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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Leak (HBO Hacked)

Last updated on August 21st, 2017 at 09:16 am EST

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Leak (HBO Hacked)

The HBO hack is getting bigger day by day, and today we have Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Leak, which includes scripts. Below are the contents of the pdf files in text format. Let’s get down to it and take a look at GOT S07E05 leaks. Do note these leaked scripts are almost a year old.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Leak (HBO Hacked)

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Blackwater River

A flotilla of Lannister soldiers and horses drift down a calmer stretch of the Blackwater River, much farther
downstream. A shudder of movement as Bronn and Jaime drag themselves onto the shore.

They stand and look back at the battlefield in the distance, the huge swaths of dragon-scorched earth, charred wagons,
horses, bodies.


“What Were you thinking?“

(off Jaime’s ’What?’expression)

“Charging a dragon.“

“I Was thinking I was going to kill it.“

“It’s a fucking dragon! How were you going to kill it?“
“Through the eye.“

“Its eye is bigger than your head.”

“It’s not bigger than my sword. I was going to put this sword right through its eye and into its brain.”

“And you’ve measured the distance from a dragon’s eyeball to its brain? What if it decided to move its eyeball out of the way?”

“Then I’d have cut its throat.“

“Cut its throat.“

“This is Valyrian steel.”

The two start off for King’s Landing ‘visible on the horizon.

Blackwater River

Tyrion walks alongside the ravaged loot train. He sees the Dothraki herding the captive soldiers and officers ( including a bloodied Randyll and Dickon Tarly toWards Dany and Drogon. That’s odd.

Dany announces to her captives that now is the moment they’ve all been waiting for: bend the knee, or die. Drogon growls, and most of the captive group drop to one knee. There are a few holdouts, among them are Randyll and a nervous Dickon, who is taking cure from his father. Echoing Cersei’s propaganda Randyll says he isnt serving a foreign woman with an army of foreign savages. Dany corrects Randyll: she’s the queen of Westeros. Tyrion can see Dany’s temper rising, and points out that Randyll fought for her father and handed the usurper Robert his only defeat; perhaps Dany could show mercy. But Randyll couldn’t giVe a shit about her mercy. He simply echoes Ned’s line from 51:

“I’m a soldier. I learned how to die a long time ago.”

Non serviam.

Very well. If this lord of Horn Hill won’t serVe her, it’s time for a new lord of Horn Hill. Dany and Tyrion turn to Dickon. Tyrion urges the kid to be reasonable. He had a shitty tyrant for a father, too.

“Don’t die to prove your father’s point.”

Dickon looks to his father, and we see that a part of Lord Randyll wants his son to bend the knee and be spared. But Dickon is his father’s son. He steels himself and stays on his feet. If this is the end of House Tarly, so be it.

In an aside with Dany, Tyrion advocates against executing Dickon with him. He’s just a dumb kid with a shitty father; nothing a few months of prison won’t cure. If Dany starts snuffing out entire ancient family lines like the Tarlys, the lords of Westeros will never support her. Dany doesn’t much Care; when it’s their turn, those lords will also bend the knee or die. Tyrion wants to press his case further but Dany has heard enough. All her advisers warned her to be cautious and she didn’t listen.

Now she’s finally won a victory. She didn’t come to Westeros to plead for the Seven Kingdoms. She came here to conquer them. Tyrion Cannot push harder without publicly undermining his queen. His only choice is to stand by and watch. At Dany’s command, Drogon incinerates Lord Randyll and his heir.

After they’re burned, all the other holdouts promptly bend the knee. Say what you will about Dany’s methods, she gets things done.

Cersei’s Bedroom

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Qyburn has just finished examining Cerrsei when Jaime enters. He can tell that Jaime wants a private audience with the queen so takes his leave. Jaime tells Qyburn that Bronn has ideas for modification on the dragon gun, and that Qyburn should go find him.

When they’re are alone he ells her that he’s seen Dany’s dragons in flesh and that he’s seen her Dothraki.

“This isn’t a War we can win.”

Cersei doesn’t appreciate his defeatism. So Dany has a huge army? Great. Let her try to feed them in winter. Jaime is getting frustrated, and Cersei demands to know what he’d suggest they do instead. Should they send an envoy to this Dragon Queen and ask her to split the Seven Kingdoms with them? Should they bend the knee to Dany and to their brother, who murdered their father and son? Jaime reveals that Olenna Confessed to Joffrey’s murder. Tyrion really was innocent. Cersei takes in the information. It doesn’t matter, now. He still killed their father. And they have no choice but to fight.


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The eyes of a single raven flicker warg white, and it takes off. Then another raven, and another, five, ten, twenty more. They all take to the sky. As we follow them, we see Winterfell in the background, and the window of Bran lies with Warg-white eyes in his tower room, controlling all the ravens.

Beyond the Wall

The ravens fly through the sky, Covering ground, crossing north of the Wall. As in Winged Migration, We cut into their POW: an army of 100,000 dead men blankets the surrounding hills and fields, marching in formation. White Walkers ride dead horses in their midst. They’re in no rush. Their pace is slow, steady, inexorable as the grave. The Army of the Dead is finally marching on the living. The Night King knows when he’s being watched. He looks up at the ravens and the ravens scatter, as if it’s a gunshot.

Bran’s Chambers

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Sansa and Arya stand over Bran as Maester Wolkan enters. Sansa tells him what saw: the Army of the Dead heading for Eastwatch. Arya says they should  send a raven immediately to Jon. Sansa agrees – Also they have to allet Tormund at Eastwatch, the Watch at Castle Black, th arch maesters at the Citadel… everyone needs to know.

The Bad News Ravens take flight from Winterfell for every Corner of the Seven Kingdoms. And We go from a raven’s Wing. . .


… to a dragon’s Wing, as Drogon brings Dany back to Dragonstone. Dany does not notice the additional boat in the harbor below her, nor the lone figure on its deck too far away to make out.

On deck, Jorah looks up and sees Dany and Drogon. Holy shit that kid has grown up. He steels himself for the reunion.

Jon watches Dany and Drogon wheeling in the sky, approaching their Dragonstone landing pad. Behind him, Rhaegal leaps down to meet his mother and brother, landing too close to Jon.

Wiserion joins him. They notice Jon, and meet his gaze.

The two dragons close in on Jon, trying to decide what to make of him: friend? Foe? Meal? Jon stands his ground,staring into Rhaegal’s eye. Rhaegal appears to be leaning toward the latter. But Drogon lands with Dany on his back,and the other dragons make way for him as he approaches Jon and leans in to sniff him.

Every nerve in Jon’s body screams to run, but instead he sticks out his hand, and touches the creators muzzle.  Drogon decides Jon is OK. A look from Drogon brings each of his brothers around to the same opinion.

Impressed, Dany dismounts.

“You didn’t run.”

“Didn’t think I’d get very far.

This leads into a scene with Dany and Jon. On screen or off screen, she gives him censored version of the events on the Kingsroad, leaving the part about roasting the Tarlys alive. She only tells him that many former Lannister loyalists lined up behind their rightful Queen, hint hint. Half joking, Dany points out that, for one, she has dragons. If this whole Army of the Dead is as flammable say, whoever has the fire-breathing dragons should probably be Queen. Jon laughs. He doesn’t think the throne should go to the person with the most dragons, necessarily. Why not? she wants to know. Dragons are magic. People like magic. A big part of the reason they named Jon King in the North was because he was magic. Jon protests; that wasn’t the reason. But Dany keeps needling him.

“Admit it. People like you because you’re magic.”

“I’m not magic.”

“You are Rising from the dead is magic, and you rose from the dead. Allegedly.”


“I never saw you rise from the dead. Lots of people saw me walk from the flames unburned.

More than once, actually. But this ‘rising from the dead’… it was a very private affair.”

Jon offers to show her the scars. She sure wouldn’t mind seeing them – but she doesn’t take the bait. It’s cold out. She wouldn’t want him to get sick.

Jon calls her “Dany”, without any of her numerous titles. And she’s a little taken aback, but also likes it.

“No one’s ever called me that before.” “I’m sorry, it’s just… well, Daenerys is a mouthful.”

Eventually, the conversation goes to a more serious place. He asks her point blank if she believes him about the Army of the Dead, and the danger they represent. She can tell he’s honest, apparently to a fault.

In turn, she asks Jon if he trusts her to do what she says she’s going to do with regards to the people of Westeros. He says he does. They’re both people who actually care about helping and protecting people who don’t share their blood, people they don’t even know. They’ve both acted on this impulse, more than once. That’s a lot less common than magic.

Jon asks,

“Is this where you ask me to bend the knee again?”

She smiles and shakes her head. She’s not going to ask him to bend the knee. Not just now.

And up the beach comes Jorah, seeing Dany with yet another handsome fellow who’s not Jorah.

They have a brief reunion, in which it is established that Jorah is cured. And she shows her trust in him by hugging him in in spite  of thee fact that he recently had fantasy leprosy.

Dragonstone Chamber

Tyrion has told Varyes what Dany did to the Tarlys. A Targaryen burning people alive – it troubles both men. Tyrion has not discussed the event at any length with Dany since it occurred, but they both decide he has to, when the time is right. They’re both realpolitik guys. They understand that a Certain amount of ruthlessness is necessary to Win the throne. But they’re hoping for Caesar-level ruthlessness, not Caligula-level. 

They are interrupted by a raven, who lands on the Window ledge with a scroll tied to its leg.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Leak (HBO Hacked)


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Dany’s Small Council meeting. Jon has the above mentioned raven scroll in hand, staring at it, trying to take on board all its implications.

Jorah is there as well. Rather than going into a bunch of dull introductions and reintroductions, we get the flavor of his complex relationship to Tyrion and Jon in the course of their interactions, assuming that their initial meetings happened offscreen.

The matter at hand: the dead are marching on the Wall. Now. As reported by Jon’s little brother, who is alive, and apparently very different from the boy Jon left behind at Winterfell.

Where does Dany stand on this ante-upping of the Northern threat? She is torn. Her position on the Northern threat has evolved, in sync with her relationship to Jon. But they can’t march north and leave the Riverlands, the Reach and the North exposed to Lannister aggression. Dany would be willing to put

her imperial ambitions on hold, but not to abandon them entirely and abdicate to Cersei. She wants to face the Northern threat, but she can only do so if her opponent is willing to do the same. So, she asks. Tyrion would Cersei ever be willing to do this?

Tyrion homes in on the Central problem. Cersei doesn’t believe in the Northern threat. She never has. If they want her to take it seriously, they have to Convince her it exists in the first place. She needs to see it with her own eyes. Jon doesn’t understand how they could possibly show Cersei the Army of the Dead so she can see it with her own eyes.

Tyrion points they don’t need to show her the whole army. Bring one of the wights down south. He knows his sister and that’s their only hope of getting any help from her.

This makes sense to Dany. Jorah volunteers to lead this mission North of the Wall. Dany doesn’t like the idea of losing Jorah after he just returned to her, but Jon says Tormund will help him with the wildlings who are at Eastwatch.

And so will Jon.

Dany does not like this idea. Neither does Davos. Jon is the only commander here who’s fought the Army of the Dead before, and they’ll need him once the true war starts. Beyond that, he’s the King in the North, chosen by the lords of the North. A king should not go on a commando mission. Jon points out that this is exactly why he needs to go: he has dealt with them before. Jon’s and Dany’s argument has the undertone of a woman trying to keep her man from venturing into harm’s way, a fact not lost on Jorah or Tyrion. She tries to order him; he reminds her that, per their conversation on the beach, she said she wouldn’t ask him to bend the knee yet.

The reason his people have banded together behind him is that he’s never asked them to do something he wouldn’t do himself.

Jon brings Davos around to his way of seeing things, even as Davos bemoans his own fate as the Hand of a King who seems hell-bent on killing himself. Eventually, Dany realizes that Jon is going no matter what she says, and she can’t help but respect him for it.

Warys points out that any evidence they find will be useless unless Cersei grants them an audience in the first place, and is somehow prevented from murdering them all during said audience. Tyrion knows this, and has a proposition: he needs to arrange a meeting with his brother Jaime, the only person to whom his sister will listen. Dany is a bit suspicious: he wants to go back to King’s Landing and see his brother again? The one who led the attack on Highgarden, killed one of their prime allies and stole the food we needed for our armies? Tyrion tells her that “want” isn’t quite the right word; it’s as likely as not that Jaime will split in half on sight. But it’s the only way he can see to make his happen.

Davos says he can smuggle Tyrion into Kings Landing but if the gold cloaks recognize the most famous dwarf in world well, Davos isn’t much of a fighter. 

Dany asks what happens if this whole plan fails

“We hope a hundred thousand dead men dont come to slaughter us until we’re done slaughtering each other.”


A tired and frustrated Samwell is pulling an all-nighter, attempting the Herculean task of finishing his “punishment’ homework. He has brought a whole bunch of tattered, fading volumes home and GILLY is enthusiastically helping him copy them over.

At least, she was helping him. She’s having way too much fun luxuriating in all the details she’s finding in the pages of these decaying documents – peppering Sam with questions about every facet of Westerosi history and culture. Sam, his patience thinning, gently reminds Gilly that they’re never going to get through this if they keep talking about each and every item she runs across.

But Gilly is engrossed in one particular volume: the personal diary of High Septon Maynard, who held office during the reign of the Mad King. The man kept meticulous notes about every detail of his life – every meal he ate, his various appointments and encounters, even his bowel movements! Sam’s all for a detailed historical record but even he finds this ridiculous. It’s Completely typical of the Citadel to want to preserve this document for all time – meanwhile the secret of bloody dragonglass killing White Walkers was sitting on a dustpile completely ignored. Sam is beginning to question why he came here in the first place. What use is he to Jon here? He

“Ah, here’s something about a Stark.” Gilly says, “Lyanna Stark.”

Now Sam is very intrigued. Her wedding? He takes the book from her and reads. Maynard’s entry details that High Septon, was compelled by Crown Prince Rhaegar (the mad King’s son and heir) to secretly annul his marriage to Elia Martell, Then, as the War of the Usurper began he travelled to Drone to marry Rhaegar and Lyanna in a secret ceremony.

Sam is cleaning the shit off the floor when a stack of Inbox raven scrolls catches his eye. he Starts to skim through them . . . Boring, Boring, Boring, Holy shit!

Sam barges into a conference of Archmaesters with the raven scroll from Winterfell. The Army of the Dead is marching on the Wall, exactly as Sam warned it would. The Archmaester takes the scroll, reads, and passes it around to the other maesters.

The Maesters are dubious. They have read many dire warnings of this sort. Prophecies of apocalypse are never in short supply. The North often dulls Maesters’ wilts.

Sam won’t be dismissed. He let Bran and his posse through the Wall, expecting never to hear of them again, but somehow a crippled boy survived for years beyond the Wall when the Night’s Watch couldn’t, the Wildlings couldn’t nobody can but the dead. Something protected Bran out there. Maybe it’s this Three-Eyed Raven.

Presuming the letter is real, the Archmaester asks Sam what he would have the maesters do? Sam is excited: finally these professors are going to listen to him. Westeros trusts the Citadel. All the maesters could advise all their lords to send their soldiers north to hold the Wall against the Night King, while the maesters here dug through the forbidden tomes for how to defeat him.

The Archmaester is considering Sam’s argument. A sound strategy, and possible. Sam can hardly contain his relief at getting through to these old farts.

Just for the sake of argument of course — the Archmaester proposes another scenario to the maesters: this letter is a ploy by the King in the North and the Dragon Queen to deunitee the south of soldiers and make conquest easier. Maesters murmur. Yes infinitely more likely. Sam wants argue his side further, but the Archimaester cuts him short and says thank you for bringing this to our attention, We’ll take this into serious consideration. A maester chimes in: this letter reminds one of the charlatan Jenny of Oldstones, who calimed descent from the Children of the Forest. Another adds: let us not also not forget the false prophet Lodo whoo claimed the Drowned Men would rise to destroy Aegon The Conqueror. . . The Maesters nod Sagely.

Sam knows he failed . These fucking guys. As he’s about to leave the Archmaester calls out to Sam:

“Heard the Targaryen girl burnt your father alive. Horrible thing, horrible thing. Where’s that book you were getting for me?”

In the Forbidden Works section, Sam grabs as many scrolls as he can. The Librarian from 610 (or another maester) tries to stop him but Samwell Tarly killed a Thenn and a White Walker, and shoves the dork out of the Way.

Gilly, Sam, and little Sam ride in a wagon filled with scrolls on the outskirts of Oldtown. Gilly turns around for one last look at the city. She liked it there, and asks if Sam is sure he wants to do this.

After all, didn’t he always want to be a Maester? Sam did, but he can’t shove his head up his own ass. He’s not doing anyone any good down here.

“I’m tired of reading about the achievements of better men.”


Bronn gets a little bird from Tyrion, sealed with a Targaryen seal. He can’t help but Smile at Tyrion’s balls.

“Heh. The little fucker.”

The Red Keep looms from the mists of Blackwater Bay as Davos guides a small dinghy through the water. Tyrion jokes the last time he was here, he killed his father with a  crossbow. Davos muses that the last he was there Tyrion killed his son with wildfire. But here they are son the same side. Life’s a bitch.


They pull the dinghy in a hidden cove, near the entrance to Flea Bottom, with the Red Keep looming overhead. As Davos conceals the boat, he tells Tyrion that the spot he (Tyrion) is looking for is  right there, along that path. Tyrion is surprised when Davos heads up a set of stairs. Davos isn’t stауіng  with the boat? Davos shakes his head. No, he has his own business to attend to – and he ascends toward Flea Bottom whose ramshackle dwellings are visible above.


Bronn is bringing Jaime down to their traditional Dubrovnik location. Jaime is in no mood for training, after the battle and his earlier conversation with Cersei. Bronn apologizes: his day is about to get worse. And they come upon Tyrion, already waiting for them.

Jaime marvels at how convenient it is that he’s already got his sword in hand to greet his brother, and Tyrion has to talk his way out of imminent death. Jaime already knows that Tyrion was innocent of murdering Joff; Tywin knew this as well. But he tried to have Tyrion killed anyway. If he hadn’t been falsely accused, and falsely sentenced to death, Tywin would still be alive.

Tyrion manages to talk Jaime out of murdering him. But, although everything Tyrion says may be true, how does he justify siding with the daughter of the Mad King, who wants all his family dead?

Tyrion knows Jaime saw her dragon; Tyrion saw him at the battle. Dany has two more of them. If Cersei had three dragons and someone else were sitting on the throne, What do you think Cersei would do? Dany has not acted, has not taken King’s Landing, only because she is unwilling to massacre the innocents necessary to do so. She’s not her father. Cersei’s uncontested rule over Westeros would be a disaster for everyone. Tyrion knows Jaime knows this.

Jaime is willing to hear Tyrion out. They both know that Cersei will never bend the knee to anyone, but Tyrion briefly outlines the trouble brewing beyond the Wall. Jaime is skeptical,which Tyrion, as the worlds greatest skeptic, respects. Don’t worry, they’ll have proof.


“Dany wants to deal with the South first. You want her to deal with the North first.”

Jaime asks what Tyrion is proposing Tyrion smiles. Glad you asked.


A huge white hot warhammer is pulled from the forge. The hammer is dropped into a bucket of Water to set it. Steam

“I’d gone to every shop, tavern and brothel, and was about to give up”

says Davos from the door Way. 

Now we see the blacksmith’s face: Gendry Rivers. The kid’s grown up. Gendry never thought he’d see Davos again. War has been great for the blacksmiths: Gendry’s risen from apprentice to a smithy of his own.

Gendry shows Davos the Warhammer and says he’s been practicing, and he’s gotten pretty good. Must be some of his father in him after all.

Davos wants to know for which side Gendry intended to fight. Gendry’s not sure: they all seem pretty horrible. Davos agrees, but he’s found the least horrible of them. His king might even be a great one – if Gendry cares to fight for the right side? Gendry grabs his hammer and helm. No need to ask twice.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Leak (HBO Hacked)


Davos and Gendry are waiting by the dinghy on the beach. Gendry can’t believe it: back to Dragonstone, the place where he was leeched and set to be burned at the stake? The place from which Davos sent him away? Davos promises Gendry that he needn’t fear the Red Woman anymore, not while Davos is around. But Davos does warn Gendry to keep his parentage to himself. The current situation is tense enough Without Robert Baratheon’s bastard re-appearing on the scene.

Just then they hear voices around the corner. Two Gold Cloaks appear and ask Davos what he’s doing.

Davos admits to smuggling and shows his Contraband (which he brought for just this occasion, hiding his bigger crime with a lesser crime). Then he pulls out the customary bribe for the Gold Cloaks.

The Gold Cloaks are satisfied with this story – until Tyrion stumbles upon the scene.

One of the Gold Cloak cognizes him. Small man, big bounty. Davos curses but before Davos can rush out to embarrass himself, Gendry leaps from cover With his warhammer.

The kid wasn’t lying, he has been practicing. Gendry kills all the Gold Cloaks present with his hammer while Davos & Tyrion watch idly from the sidelines, listening to the great haImmer sound effects.


LORD GLOWER has come from Deepwood Motte and sought an audience with SANSA. BRIENNE, ARYA, LORD ROY CE, LYANNA MORMONT and LITTLEFINGER are present. Glover complains about Jon’s absence. Winter is here, and they all have their own houses and people to which to attend. Winter is here, and they have their own houses and people to which to attend.

Sansa assures the lords that Jon will return soon and until then she has everything well in hand. She’s waiting for the inevitable

“you’re only a girl”

insult, but it never comes. Instead the two lords agree With her. She has done a fine job, as would be expected of Ned Stark’s trueborn daughter, while Jon Snow followed his brother’s course and took off With a foreign woman.

Lyanna again calls out the lords: a month ago, they crowned Jon and now they’re upset that he’s doing his job. Arya likes this little girl. She smiles at Sansa, but Sansa misses it. Sansa asks the lords what they’re proposing. Arya is a little ruffled that Sansa isn’t more so.

Glover wants to send a raven demanding Jon’s immediate return from Dragonstone. Arya pipes up: Jon is their king, and one doesn’t make demands of a king, not if one intends to keep his head.

She turns to Sansa for support, but Sansa looks annoyed by Arya’s outburst. Arya gets even more ruffled. Sansa soothes Lord Glover, but then Lord Royce pipes up: Jon can stay on Dragonstone as long as he likes; in the meantime Sansa should rule the North in name as well as in fact, as the first Queen in the North. After all, the Knights of e Wale rode to Winterfell on her behalf, not Jon Snow’s The hall erupts. Lyanna is shouting at the lords, who are tired of being lectured by a little girl.

Sansa knows that with a word she can have it all and genuinely tempted: she saved every one in thr battle of Bastrds and got no credit, and she has done a good job holding down the fort. Sansa guiets the hall. She thanks the lords for their offer, but there will be no oathbreaking today. Jon is their king from now until their dying day, and Sansa will courteously forget this ever happened. No one but Arya saw Sansa’s temptation



Snow is blowing in through the window as Arya catches up to Sansa after the meeting. Sansa can’t believe those lords turning against Jon. But in Arya’s view, Sansa could’ve stood up more forcefully for Jon. Sansa tries to explain politics to Arya: Glover has 500 men, Royce has 2,000 mounted knights, and she can’t risk offending them. Arya has a much easier solution to disloyalty. Sansa points out that Ramsay did as well. Ah, right, Arya says, the man you married? Arya realizes that’s a low blow and tries to apologize but then she realizes where they’ve arrived.


Sansa opens the door to her chambers and walks in, continuing their conversation. It takes her a moment to realize Arya isn’t following but stands at the threshold.

“These were mother and father’s chambers,”

Arya says,

Sansa shifts awkwardly.

“Jon told me to take them.”

“And you did?”

For Arya, living in their parents’ room is way too weird. But then she realizes:

“Of course you did. These are the best rooms in the castle.”

Sansa asks Arya what she means by that.

“You always liked nice things. They made you feel better than everyone.”

But maybe these rooms, being Lady of Winterfell, isn’t enough. Arya saw that flash of desire when they proposed Sansa as Queen in the North. Sure, she turned down the crown this time. What about next time? Sansa does feel guilty for wanting Jon’s crown, but she doesn’t like being Called out by her annoying little sister. She demands to know Why Arya is so intent on attacking her.


“Why don’t you ever take my side?


“There’s only one side.”


“Youʼre right.”

And she shuts door on Arya. Arya is furious, but then wheels start spinnig in her head.


Arya finds Brienne such a good Pod, and admires that Brienne is such a good fighter. They talk about Catelyn, and the Hound, and their styles.

Sansa sees Brienne talking with Arya and approaches. Brienne remarks how their mother would be to see her daughters together, and how she (Brienne) will keep both the girls safe. Arya reacts: she doesn’t need protecting. We can’t exactly read Sansa’s reaction, but she’s clocking that Brienne isn’t just sworn to protect her, but Arya too.


Jon is getting ready to go. Davos enters with Gendry. Davos had told Gendry not to tell anyone his parentage, but then Gendry takes a risk, steps forward, and says,

“Hi, I’m Robert Baratheon’s son.”

Davos isn’t thrilled that he just said this, but it gives Gendry a great moment to talk to Jon Snow about having a similar life experience. For Gendry: If this is the side I’m going to be on, I shouldn’t be afraid to say something. He thinks Jon will understand his background.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Leak (HBO Hacked)

Gendry’s true parentage would actually matter to the people at Dragonstone. After all, with Stannis dead, who is now Lord Baratheon? Who is lord of Storm’s End? For Jon, the bastard son of Ned Stark, meeting the bastard son of his father’s best friend would be a big deal.

Jon and Gendry need to start talking to each other, and Gendry volunteers for the mission. Once he understands the importance of what they’re doing, he doesn’t want to be sitting on the sidelines.


Jon, Jorah and some men prepare to go, loading the ship with food, the new dragonglass weapons, cold weather gear, etc. Tyrion and Jorah share a nice farewell. ny says goodbye to Jorah as Davos says goodbye to Jon.

Gendry apologizes to Davos, but his father wouldn’t stay behind and Gendry is his father’s son. Davos understands, even though he considers himself a kind of father to Gendry. The two embrace. Gendry set off to the Wall years ago. Maybe this time he’ll finally make it.

Jon is preparing to leave On the mission north. Dany, Tyrion and Davos are present as well; two rulers and their Hands. Jon and Dany have to say a private goodbye in a public space.

Tyrion has planted the seeds of the Summit in Jaime’s mind. Jaime is going to do what he can to get Cersei to agree to

Even in the best case scenario, Cersei is a fickle and unpredictable woman, they need to be ready to head south as soon as possible in case Cersei agrees to meet.

If this all works out out, they may just stand a chance against the coming threat. If not… well, Dany won’t have to worry about the King in the North anymore. Dany hopes it works. If it doesn’t, Jon asks them all to try to convince Cersei anyway. He doesn’t matter, his life doesn’t matter, this is all that matters. Dany is moved by his selflessness.

Off they all go.


Jaime and Cersei. Cersei doesn’t believe the ridiculous raven they just got from Winterfell about the Army of the Dead. Like Stalin getting reports of 3 million Nazis massing on his western border, she assumes it’s all enemy propaganda meant to trick her. But Jaime isn’t so sure. He knows she’s going to be furious, but he tells her he met with Tyrion.

Cersei surprises him. She already knows. Does Jaime really think a little bird bearing news can enter this city without her knowing? And does he really think it’s wise to conspire with the Queen’s enemies behind her back?

Cersei would sacrifice anyone, even Jaime, if he got in her way. But that’s not her mood right now. She was Willing to allow this clandestine meeting, she was even willing to let their accursed brother slip away, because she has come to believe that some type of accommodation with the Dragon Queen is in her interest. Perhaps Jaime was right, perhaps the dragons and the Dothraki cannot be defeated on the battlefield. That doesn’t mean they can’t be defeated.

Jaime gives Cersei the terms of the Summit, which we didn’t hear in the Tyrion scene. They can meet in the Dragonpit. They’ll have home court advantage, Dany will not have a large Contingent of troops. Any move on Dany’s part to use her dragons against Cersei or the Lannister army will result in the immediate death of Dany and all her allies. Tyrion plans to show absolute proof of the threat beyond the Wall; if Cersei still isn’t convinced, everyone just resumes the war. Jaime is fully prepared for a long, tortuous fight to persuade Cersei, but she shocks him by agreeing quickly

Cerseil then reveals to Jaime that she’s pregnant. Jaime has mixed feelings – on one hand, it’s the first time he’s seen Cersei happy in a very long time as he can remember. On the other hand, there won’t be any prevaricating with the public if she has a child now. What will happen to their bastard? Cersei doesn’t care about the public. She doesn’t care about anything but Jaime and this little life growing inside her. After all the public accepted Targaryen brother sister marriages for ages. They will do as they please, and the little people will get used to it. She has something to live for now, a child whose future is important to her. If preserving that future means hearing out a rival and her murderous brother, she’ll do it.



Arya follows Littlefinger around. We see a montage of him engaging in mundance Winterfell activities. She is bored she almost gives up, but then she sees Littlefinger duck into . .


a small courtyard. Looks shifty. Arya follows and finds Littlefinger in conference with Glover and Royce. It does not look like a conversation they’d want public.

Finally, Arya follows Littlefinger back to his chambers . . .


… and sees Maester Wolkan approach as Littlefinger is about to enter.

Maester Wolkan hands him a letter.

“And you’re sure this is the only copy?”

Maester Wolkan assures him it’s the only one in the Winterfell archives – they’re very lucky to have them, Maester Luwin kept wonderful records, and . . .

“Yes, yes, very good, Lady Stark thanks you for your service,”

Littlefinger says and shuts the door.

Arya sees that something’s going on here. She waits… and

waits. . . and waits. Finally Littlefinger leaves his room,  careful to lock the door behind him. As soon on as Littlefinger is out of sight, Arya walks to the door, picks  the lock, and sneaks into the room.


If she were Littlefinger, where would she hide a document she didn’t want found? Arya inspects the fireplace, but it’s only wood ashes, no burnt paper. She searches the room quickly and efficiently. Finally he finds the letter. We see the shock on her face as she reads it. We see Sansa’s signature at the bottom and the old Baratheon seal. Arya puts it in her pocket and leaves the room – but she forgets to re-lock the door. We see where this is going except as Arya is leaving Little finger appear, Smiling that Creepy smile showing he wanted it that way.



Jon and Jorah’s ship has anchored just offshore, near where the waves freeze close to the Wall.


Jorah and Jon have just finished explaining the mission to Tormund. Tormund knew about Jorah’s father. The horn blows. That’s weird. They aren’t expecting anybody.

Beric, Thoros, the Hound and the Brotherhood arrive, shocking Gendry. They wait there, but nobody is moving to greet them.




“The Brotherhood.”

Gendry is glaring at Beric and Thoros. Bad history there.

Jon and Jorah share a look with Tormund: what the fuck is going on here? Thoros reveals why they’re here. Tormund is not happy to have another red priest up in their business, but Jon convinces them that the more red shirts in their party, the better. Nobody likes teaming but nobody can think of a good excuse short of kill ch other right here.


The gate to the tunnel is raised. Our band of brave if hostile, warriors passes through the Wall, heading into the

Great Wight North