. 4
Jon looks to the people whose opinions he values most: Davos. Tyrion. Dany.
He is true to his word, he tells her, or he tries to be. And that’s why he has to tell Cersei and all the rest of them that he cannot serve two queens. He has already pledged himself to Queen Daenerys of the House Targaryen.
His admission shocks everyone present. It shocks Dany that he would jeopardize the Great War to tell the truth and she gets that look on her face that we haven’t seen since Drogo told her he was going to sail to Westeros and kill the men in their iron suits. And it shocks everyone else because they had no idea Jon had bent the knee in the first place. Cersei stands. There is nothing left for them to discuss. She has no interest in aiding Jon and Dany so they can collaborate in her own destruction afterwards. The dead will come for the North first. Let Jon and his beloved Queen deal with them. Cersei leaves the Dragonpit with her coterie. Jaime is conflicted, but he goes with her, after giving Tyrion a parting look that says, “Do something about this.” Jon now has to deal with his allies’ reactions to his admission. Davos tries to maintain his calm, but he is dutybound to tell Jon as his Hand of the King that it would have been tremendously helpful if Jon had told him he wasn’t actually a king anymore. Jorah and Theon get it, each for their own reasons. A part of Dany really wishes Jon hadn’t gone public that way. And a part of her is glad he did. Loyalty has always turned her on. Tyrion takes no issue with Jon bending the knee to Dany. It’s what he would have advised, had Jon asked. “But have you ever considered
learning how to lie? Infrequently. Just a bit. It can be
useful, as useful as a sword. Sometimes it even lets you keep your sword in its sheath.”
What now? Now, Tyrion says, everyone stays put. And he goes to talk to his sister. It’s been a while. The Hound declares that he’s going with. There’s someone he wants to see.


Tyrion’s carriage arrives at the Red Keep gates, the Mountain awaits them, along with two other Queens guard and a host of Lannister soldiers. Tyrion is told that only he can enter. The others must stay behind. Grey Worm balks at this, but Tyrion signals that it’s all right.
The Hound steps to the Mountain, knowing instantly who he is, and looks up into his eyes. “You’re not dead yet, are you, brother? Good. I want to kill you myself.” The Mountain has
IO anSWer. A.
Tyrion enters the Lion’s den, led by the Mountain.


On the way to his sister’s chambers, Tyrion tries to engage the Mountain. ത
“Ser Gregor. I haven’t seen you in quite a while. Not since you defeated my champion in a trial by combat, and I was sentenced to death.”
Ser Gregor has no coment.
“An impressive display on your part, I have to admit. You simply refused tO die .. ”
Ser Gregor has no comment. Tyrion looks up at the man, or whatever he is, catches a glimpse of his cadaverous skin.
“You’re quite committed to not dying, aren’t you?”
Ser Gregor has no comment. At the door, Tyrion leaves the
Mountain behind, and goes to speak with his sister. ”


Cersei is alone.
It starts as we would expect. She’s not surprised Tyrion has taken up with Dany: “She’s very much your type: a foreign
whore who doesn’t know her place.” Tyrion always wanted to
destroy their family; she apologizes for making it so difficult for him. Tyrion calls her bluff; he knows that Cersei knows he had nothing to do with Joffrey’s death. No, Cersei says, he only killed their father.
~ “Fine,” he says. “Hate me for that. I hate myself for it. In spite of what he was, in spite of what he did to me.”

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Leak (Scripts) –

GOT S07E07 Leak


But she’s not letting it go. Boo hoo hoo, my daddy was so mean to me. Does Tyrion have any idea what he did when he shot that crossbow? He weakened them, all of them. “You opened us up. You laid us bare for the vultures, and the Vultures came. They came and tore us apart.” Tyrion may not have killed Joffrey, but he killed Myrcella, and he killed Tommen. No one would have gotten near them if Tywin had been
alive. No One would have dared.
Tyrion tries to tell her how sorry he is about Tommen and Myrcella. She doesn’t want to hear it. Tyrion doesn’t give a shit what she wants to hear. He loved those children. She knows he loved those children. Even her hate cou it blind her to that. Over the course of a truly stunning Tyrion/Cersei exchange, Tyrion inadvertently starts to capitalize on the change that Cersei’s pregnancy has effected in her. At the beginning of the season, she had no future, so she was willing to take any risk to maintain her grip on the power she’d arrogated. Now things are more complicated for her. Still, the scene ends ambiguously, without any clear indication of how Cersei will proceed.


Tyrion is still gone, so while We’re Wondering about the final results of the last scene, we have one or two miniscenes with the people who are still around: Jorah, Dany, Davos, Theon. More importantly, Jon and Dany can have a good, romantically-tense scene in a quiet corner of the dragon pit.
Euron asks Jon if the Wights can swim. Jon says no . Euron says that’s good, he’s taking the Iron Fleet and camping out on the Iron Islands until this little war is over.
Tyrion returns to the Dragonpit, expressionless. Crests fall. And then Cersei enters behind him, with all her loyalists in tow. The Lannisters will fight the darkness. Her struggle against an arrogant tyrant’s daughter is far from over – but she will set it aside for now. “If we triumph, perhaps you will remember that our help was given unconditionally, without a single concession or assurance from any of you. I expect you will not.” She turns to Qyburn and gives the order: “Call our banners. All our banners.” Exit Cersei.


The blizzard has reached gothic proportions. But a lone raven has managed to make it through to Winterfell with results of the abovementioned summit.


In Jon’s office, Sansa discusses the news of the Summit with Littlefinger. She can’t believe that Jon relinquished the Northern Crown, and pledged what was theirs to the Dragon Queen . Without consulting Sansa. Of Course.
Littlefinger does not encourage her ire just yet. The weather has been terrible, he points out. It’s possible Jon tried to contact her and failed. Sansa isn’t buying it. He’s never asked her opinion about anything, why should he start now?
He asks her if she thinks the Northerners will fOLLOW JOn into battle with Dany. She doesn’t know. They’re a fractious, reluctant bunch. But they may follow Jon. She could never persuade them to follow a foreign queen, but he might.
This gives Littlefinger his opening, his chance to scheme on a global scale. “Perhaps you don’t need to persuade them to do anything. Perhaps you only need to persuade them to do
nothing. Two of the three largest armies in the world are heading north to deal with the Army of the Dead, he says. Let them. Tell the Northern armies to stay put. It’s what they really want to do. More than they want to submit to a foreign queen. More than they want to face death or worse. Sansa herself has heard them itching to stay home. They’ve been defending southerners from northern threats for generations. It’s time the southerners finally did their part. Let the dragons and the invaders and the Lannisters destroy the monsters. And let the monsters destroy them. Let the North be what it’s always wanted to be : free. As it was for thousands of years, since the time of the First Men.
Sansa has to admit that’s a pretty good sell. The big issue: Arya would never go for it. She’s very loyal to Jon, she always has been . Betraying him would be betraying her family, and Arya would kill anyone who betrayed her family. Littlefinger points out that Sansa is her family too. Would Arya really murder her own sister? Sansa asks Littlefinger if he knows what Arya truly is, now, what the Faceless Men are. Littlefinger admits (honestly or not) that he doesn’t know a great deal about them; even he never got involved with them.
Sansatells him there is something deeply wrong with the Faceless Men, and with Arya. Killing doesn’t mean the same thing to them as it does to most people. It doesn’t even mean what it means to Littlefinger. It’s a game to them.
Well, they’re not the only ones who play games. Sansa has a game she likes to play as well: “I assume the worst about a person.

What’s the worst reason they could possibly have for saying what they say, and doing what they do? Then I ask myself: how well does that reason explain what they say and do? So tell me: what is the worst reason Arya could have? What is the worst thing she could want?”
“She could want you dead because she thinks you wronged your
family.” “Why did she come to Winterfell?” Sansa asks.
“To kill you. For marrying your enemies, and betraying your family”
“Why did she unearth that letter Cersei made me write?”
“To provide her with proof, should anyone find out that she
killed you.”
“And after she kills me, what does she become?”
“Lady of Winterfell,” Littlefinger says.
Sansa doesn’t like the sound of that. Not at all.


Sansa contemplates her next move. She never utters the words but it seems clear that her next move is to kill Arya.


Jon, Dany and company have returned to Dragonstone, to prepare for the expedition north.
As soon as possible, Dany explains, they will all sail to White Harbor. Tyrion and Davos are overseeing preparations as they speak, which is why they are not in this scene where they are not really needed.
Someone asks a sensitive question: does Sansa know about the results of the Summit? Jon doesn’t know – he tried to get word through, but there is a major storm.

A bit of rousing talk from Jon and or Dany. But not too much. Just enough to end the meeting.
When the meeting ends, Theon asks if he can speak to Jon alone. Jon asks for Dany’s permission to do so. Dany grants it. She has some things she’d like to discuss with Jon later, privately. Exit Dany.

When they have the room to themselves, Theon points out that Jon almost scuttled the whole summit by telling Cersei the truth about his submission to Dany. He risked the thing that was most important to him in the name of honesty, even knowing what that degree of honesty cost his father. Theon could never have done that. He would have been incapable of doing that. He envies Jon. Doing the right thing has always come so easy for him. Every step he takes is always right.
“It’s not. It may seem that way from the outside, but promise you, it’s not true. I’ve done plenty of things I
regret.” , ‘
“Not compared to me, you haven’t.”
Jon thinks about it. “No, not compared to you.
Theon always wanted to do the right thing, to be the right kind of person – but he never knew what that meant. For him, there always seemed to be an impossible choice at the bottom of it. Stark or Greyjoy. Balon or Ned.
A “Our father was more of a father to you than yours ever was,” Jon Says .
‘He was.”
“And you betrayed him. Betrayed his memory.”
“I did.”
“But you couldn’t get rid of him. He was a part of you. The Theon who risked his life to save Sansa’s life, the Theon who gave up his own claim to support his sister those things are a part of who you are, as much as anything else you’ve done.”
“But the things I’ve done”
“Some of them were terrible. But you never tried to justify them. You never tried to dress them up nice. A lot of people do terrible things. Not Imany take responsibility for them. You have. You’ve done terrible things to my family, to my brother. To innocent people and our home. It’s not my place to forgive you for all of it. But what I can forgive, I do. You don’t need to choose. You’re a Greyjoy. And you’re a Stark.”
Theon is moved. Since the Dothraki are already heading up north overland, they won’t be needing all the ships to get their armies to White Harbor. Theon asks if he can take the Greyjoy ships to go find his sister. Jon says he’ll talk to Dany about it. He thinks he can convince her.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Leak (Scripts) –

GOT S07E07 Leak


The Ironborn are preparing to set sail. Theon comes to tell HARRAG that their plans have changed. They’re going to fiind Yara now. Harrag tells Theon to fuck himself. They chose to follow Yara, not Theon. If they know Euron Greyjoy, which they do, Yara is probably dead already. And if it’s true those wight things can’t swim, well, they plan to sail east and turn pirate, putting oceans between them and Westeros.
An argument ensues. Harrag says Theon is not Ironborn – submitting to two women, playing footsie with his curlyheaded ex-king half-brother. Violence ensues. The guy kicks Theon in the balls. Theon has no balls. Theon beats the shit out of Harrag, just like the old days. There you go. Ironborn. Who wants to rescue their Queen? HOO-AH!


Jaime is in the map room, laying out instructions for several Lannister Lieutenants about where they’re going to be heading. Cersei enters and asks Jaime what he’s doing. He tells her: preparing to take the Lannister armies north, just as they agreed in the Summit. Cersei dismisses everyone but Jaime.
– How stupid could he be? The other great powers have united against the Lannisters – and Jaime wants to fight alongside them? Obviously, the whole détente thing was just a feint, to convince that little blonde bitch that it was safe for her to move north. Cersei has no intention of helping her enemies, or of standing down in her fight against them.
She and Jaime are not on the same page about this. He has seen what Dany’s dragons can do, he has seen the wight he wants to go help in the north, just as they said they would. . – They have a huge argument, in which their forthcoming child plays heavily. Jaime thinks she’s risking the world their child will live in. Cersei thinks he’s Willing to throw away that child’s birthright, in order to solve a problem that’s already solving itself. The Lannisters are in the best position they’ve been in since this all started. The two little pretty people will go up north with their armies and deal with the monster problem. And the monster problem will deal with them. Meanwhile, the Lannisters will be reestablishing their hold over the lands that rightly belong to them, as the family who sits upon the Iron Throne. To that end, they even have a huge new army coming their way, courtesy of the Iron Bank’s new loans.

Cersei reveals that Euron didn’t betray them and head west for home — he’s sailing east to ferry Over the army bought by all that Highgarden gold. Nobody walks away from Cersei.


Arya has been summoned to the Winterfell Great Hall. She notices Lord Royce and the Knights of the Vale lining the room. Maybe Arya remembers the threat Sansa made about all the soldiers she commands. Sansa is with Littlefinger and it looks like Sansa is actually going to have Arya killed.
Sansa has one last question. For Littlefinger. “What’s the worst reason you could possibly have for saying the things you’ve said, and doing the things you’ve done? I’ve been discussing it with my sister . ”
In a mirror of his own betrayal of Ned in the Throne Room in S1, the Stark soldiers’ weapons all turn toward Littlefinger. Lord Royce is very happy to stand by and watch.
4 Littlefinger figures out what’s happening. He asks Sansa if they might speak alone. She replies she’s done with that. She explains that she and Arya discussed Littlefinger at length. and then they filled in the blanks.
At this point, MAESTER WOLKAN wheels BRAN in from the Wings of the room. Thanks to Bran’s psychic viewing, Sansa and Arya recite the list of charges against Littlefinger. The murder of Jon Arryn. The letter to Cat. The dagger and the framing of Tyrion. The betrayal of Ned. All of it.
Littlefinger finally, truly sweats. All his machinations, all his best laid plans, they’re all for naught. He sinks to his knees to plead for his life, for the love he had for their Inother for the love he has for Sansa.
Then Sansa says whatever she says in reply, maybe sentences
this man to death for all the chaos/tragedy he has caused over the past seven seasons.
Sansa might also bring up sending Brienne away, and how she used it to trap Littlefinger and make him think she was under his spell. But in reality she needed an representative and she no longer needed a bodyguard, because she had her sister.

Littlefinger has nowhere to run. Arya approaches him.
“We don’t think you have our family’s best interests at heart, Lord Baelish.”
Arya kills Littlefinger with his own dagger, swiping it
across his throat so fast he doesn’t see it happening until it ‘s over.


Jaime violates Cersei’s trust in him by sticking to the Summit agreement. He abandons Cersei and heads north, no army
behind him, just a lone horseman riding out of King’s Landing, heading north.


And back in the Red Keep, Cersei wakes in the night. Something is wrong. She gets out of bed, grabs a lantern and sees that her nightgown is soaked in blood, the bedsheets soaked in blood. She screams, and the scream echoes from the top of the highest tower of the Red Keep.


Sam, Gilly and Little Sam arrive in Winterfell after a long and arduous journey. Sam’s first order of business is to seek
Out Bran.


~ Sam asks if Bran remembers him. “Of course,” Bran says. “I remember lots of things.”
Yes, so Sam has heard. Sam tries to sound out the extent of Bran’s abilities, and figure out what it means to be the Three Eyed Raven. In the course of this attempt, Bran casually corrects one of Sam’s mistakes. Such as: for instance,” says Sam, “if you wanted to go back and watch your father beat Ser Arthur Dayne”
He didn’t beat him. Not really.”

“But everyone knows he did.”
“Dayne beat my father, then Howland Reed stabbed him in the back. I saw it.”
Sam is a bit jealous of all this. The library at the Citadel h was all well and good, but the stuff in Bran’s head makes it look like the 1974 Farmer’s Almanac. But being the TER is not
as great as it seems.
“The more I remember of everything, the less I remember how it felt to be Brandon Stark, and Brandon Stark alone. Every
day he becomes a Smaller part of who I am.”
Sam has to admit that doesn’t sound so wonderful. When Bran asks why Sam came all this way, Sam tells him about the Maesters at the Citadel. All Sam had ever wanted was to be one of them, or so he thought. But they were all acting as though they could sit the Great War out, just as they have done with every other war. Acting like it’s not the end of the world. But it is the end of the world, if someone doesn’t do something about it. From the beginning, Jon has been committed to doing something about it. But he can’t do it alone. Sam is no hero, he’d really much rather be reading books and spending time with Gilly and Little Sam. But there it is. Jon needs help, and when Sam needed help, Jon was
always there for him.
Bran decides he can trust Sam with something he hasn’t told
anyone else:
“We need to find Jon, ” Bran says. “We need to tell him the
“The truth about what?”
“About himself. No One knows. No One but me. Jon isn’t my father’s son. He’s the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and my aunt Lyanna. ”
Sam is floored. ‘You saw this?”
“Yes. He’s still a bastard, but-”
‘He’s not. “Sam tells Bran about the Grandmaester whose diaries he transcribed, who married Rhaegar and Lyanna.
Close On Bran, as he realizes what this means. Offscreen, Sam tells him, “Go ahead, go wherever you go, and look. It happened.”
As we pull out, we realize we’re not looking at real world Bran any longer, but at vision.


Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Leak (Scripts) –

GOT S07E07 Leak

Bran stands close by as Rhaegar and Lyanna are married, alone in the woods save for the High Septon who is marrying them, and Bran, whom no one sees. The two kiss, hopeful newlyweds who truly believe this will all work out.
Bran (V.O.): “Robert’s Rebellion was built on a lie.”

7. 22 INT TOWER OF JOY – DAY 7. 22

Lyanna in bed, bleeding, with Young Ned beside her. Bran (V.O.): “Rhaegar didn’t kidnap my aunt, or rape her.” Ned takes baby Jon in his arms. Bran (V.O.) : “He loved her.” Close up On baby. “And she loved him.” Match cut to


Jon walks into Dany’s cabin below decks, knowing exactly what he wants and what she wants.
“And JOn” We pull away from Dany’s cabin door, back down the corridor.
At the far end, Tyrion emerges from the stairway. He hears
the muffled sounds of what’s going on behind Dany’s closed door. ”
Looking troubled for more reasons than one, Tyrion turns away, enters his own cabin, and shuts the door behind him.
“Jon ” S real name”

7. 24 INT TOWER OF JOY – DAY 7.24

Bran watches nearby (comped into scene), as Lyanna whispers to Ned. For the first time, he’s close enough to hear what Lyanna says to her brother about baby Jon:
“His name is Aegon. Aegon Targaryen. ”



7.25 Dany and Jon make love. “He’s a true Targaryen.”
Finally, we widen enough to see that we’re in Dany’s cabin on her flagship.
“He’s an heir to the Iron Throne.”

7. 26 EXT. DANY’ S SHIP – SEA – NIGHT >7.26

“We need to tell him.”
Dany’s ship makes its way north, toward White Harbor.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Leak (Scripts) –

GOT S07E07 Leak



The storm has passed, and Sansa and Arya look out across the snowy landscape. It took some time to realize it, but they’re more alike than they thought. Each was uniquely suited to survive their ordeals. Sansa tells Arya that she never could have survived what Arya went through, and Arya admits the same holds true for her. Now they are willing to do what it takes to protect their family. Whatever it takes.
As they look across the beautiful northern sky, we pan off hem, away from the battlements to the godswood, and the Weirwood tree’s red leaves.

7.33 INT. GODSWOOD – DAY 7.33

We crane down from the weirwood’s leaves to find Bran sitting at the base of the tree, his eyes rolled back.


As before, we fly to the Wall with a flock of birds, piloted by Bran. A bunch of them land on the Wall battlements above EastWatch .
. Tormund walks the battlements, making the rounds in a small,
easily manageable piece of Wall-top. (/
Tormund hears a strange sound, getting louder. He oks down to the north side of the Wall.


ര Emerging from the frozen coastal forest, the Army of the Dead comes in force. All of them, with the White Walkers bringing up the rear. All of them too. How many White Walkers? Let’s say 150. This is bad
They stop in front of the Wall, however.


Tormund breathes a sigh of relief. It’s true, that whole thing about them being unable to pass the Wall because of ancient spells and such.
4 But then a stranger sound comes from the north. Tormund looks to the sky, and sees a mote on the horizon, coming in fast. Very fast. We’ve never seen a dragon going full speed before. It’s moving so fast we don’t get a clear look at it or the Night King On its back before it is upon us . . .


. . hitting the Wall with a blast of blue flame.
Bran’s meaningful birds take flight.
A massive chunk of the Wall breaks free ahead of Tormund. The ice dragon glides away, and we get our first clear look at him, and at the Night King on his back. He’s done the same thing to Viserion that he did to Craster’s sons. Only those were babies, and this is a dragon.
The Night King and his dragon circle back, and he comes in for the kill. Hovering near the base of the Wall, the ice dragon shoots forth a steady stream of blue fire, thick as a tree trunk, strafing back and forth along the base of the Wall.


The Wall begins to shake beneath Tormund’s feet.
The Wall cannot withstand the fire. Thunderously, it gives way, sending pieces falling into the sea like a calving iceberg. Tormund watches doomed Wildlings fall to their deaths.


The ice dragon keeps blasting until a huge breach has been opened, one large enough to admit the Army of the Dead, all 100,000 of them. And the White Walkers. And the Night King, flying low over their heads, into the camera —
and away from it. All of them heading south, for the world
of men .